The TEA Party? Why the hell not?

The original post has been removed.

The Rowlett TEA Party is going through a few changes, ALL for the better I believe.

We can be found here: The Rowlett TEA Party

Information WILL be kept current, emails WILL be answered promptly and we will be working very hard in concert with REAL Conservatives everywhere in an effort to return this nation to the position of greatness we no longer enjoy!

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19 Responses to The TEA Party? Why the hell not?

  1. As one of the charter rules, The Constitution is the master law of the land! We, the People (Not Sheeple) need to get back to the thoughts the founding fathers set out to instill in this great nation!

  2. TexasFred says:

    Couldn’t agree more… The constitution is NOT up for interpretation, it is very specific in it’s wording…

    A lot like The Ten Commandments…

    God asked, “What part of *Thou shalt not* did you NOT understand?”

    What part of “shall not be infringed” are the libtards missing??

  3. I’ve been posting about this for so long I am getting sore fingers! I always link back to Fred about it for the simple reason that he has led the charge.

    If we don’t get off our collective butts and get the ball rolling soon we will only have ourselves to blame when, once again, we will be making a choice between evils…

  4. GM Roper says:

    Go for it, as long as everyone remembers that the last 3rd party attempt led to the election of Bill Clinton. Run for office Fred, if it’s state wide I’ll vote for you!

  5. TexasFred says:

    GM, according to *some*, it led to the election of Obama too, there’s always some excuse… :|

  6. Malinda777 says:

    That’s why I wanted all of you to take a serious look at GOOOH. It’s called the GOOOH movement or GOOOH party…stands for get out of our house! You can check it out at

    It’s about getting RID of ALL the idiots and getting every day average Americans into office again. It’s about RIGHT & WRONG, and the Constitution, American Sovereignty, Free Speech, Capitalism, Right to Bear Arms, etc. It’s NOT about party lines.

  7. TexasFred says:

    Malinda, I don’t mean to sound negative but who in the hell is gonna support a party called GOOOH?

    Names are everything, it’s all about the selling power and GOOOH just doesn’t have it…

    Marketing is an absolute necessity!

  8. TXSonOfLiberty says:

    I’m with Fred! Boy….am I with Fred!!! Enough of this “lessor of the two evils” stuff. That’s exactly why our Country is in the trouble She’s in right now. I’m ready for a 3rd Party…one that shares my world view, instead of that big tent crap!!!

    I worked in the grass roots area of the Republican Party in the past, including many Republican State Conventions….those were the years when we took almost the entire State of Texas in the elections. Too bad the RINOs have taken over. Sadly, the Republican Party no longer represents my world view. For Pete’s sake the RNC is now led by an anti-gun RINO. What the heck is with that??

    We had better get on board this grass-roots ground swell and keep it going….or we’ll lose this Country I love so much!

    I know Burleson is having a 2nd Tea Party on Saturday, May 30th…..they’ll also have one on July 4th, if I have anything to say about it!!!


  9. Malinda777 says:

    Fred: BOY, I know all about marketing. However, the GOOOH is pronounced like the word GO! Like GOOOH the hell home and OUT of our Congress LOL. GOOOH…Get Out of Our House!

    It may not take off, but it’s worth a look, and a lot of folks are thinking along these lines. The founder sent me a whole box of books about the GOOOH Revolution. If I had your snail mail address, I’d send ya one Fred :) You know how to reach me.

    I’m still hoping we may not have to form a 3rd party…HOPING… that the Conservatives will get their act together. We all know how difficult it is to start a new party and get a winner right out of the box! I think that’s why I saw possibilities for GOOOH. For anyone considering candidacy or activism, there was a 114 question test…all poignant questions, and all on the RIGHT side of America…A-Political…just good ‘old Americans!

  10. TexasFred says:

    Good Marketing: PB&J Sammiches sold here…

    Bad Marketing: Our PB&J’s look like crap sammiches…


  11. GM Roper says:

    Fred, I’m not making any excuses. I’m saying third party politics have never been very often successful and as long as one recognizes that fact, then there is no problem. The Republicans were once a third party too and became a national party.

    I think that the idea is ripe for a concerted effort. I do not think that the TEA Party, however, should become the third party. But it can (and maybe should) act as a sufficient catalyst to kick a third party off the ground just as slavery did for the Republicans in 1860.

    Most of the TEA Parties nationwide said on Apr 15th that they were not about forming a third party but about the idea that the current administrations tax codes and spending habits had to change. I agree with that. :/

  12. TexasFred says:

    Agreed GM, but you would NOT believe the negatives I am hearing, and have heard, from some that are thought to be VERY conservative bloggers..

    Hell, I know you’d support it, and ME, you’re that kind of guy, at least I know I’d get 3 votes, yours, mine and the wife… :?

  13. TexasFred says:

    Most of the TEA Parties nationwide said on Apr 15th that they were not about forming a third party but about the idea that the current administrations tax codes and spending habits had to change. I agree with that.

    I too agree, it was NOT about a 3rd party in it’s original inception, but things are changing rapidly…

    And like Kinky says, “Why the hell NOT??” :P

  14. Question for you:

    If you had to choose between SOCIAL Conservatism or ECONOMIC Conservatism, which would you choose?

    Because I too am re-formulating some of my thoughts as well.


  15. GM Roper says:

    BZ, fortunately I don’t have to choose, but of the two, I’d say economic conservatism because I honestly believe that social conservatism derives from economic conservatism. If you have economic liberalism, you sure won’t see social conservatism derive from that!

  16. TexasFred says:

    BZ, no real choices for me, I AM a fiscal conservative, no choice to make, I AM a social libertarian, little *L*… I don’t care what you do as long as it doesn’t harm me or mine, it’s your body, your life. If you burn a doobie, your choice, you have a boyfriend, your choice, just don’t push it off on me and for damn sure don’t ask me what I think, I believe ALL here know, I WILL tell you!

    Abortion?? IF there is a need, if it means the life of the mother, or if the child is 100% assured of being severely deformed or mentally retarded, beyond ALL redemption, then that is a decision the mother and father need make, assuming the father is involved.

    In cases of rape or incest, I fully believe that the woman should have full control of her body, I don’t buy that line about carrying a child of HATE and then giving it up and everything will be okie dokie…

    Abortion on demand?? Not a chance in hell! Exercise some personal responsibility or suffer the consequences…

    Welfare?? We’ll give you a *hand UP* at the end of every successful week in school and/or job training as long as you also pass the drug screen.

    Border security and ILLEGAL INVADERS?? Does anyone even have to ask??

    I am all for common sense government, and right now we have NO sense in government, and you can’t legislate common sense!

    I didn’t vote for Ron Paul, at ANY stage, but as you know, I voted for Bob Barr in the general, I was quite serious when I said I would NEVER settle for the lesser again…

    God, family, country… But if that country doesn’t do everything it can to maintain a strict adherence to the constitution, then it is up to We, The People to make it happen, by any means necessary…

  17. BobF says:

    Too many conservatives believe the Republican party is the conservative party. At one time back in the days of Reagan, it may have been but not any more. I listened to them talk on Fox yesterday and how the Republicans are going more moderate in order to win elections and attract more voters. What them fools can’t see is the reason they lost in 06 and 08 is because they’ve gone more moderate. A moderate doesn’t stand on anything and can be swayed either way.

  18. ablur says:

    Great Stuff Here!

    I would want to start from an economic conservative position.

    I believe we need a Davey Crockett mentality back in our capital.

    That is my money/our money and they should show some respect and consideration for who they took it from. I/We are not a faucet to turn on and off on a whim.

    I’d like to see a sunset amendment put in place over every bill and act coming out of government. I am sick of government eternal life programs.

    The current government is rigged for a two party system to keep our current crop of losers in power. A third party is viable but do we really have the time. I would estimate 50 years to make one strong enough to rip the reigns out of the current crowd.
    If you could get real conservatives to take steps and work hard you may cut it to 20 years. At the rate Obama and the rest of the losers are tearing us down be don’t have the rest of his 4. We need action now.

    The Tea Party is the best thing I have seen. We have got their attention. You can see them quaking in their boots. We simply have to keep it together.

    We need a strong effort at education. I am currently reading “The Real George Washington”. Our liberal schools aren’t teaching this stuff. It is up to us. The constitution and declaration should be read every year by every true patriot of America. Challenge your family and friends. Armed with the knowledge of these great documents the libbers don’t stand a chance.

  19. Shooterman says:

    I recommend the NOBS Party- The NO Bull Shit Party. So far it has one member. Me!

    Like Fred I can remember in Texas, there were DIMS, and there were DIMS, and there were DIMS. PUBS need not apply. Of course Texas DIM politics were almost on a par with Louisiana politics for being corrupt. That’s why I started voting PUBS and did so for over 40 years with the exception of kicking GHW Bush to the curb for the little man with the big mouth, big ego, and big bankroll. Then I voted later for Bush’s screwball son.