Brent Bozell: ‘It’s Time the GOP Step Up or Move Aside’

Brent Bozell: ‘It’s Time the GOP Step Up or Move Aside’

( – America is at a crossroads and the Republican Party must show bold, courageous leadership at “this moment” to keep the country from sliding further down the path to European-style socialism, said Brent Bozell, chairman of ForAmerica. “It’s time the GOP step up or move aside.”

“The GOP leadership, and most especially its presidential candidates, need to get with the program,” said Bozell in a post at the ForAmerica Web site on Wednesday. “If the GOP is incapable of articulating a vision that returns America to Constitutional conservatism, then maybe conservatives should start thinking the unthinkable: a new party.”

Bozell noted that the Founding Fathers faced a similar crossroads: submit to the British or fight back for “freedom, individual responsibility and the pursuit of happiness.” Today, he said, President Barack Obama and the radical Left are pushing America deeper into welfare state socialism through “ObamaCare, bailouts, and calls from Democrats for trillions of dollars in new taxes to pay for evermore reckless federal spending.”

The Republican Party, meanwhile, is “gliding,” said Bozell, with weak leadership by many senators and “growing indecision” in the House of Representatives despite the electoral victory in November 2010. In addition, some GOP leaders are issuing “bold” statements only “to defend their own leftist records, or to attack the few Republicans who are putting forward serious proposals to save America,” he said.

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Brent Bozell: ‘It’s Time the GOP Step Up or Move Aside’

Imagine that! Someone besides ME that says the GOP either steps up or steps aside. :P
Now I’m not saying that the GOP/RNC are dead, but they are seriously in need of some life saving procedures. The thing is, given the less than stellar offerings the GOP/RNC has made of late, I’m thinking they have a DNR on file. Do Not Resuscitate.

It’s almost as if the GOP is afraid of winning and offers up the weakest candidates possible in order to NOT win.

I have also seen writings across the blog world that say perhaps the GOP doesn’t want to win at this particular time because they don’t want to inherit the mess that Obama has made and thus be responsible for it’s cleanup.

Anyone that follows this blog knows, for a long time now I have referred to the GOP as being nothing more than *Dem-Lite*. The GOP has embraced a *BIG TENT* philosophy and has tried very hard to be ‘all things to all people’, and that just isn’t working.

“Conservatives are fed up with this nonsense,” said Bozell. “The American people do not want ObamaCare and they do not want NewtCare. The American people wholly reject the individual mandate [to buy health insurance], whether it comes from Barack Obama or Newt Gingrich.”

Newt Gingrich, and the very idea that he could be taken as a serious candidate by the GOP, is indicative of ALL that is wrong with the GOP.

Ron Paul, and the very idea that he could be taken as a serious candidate by the GOP, is indicative of ALL that is wrong with the GOP.

John McCain, and his candidacy in 2008, is indicative of ALL that is wrong with the GOP.

The individuals that have so far announced their exploratory campaigns into the 2012 race are not, at least in MY opinion, the best that America has to offer, and if they are, then we, as a nation, are in even more trouble than previously imagined.

There are many that feel the GOP can be salvaged. I have heard those lamentations in the 2004 race, in the 2008 race and am still hearing them today as we face 2012 and the upcoming presidential race. I am told, regularly, that a 3rd Party doesn’t stand a chance in American politics and will only ‘muddy the waters’. The waters are pretty well muddied now.

I don’t believe the GOP has a chance in hell of being salvaged, I believe that the GOP is beyond repair and, for the most part, has no idea what the concept of Conservatism means today.

A while back I was kinda-sorta involved with The American Conservative Party. I had high hopes that they would be the ones that could reach out to America and get the tide to turn. I was sadly mistaken.

Then, like many other Conservatives, I became involved with The TEA Party.

A GREAT concept in it’s original inception, and it may still be a great organization in some other parts of America, but here in Rowlett, and just across the lake in Rockwall, the TEA Party has been bastardized, and turned into the operational wing of the GOP (Rockwall) or some sort of Libertarian, Ron Paul leaning group (Rowlett).

The TEA Party has shot themselves in the foot with many Conservative Americans. They are a loosely affiliated, grass roots group that has NO leadership or direction, and they take pride in that fact. Sadly, NO group can survive without good leadership, whether it be on the local, state or national level, and the TEA Party will not be the 3rd Party that rides in to save the day and the American people.

“There is no luxury of time to debate and discuss and, as usual, postpone the tough decisions,” said Bozell. “They are upon us. Will we continue on the path to European socialism, or will we once more be a nation based on individual freedom, a virtuous and principled society and limited government? It’s time the GOP step up or move aside.”

And in one voice they ALL said AMEN!

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6 Responses to Brent Bozell: ‘It’s Time the GOP Step Up or Move Aside’

  1. cary says:

    It’s not just the Rowlett and Rockwall TEA parties that have either been co-opted or have deviated from the norm.

    It’s a majority of them. And, it’s sad.

    It’s sad and a damned shame that America, as a whole, would rather “glide” than make a tough decision, would rather deviate from the norm than stand true to it’s beliefs.

    Tough decisions are what founded this country, what kept it from caving in a couple of world wars, and what rebuilt it after the Great Depression. My God, can you imagine the mess we would be in if the Dustbowl reappeared?

    The GOP is wrong. The Dems are wrong. Independence is in each person’s control, and without that independence this country will not survive. With the social-progressives trying to kill this country, and the majority of the people in this country depending on the soc-progs to support them, they have pretty much attained their goal. It is up to us, as independent thinkers and doers, to take it bake, bring it back from the brink, and to actually give a rip about this country once again.

    A third party IS the answer, unfortunately I don’t see a viable one on the horizon. With the two parties we have, the definition of insanity will be continually demonstrated.

  2. Ron Miller says:

    I fear that the creation of a 2nd conservative party would dilute the conservative movement so much that conservatism would be rendered ineffective. I see no leader in the GOP or any new party that has sufficient leadership to unite both. If a new conservative party is formed, it would destroy any effectiveness for both for several national elections. By the time they could unify, the liberal Democrats would have us all marching lock step to the mines each morning. We are running out of time.

    However, to buy time, I don’t see anything wrong with dragging one member of the RNC out onto the steps of the Capital Building every Monday morning and kicking the crap out of them. They have screwed things up ever since, and including, the second campaign of Bush 41.

    Then, while looking for a suitable leader for conservatism, we could encourage the re-emergence of the conservative southern Democrats…….the old Dixiecrats. A Dixiecrat would not sit at the same dinner table with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. In the 1950′s old Sam Rayburn (D-TX) lead the Dixiecrats and the (then) feeble Republicans against the liberal Democrats in the northeastern USA. Old Sam drove them right into conniption fits. The conservative movement in the Republican Party got a real boost with Sam leading the Dixiecrats……..who all joined the Republican Party later.

    There’s a fair number of Democrats that are upset with the Democratic Party. If they began to formalize their conservative feelings, it would dilute a little of their power, while we “un-dilute” a little of ours, we might have a chance.

    As difficult as it is, we conservatives have to find a single leader. Then we have to encourage conservative Democrats to speak up. There are some out there. I know. We absolutely MUST get the RNC to listen to good sense……..or go back to school.

    The above is not an easy assignment. We may have to learn from the Democrats and go out and find the best door to door magazine salesman in the world and nominate him.

  3. TexasFred says:

    Ron — OK, so HOW do we get the GOP/RNC to straighten up and fly right?

    And to be sure I understand, you said *the creation of a 2nd conservative party*… Right?

    Who is the 1st one? Because it damned sure isn’t the GOP/RNC…

  4. Ron Miller says:


    I don’t know. I could say that’s above my pay grade, but that’s a cop out and that phrase has already been used.

    I know if one has a complaint, one should have a solution. I’m hard pressed to come up with one, but believe me, I’m looking. I think the one I’m looking for has the moxie of Trump, but with infinitely more character. He/she should have the business acumen of CEO of a major company, the analytical skills of Haley Barbour, the political insider skills of Newt Gingrich, and the leadership of Ronald Reagen. I don’t know how to just order that up at the drive thru window.

    However, I’m thinking we might have to look southeast USA to find one. Not sure.

  5. Robert says:

    Okay here goes scenario one:
    Romney makes it through and is the R candidate. He chooses Tim Pawlenty to be VP… This is the most likely scenario of all the “Pundits”…
    Now how do we handle that? The third party? Well let’s check the status of folks that could run for a 3rd party.. Maybe Paul? Maybe Cynthia McKinney? Will Bob Barr show up for repeat performance? NOTHING but bad comes from any of those breaking off.

    The best possible scenario…. Allen West decides Romney is a step backwards from Obama and decides to run as an Indy. That’s a third party. A third party must have credibility. A third party can’t consist of someone that is only in it for publicity. A third party wont win the first time out. And if this is the year we make a third party, then so be it. But I’m not voting for someone I’ve never heard of. I’m not voting for Obama, and I sure as hell don’t want to vote for someone because I hate Obama.

    In Short if the GOP don’t get it’s head out we’re FUBAR and this year we’ll be FUBAR’d for a very long time. SCOTUS Appointments loom large in 2012.

  6. TexasFred says:

    Rob — Allen West is NOT a political party, he is a force of nature… :P

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