ATF denies it promoted Fast and Furious supervisors

ATF denies it promoted Fast and Furious supervisors

Reporting from Washington — The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said Wednesday that three supervisors in its controversial Fast and Furious gun-trafficking investigation were transferred to lateral jobs, not promoted.

“They did not receive salary or grade increases, nor did they assume positions with greater responsibility,” the agency said in a short statement.

The Times reported Tuesday that William G. McMahon, William D. Newell and David Voth, three key supervisors in the Phoenix-run investigation that went awry, were promoted to management positions at the ATF’s Washington headquarters.

After that report, the House committee investigating Fast and Furious asked the ATF to explain the new jobs and clarify whether the men had been promoted. On Wednesday, the agency’s acting director, Kenneth E. Melson, told the Oversight and Government Reform Committee staff that the jobs were not considered promotions because no one got a raise. Then the ATF issued its statement.

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ATF denies it promoted Fast and Furious supervisors

To be sure, I was outraged when I saw the story about promotions and I voiced MY opinion here: ATF promotes supervisors in controversial gun operation. I was further outraged by this: ATF’s ‘Fast and Furious’ firearms tracked to at least 11 violent crimes, and the hits just keep on coming.

My Facebook friend, Art Roth at Second Amendment Task Force posted this: Holder requests Fast and Furious docs from Issa, Grassley for ‘independent’ investigation. I made a comment on Art’s page where I said, “An independent investigation BY the DOJ against the DOJ is kinda like asking the fox to guard the hen house…” and I honestly believe that to be a FACT.

I have to say, I am not going to challenge the idea that these guys were, or were not promoted, maybe they did get a lateral transfer, maybe the BATFE is lying, who knows what the truth is where the BATFE, the DOJ or the Obama administration is concerned.

All I know is this, whoever brainstormed this Fast and Furious debacle, whoever approved it, no matter WHO that person may be or what their position within the Obama regime may be, that person(s) need to be arrested and charged with crimes against the American people and crimes against humanity for whatever harm they may have caused in the USA or other parts of the world due to their acts of sheer stupidity!

From the original story by the L.A. Times:

Operation Fast and Furious was intended to identify Mexican drug cartel leaders and gun-smuggling routes across the border. The ATF allowed straw purchasers to buy weapons in the U.S., planning to track the guns to Mexico and drug cartel leaders. Instead, many of the weapons vanished and turned up at crime scenes in Mexico and the U.S., including at the slaying of a U.S. Border Patrol agent in Arizona last December.

That U.S. Border Patrol agent has a name, it is Brian A. Terry and I am disappointed that the Times didn’t see fit mention it after the amazingly great job they’ve done in covering this monstrosity known as Fast and Furious.

Three ATF agents, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the continuing investigation, told The Times Monday that they were amazed at what they viewed as promotions to headquarters.

Also Monday, three ATF public affairs spokesmen did not to return calls for comment.

We have heard the expression ‘heads will roll’ for a very long time. That expression refers to those beheaded for their transgression, real or perceived, and the fate they suffered at the hands of the AXE man or the guillotine operator.

I am seriously of the opinion that this is a case where Texas Justice, aka: Judge Roy Bean Justice needs to administered. Give these DOJ and BATFE morons a fair trial and then take them out behind the courthouse and chop their damned heads off as a warning to any other MORON that comes up with something so incredibly STUPID again. Bean would have hung them, but for heads to truly roll, you have to cut them off. 😈

The ATF said McMahon, field operations deputy assistant director, was reassigned to a position with the Office of Professional Responsibility and Security Operations, filling a spot that had been vacant for more than a year. It said the reassignment took place May 13.

Maybe I’m too suspicious but I still believe this to be a *SHUT UP and play ball* move on the part of the BATFE and it’s master, Eric Holder in the U.S. Attorney Generals office.

The agency also said Newell, who ran the ATF’s Arizona and New Mexico field office during Fast and Furious, was reassigned to the Office of Management to assist with congressional and inspector general’s investigations into the failed operation.

Even more proof, in MY opinion, that the BATFE is wanting the fox to guard the hen house and is saying *SHUT UP and play ball* and is indicating that they are trying to get a lid on this thing and place those involved in a position that renders them unable to become that *anonymous source* we all know and detest.

Fast and Furious ran from November 2009 to January 2011. Hundreds of firearms vanished on both sides of the border. Nearly 200 were recovered at crime scenes in Mexico, and the Justice Department said the ATF had told it that weapons also were recovered in at least 11 “violent crime instances” in this country, from Arizona to Texas.

No cartel leaders were ever arrested.

That last line says it ALL… FAILURE! And is indicative of all things Obama.

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  1. Katie says:

    Letting Holder investigate Fast and Furious is letting the Fox guard the Henhouse.

  2. TexasFred says:

    Letting Holder investigate Fast and Furious is letting the Fox guard the Henhouse.

    Hmmm — Where have I heard that before?? 😕

  3. Something smells, Fred, and the smell is not coming from Denmark.

  4. Steve Dennis says:

    They moved these three people for a reason and I think it was in order to shut them up and as for Eric Holder asking Issa for documents related to the scandal I think he wants to know what Issa knows so that he can form his defense in case he has to testify.

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