Ordinance threatens citizens’ constitutional rights

Once again I am posting a news story that is, or should be highly important to ALL of us. American citizens are under attack from their own governments and I have a few things to say about that!

Ordinance threatens citizens’ constitutional rights

GOULD, AR – “I feel as though our city is being held hostage by the city council,” said Gould Mayor Earnest Nash.

Gould, Arkansas is made up of about 850 people. 850 people the Mayor believes will soon have cause for 850 lawsuits.

Ordinance threatens citizens’ constitutional rights

“This is America and even though this is Gould, Arkansas, this is still part of America. And in America, you can’t just vote and violate peoples constitutional rights,” said Nash.

Monday night, the city council wrote an ordinance disbanding a citizen’s group and forbidding any future groups from forming without city council approval.

The ordinance states, “No new organizations shall be allowed to exist within the city of Gould without approval from majority of the city council.”

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Ordinance threatens citizens’ constitutional rights

What in the hell is wrong with small town America? Have town and city leaders lost their minds?

There are documented cases where a Town Council and Police Department have tried, and appear to be succeeding, in setting themselves up as dictatorships as we see happening in the above story from Gould, Ark. and in Quartzsite, AZ.

The Quartzsite story is documented here: Escalation in Arizona: Firearms confiscated and here: State of emergency declared in western Arizona town amid corruption allegations by mayor.

Some towns aren’t facing those types of difficulties with their Council and/or Police Departments, some towns have faced attempts by certain Mayors to pack the council in the Mayors favor so that he, the Mayor, could force his dictatorial edicts off on the citizenry.

That is a topic with which I am all too familiar.

There seem to be a lot of people that want to offer support to folks like Gould Mayor Earnest Nash and Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster. Mr. Foster has a Facebook page that is asking for support and it seems he is getting some. Supporters of Mayor Ed Foster of Quartzsite Arizona.

I am not a lawyer, I don’t play one on television or in the movies and I can’t give any solid legal advice to either Mr. Nash or Mr. Foster, but I can tell them what happened here in Rowlett, TX., and relate how things turned out for us. And it didn’t take a huge number of supporters to make it happen.

Sirs: Rowlett is a city of almost 60,000 people; we have approximately 35,000 registered voters, of which less than 2,000 are actively participating in elections on a regular basis.

We have a hard core contingent of approximately 300 serious activists here in Rowlett and we raised so much hell over the antics and actions of our former Mayor, and made life SO miserable for him that he resigned his office because he was taken to task by the entire City Council, the City Manager and that contingent of political activists I just mentioned, and the HEAT was a more than he could handle.

If readers aren’t familiar with this story just hit the search in the sidebar and enter Mayor John Harper vs The World and read through the 12 or 13 parts of that particular story, one that documents the demise of a Mayor that thought HE was the one that needed to make every decision and that HE was the only person in town that had the mental capacity to lead the city.

The citizens of Gould, AR., and Quartzsite, AZ., are going to have to become fully engaged in these battles if they expect to make a change for the better, elected officials, be they local, state or national, can’t be allowed to run rough shod over the citizens that elected them.

It is up to the citizens to hold our elected officials feet to the fire, and all over America the wave of apathy that is witnessed daily is beginning to disappear, at least to some degree.

Americans are beginning to wake up, the change won’t happen over night, we didn’t get into this situation over night; we won’t extricate ourselves easily, but extricate ourselves we must.

The U.S. Constitution is under attack on many fronts, the activities in Gould and Quartzsite stand in testament. It is up to YOU and ME, the voters, the citizens, the constituency, to get this nation back on the straight and narrow.

All politics is local; it all starts right there in YOUR community, and if you’re not involved in the politics of your community, if you’re not involved in state and national politics, if YOU don’t vote, you have NO RIGHT to complain when those of us that do affect changes in government that affect you!

It doesn’t take a huge force to overcome a local dictatorship, as long as that effort is made before the dictatorship grows too large and powerful. The people of Gould and Quartzsite need to realize; the time to fight is NOW, while something can still be accomplished at the table and in a voting booth.

Otherwise, the only way to affect change will be through open rebellion, and as much as some people want to see that open rebellion take place, I am not one of them. I would much prefer to see political change in this nation through solid Conservative activism and voter participation.

Gun barrel diplomacy is a last resort, but if all other means fail…Deo vindice.

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16 Responses to Ordinance threatens citizens’ constitutional rights

  1. I believe there are three reasons for this, Fred:

    1. Out-and-out incompetence. These bureaucrats really think they can do these things;
    2. They don’t care; they’re the administrators and you’re not;

  2. TexasFred says:

    BZ — I see TWO things… :?

  3. 3. Few people call them on it so they get away with it

    Until recently that is, when people — via more activism due to TEA Party involvement — place more things like this under deserved scrutiny.

    It is a abuse of authority and bureaucracy. People are no longer schooled in nor care about the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, foundational documents.


  4. TexasFred says:

    OK — Number 3 showed up… Better late than never… :P

  5. GM Roper says:

    I agree with BZ absolutely… but I would add a 4th reason: They’ve watched much of what BHO has done with the “so called Chicago Way” and think they can get away with it too.

    And maybe they feel, like in Chicago, they have enough dead people to vote their way. :D

  6. TexasFred says:

    GM — At the risk of sounding like a bog dwelling redneck hick, if places like this keep up the status quo and continue to abuse the rights of We, The People as they shred the Constitution, they may be a lot closer to getting new *dead folks* to vote than they can imagine…

    Many Americans are PISSED OFF, the breaking point just hasn’t been hit yet…

  7. extex_cop says:

    It appears America is getting closer and closer to a New Revolution….and I’m speaking of a New ARMED Revolution. It doesn’t appear talking is getting us anywhere….towns like Gould, AR., and Quartzsite, AZ., are trying to taking away those rights.

    Get your guns…… the Libbers are coming…the LIBBERS are coming.

  8. BobF says:

    A friend of mine did a post on this the other day. The majority of the towns citizens are Black and 57% Republican. I would like to blame something like this on Democrats but what I just read today reminds me we need to keep a close eye on Republicans too.

    Internet providers would be forced to keep logs of their customers’ activities for one year–in case police want to review them in the future–under legislation that a U.S. House of Representatives committee approved today.

    House panel approves broadened ISP snooping bill

  9. TexasFred says:

    Bob — I’m pretty sure that I, and many like me, are ON THE LIST!! :twisted:

  10. Steve Dennis says:

    You asked the question, what is going on in small town America and I would like to know the answer to that question also. This is now three examples all this year of people seeming to think they can take over a town on their own. Hopefully this story has a happy ending, I don’t see any way that this ordinance can be upheld, but until it is overturned the citizens are going to suffer.

  11. GM Roper says:

    That should have been an arrow pointing to me saying “Fellow bog dwelling rednecked hick. Me and Fred against the Chicago way” followed by the horned imp. Oh well!

  12. Katie says:

    I think these bureaucrats have the Napoleon Syndrome. Each mayor/city planner believing that he/she is all knowing, all seeing. They believe that they can do no wrong and are accountable to no one.

    Obama is starting to get this too.

  13. Our Constitutional rights are being eroded all over the United States — even in Tennessee. Of all places!

    Are WE THE PEOPLE going to stand for the erosion of our liberties? I’m afraid that too many Americans are dumbed down into sheeple now. **sigh**

  14. Totalitarian dictators can pop-up any where at any time. Citizens must be vigilant.

  15. myfoxmystere says:

    If the councilmembers of Gould Arkansas think they will get away with this, they are highly mistaken. This looks like the beginnings of Big Brother on the surface; it’s time to nip it in the bud.

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