Five Myths About Rick Perry

I come across this article from Front Page Magazine and if it doesn’t clear up all the Perry smears for you, I don’t know what will.

Five Myths About Rick Perry

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is now the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. Many people are aware of his focus on the Tenth Amendment, his state’s tremendous record of job creation (40% of all jobs created since the beginning of the recession have been in Texas), and his formidable campaigning abilities. But as with all other Republican candidates, there are rumors swirling about his positions and history that are worth examining. Let’s take them, point by point.

Myth #1: Perry is the return of Bush and therefore unelectable.

Unlike Sarah Palin, Perry is literally undefeated. He has never lost an election – that’s ten straight contested elections. In 2008, Perry ripped President Bush’s high-spending approach to governance. In revenge, the entire Bush political team – Bush 41, James Baker, Karl Rove, Karen Hughes — mobilized against him in 2010, backing squishy Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in the gubernatorial race. Hutchison started up with a 25 point lead, thanks to that support. By the end of the primaries, Hutchison was down 22 points. That’s a 47 point swing, folks. Perry is able to gain wide and deep support. He’s not Bush – Karl Rove is already attacking him. And he knows how to punch his opponents in the mouth, as Mitt Romney is already learning.

Myth #2: Perry is soft on social issues.

This is perhaps the most bizarre assertion by some of Perry’s opponents. They accuse him of vacillating on gay marriage, and point to his support for mandatory HPV vaccinations as evidence that he’s soft on premarital sex. Both of these points are wrong. Perry is staunchly anti-gay marriage. He is also staunch Tenth Amendment, which means that he believes that states should have the right to pick their poison (an eminently correct Constitutional position). Thus, “If you don’t support the death penalty and citizens packing a pistol, don’t come to Texas.” He does support a federal marriage amendment. As far as the HPV vaccination, Perry has made clear he went about it the wrong way – he did sign an executive order allowing folks to opt out, but says he shouldn’t have mandated anything in the first place. His support for the measure was driven, he says with credibility, by his hatred for cancer, of which several of his family members have died.

Myth #3: Perry is a religious fanatic.

Based on his speech at “The Response” earlier this month, some are attempting to paint Perry as a religious kook, a weirdo who thinks he takes his orders from on high. Perry is no such thing. He supported a very secular Rudy Giuliani in the 2008 election cycle. He has heavy support from the religious Jewish community. His federalism conflicts with many of the stances of the more far-right religious communities. Perry’s religiosity should be an asset rather than a detriment in this campaign.

Myth #4: Perry is soft on Islam. recently reported that Perry was a “pro-Shariah” candidate, a charge that obviously got heavy traction among conservatives – and with good reason. It’s a serious charge. It’s also dramatically false, as columnist David Stein points out. Perry’s relationship is with a Muslim leader called the Aga Khan, who leads a sect called the Ismailis, which has 15-20 million followers. Aga Khan has been labeled an infidel by both Sunnis and Shias for his support for Israel. Perry worked with Aga Khan to implement an educational element in the Texas curriculum about Islam. Here are some of the elements of that educational program: “Muslims often lack respect for Western traditions and points of view … From its early days, Islam reacted aggressively toward its civilized neighbors the Byzantines and the West …While Westerns studied Islamic culture, Muslims showed almost no interest in Western culture, remaining ignorant of modernity and its impact.” The program also calls Israel “the historic homeland of Jews” and gives details about how Arab states refused to admit Palestinian refugees after 1948. There’s a reason Perry has won the Defender of Jerusalem award from the State of Israel, and it’s not just because Texas is Israel’s fourth largest trading partner.

Quasi-Myth #5: Perry is soft on immigration.

This is the only spot on Perry’s record where he will have some explaining to do. His record on illegal immigration is mixed. He opposed SB 1070 in Arizona, feeling that it placed enforcement obligations in the hands of states that ought to lie with the federal government; he opposed EVerify, a program designed to punish employers who hire illegals; he signed a Texas DREAM Act which allowed in-state tuition for children of illegals. On the other hand, he has taken strong action against sanctuary cities; he has executed a Mexican national who raped and murdered an American; he has called for heavy border security, including drones to monitor activity areas. Unlike the other candidates, he is governor of a border state and routinely works with the Mexican government. He won 39 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2010.

So, is Perry the right man for the job? In the days and weeks to come, we will find out much more about him. There is mudslinging to come, but so far so good.

Full Story Here:
Five Myths About Rick Perry FrontPage Magazine

I try to be somewhat tolerant, at least towards my friends and family, and I have tried to maintain at least some degree of civility towards those that took an instant dislike to Gov. Rick Perry and all that he actually does stand for. I have tried to be nice about it and present fact based opinion regarding the smears that are being made against Rick Perry too.

I presented this: Seventeen (17) things that critics are saying about Rick Perry, a post that is as fair and balanced as any I have seen, it points out, objectively, many of the smears that Perry is facing and it debunks them quite well.

After reading this I am absolutely certain that there are still those that hate Rick Perry and always will. They have their minds made up to believe anything negative that they hear. Some will hate him simply because he’s a Texan, I get that too, personally, a deep hatred simply because I am TexasFred.

An old friend of mine, a blogger that went by the name Basti, told me one time, “I can cuss some SOB out and lay opinions all to hell and back and folks rarely say a word, YOU say something that is relatively MILD and all we hear is ‘there goes that son of a bitch from Texas again’, and ya know, I think it’s all because you’re from Texas, it’s not because of what you say, it’s because of where you’re from.”

I have to say, I think Basti was right!

There are those that will hate Rick Perry simply because he’s a Texan, because he carries a gun, because he’s very plain spoken, because he really is a Conservative, because he was a Democrat in his youth, all of that nonsense.

Well here’s a flash for Ron Paul supporters and Perry detractors, in the days of MY youth we were ALL pretty much Democrats here in the state of Texas, and all over the South for that matter. It wasn’t until Ronald Reagan came along that so many of us saw the light and became Reagan Conservatives, and remain Conservatives today!

I have said this before and I am going to say it again and again and again until it sinks in for ALL of you; Rick Perry is NOT perfect, but if you can show me the PERFECT candidate, I’ll support them instead.

Since Jesus Christ isn’t running in this election cycle, I don’t think perfection is going to come into play or be found in ANY candidate.

Is Rick Perry going to be the best candidate? Is he going to be the one that can beat Barack Hussein Obama and remove that Socialist SOB from the White House? Time will tell, and we’ll all have to place our bets in the primaries, but don’t hate Perry just because you read some silly-assed rumor or smear piece from a far left web site like HuffPo or Salon, don’t buy into the ‘Perry is an anti-Semite that loves Islam’ bullshit that people like Pamela Geller, Michelle Malkin and Debbie Schlussel are trying to pawn off on you.

Do your own research, read every credible source you can find, don’t buy into everything I tell you without doing some serious investigation either, make up YOUR mind based on what you know.

It takes work, it takes some time and effort, but the very survival of America is at stake, a bit of time and effort, and some serious self education may be all it takes to keep Lady Liberty from going under.

We have a nation to save, from this point on there will be NO tolerance, NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY! Moonbats, liars, idiots, trolls and smear merchants will be shot, survivors will be shot again. 😈

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24 Responses to Five Myths About Rick Perry

  1. I love it when the Gloves Go Off and the facts come out. Way to go Fred! The more he’s beat on, the more I like him! Thank you Texas!

  2. I look at being a Texan as being much like being a Marine… everybody wants to be one, only a few can be, so if you don’t make the cut, you start putting them down. Jealousy is an ugly thing Fred. Only really insecure people don’t like someone because of where they live. (unless you are talking California or New York! LOL!!!!)

  3. extex_cop says:

    I too like what you have to say about Rick Perry. He is not perfect, but who is. I too think he is our best choice.

    As far as him being a Democrat in his youth…I too can wear that hat. Back then we were Southern Democrats…for those of you who do not know what I’m talking about…we were Conservative Democrats. I know that sounds strange when you picture one of today’s Democrat ( Liberal – far left wing ). As a lot of the Democrat Party started moving to the left….members switched to the Republican Party..after all we are Conservatives first.

    Fred…you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink unless it wants to. Those anti-Perry…Texas hating morons will not understand. You can’t take the stupid out of STUPID.

  4. Texasperated says:

    You know what is amazing to me, Fred. People who are first (and usually loudest) to proclaim “I’m not a particular party — I’m just a conservative.” or… “I’ll vote for the most conservative candidate I don’t care what party he’s in.” These same people have been among the first to gasp in horror at the fact that Rick Perry used to be a (rolling eyes toward back of head) Democrat! No matter how conservative was he or how much flak did he take from libs in his own party. Only thing that matters: He has only been a Republican for 23 years!

    Some of us who read your blog are old enough to remember Gov. Allan Shivers. Those who aren’t are probably young enough to know how to google his name. Well Shivers was a Texas democrat who came into the governorship upon the death of his predecessor Beauford Jester. But he hated Truman and he hated the national Dems who were keeping ownership of the Tidelands in Texas (or claiming them I’m sure he would say). Anyway, because of his animus against Adlai Stevenson (before he was ambassador the UN under Kennedy, he ran for president twice against Eisenhower) he supported Eisenhower in 1952. The Republicans loved it and put his name on the ballot for governor of Texas as a Republican as well. That is now no longer allowed, but at the time Democrat Shivers beat out Republican Shivers by a big margin.

    My point is simply that Texas politics is a lot more than just Democrat and Republican. When 1988 rolled around and Rick Perry was in Texas, he supported the most conservative Dem he could for President — believe it or not, Al Gore. At the time Gore was the conservative alternative to Michael Dukakis (remember the funny guy in the helmet and tank?). The “inconvenient truth” is that Gore was pro-life and was not the same Al Gore so many know today.

    Rick Perry was what might be called a “Shivers” democrat. Everybody in Texas was a Democrat with a few notable exceptions. As Perry himself said recently, “I never met a Republican until I was in the USAF.” An exaggeration no doubt, but it tells you something about politics in Texas. But most Texas Democrats were conservatives. They were not the bleeding heart liberals of the 60s and 70s and they sure weren’t the neo-fascist progressives of today. They stood for the same family values and “leave us the hell alone” attitude that now finds its home in the TEA party.

    Now folks may hate Rick Perry for a lot of other reasons. They may hate his politics; they may hate the fact that he is the only person in the race without an accent; they may think he’s putting too much emphasis on Christianity. But the thing about Rick Perry is that what you see is what you get. He may change his mind from time to time and recognize his mistakes (and he’s made a number of them IMO). But seriously, is that not better than the “doubling down” we see going on in Washington right now? Call him a “flip-flop” if you want to. I prefer to think of him as someone who can listen to reason — unlike our vacationer in chief.

    Oh, and Perry packs. The secret service will be safe with him around.

    Keep your powder dry

  5. I agree with you. I don’t believe in all that crap either. All I really want is a rock solid, free market Conservative.

    ADMIN NOTE: Most of this comment has been removed by Admin, accusations were stated and NO citation were offered, a candidate was campaigned for that is not MY candidate and from this point on I am going to be a ONE WAY son of a bitch in all thing political…

    Libertarian, or libertarian philosophy, as well as Dem/Libber philosophy, will not be allowed on The TexasFred Blog…

    Post anything you please, ON YOUR OWN BLOG!

    • TexasFred says:

      Another Texas Fred, you’re entitled to YOUR opinion and picks, on YOUR blog… If you come here to speak against Perry and campaign for someone else, I will exercise MY right to administrative editing and comment removal, in part or in whole…


  6. I appreciate the info, Fred. good work!

  7. retire05 says:

    TexasFred, I appreciate your passion. You are correct; there was only ONE Jesus Christ, and he ain’t runnin’.

    I was hoping Rick would get in, because I knew that if he did, he was in all the way and in it to win. And just as I predicted to the better half, as soon as Rick jumped into the fray, he was being attacked from all sides; liberals, establishment Republicans, Paulbots and the Sarah Palin worshippers. It would seem they all got the same memo: “Perry is a threat to all of us. So use the politics of personal destruction. ATTACK! ATTACK!”

    Having followed almost all of the blogs/article that have been written about Rick Perry for the last three weeks, he certainly seems to have made a lot of people nervous. But they are about to see campaigning taken to a new height. And for your reader’s pleasure, I will give a couple of examples:

    When in Waterloo, Iowa Rick was asked about Michelle Bachmann. He told Carl Cameron that he had never met the lady but was looking forward to meeting her since he had heard she was such a nice person and was looking forward to getting to talk to her. But it gets better.

    The day that Santorum, Rick and Bachmann were to give their Waterloo speeches, early afternoon, Rick lands on the grounds shaking hands, stopping at every table where he sits down and talks to Iowans, taking pictures, signing VFW caps, patting veterans on the chest and telling them how much he appreciated there service. Meanwhile, Rick’s peeps made sure that he didn’t miss a person who wanted to talk to him, and if someone complained that they didn’t get to say “hi” to Rick, they got Rick to go back and speak to that person. And where was Bachmann? Hiding out in her bus until minutes before she was scheduled to speak to the crowd that night.

    Santorum speaks, applause; Rick speaks and has the crowd on their feet. Bachmann is next, but her campaign people said she didn’t like the stage lighting, so the organizers had to change out the lighting to acccomodate Michelle, making people wait for his speech that was to immediatly follow Rick. The response to her speech was tepid and afterwards, she stood on the stage signing t-shirts and throwing them to the audience, which included Rick Perry. Bachmann left through an exit that didn’t have many people standing around. Perry stayed until the place had been swept up and the last dying dog had gone home doing what he does best, taking it to the people who do the actual voting.

    Michelle Bachmann just got schooled on Rick Perry retail politics and why he has managed to beat every opponent he ever had.

    The next day Rick was in New Hampshire. Romney had lodged a little dig at Perry the day before and a reporter asked Rick to comment on what Romney said. In true Rick Perry fashion, Rick blew a kiss and said “Tell him I love him.”

    There is a blogger who has a “D.C. insider” report who give him information on the Obama administration and what the administration is up to. He claims that the Obama people were feeling out Rick’s D.C. group to see if Rick was going to run. They were told that Rick had his eye on 2016 and really didn’t entertain an idea of running. A couple of days later Rick is in S.C. throwing his hat in the ring. Major head fake.

    Also, the “D.C. insider” said that Obama was going to play the race card to the hilt (something he would want to use against a Southern white guy). Two days later, Chris Matthews changes a clip of something Rick said and called Rick a racist.

    But Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is in for a surprise. The only candidate in his entire political career he ever defeated was milk toast, John McCain. Up until 2008, Obama ran unopposed in every race. John McCain was so boring he couldn’t pull a whore out of a coffee shop with 1,000 bucks. So Obama has now got to face the Texas Tornado who cut his teeth in this bare knuckes, full body contact blood sport we Texans call “politics.”

    As to your advise that your readers do their own research; I have to back that 100%. A number of people have sent me stuff where bloggers are bashing our Texas economy and claiming that Rick is not responsible for our job gains in a recession. I did a little research and the guy being quoted the most is a Obamabot who worked for VP Joe Biden for two years. Do enough research, and you find all those whining about Rick are either solidly ensconced in the Obama administration or are just plain crazy.

    Hope your readers enjoyed my little bits of information and the Rickisms.

  8. Steve Dennis says:

    Thanks for helping those of us who are not real familiar with Rick Perry to sift through the lies and distortions. The fact that the media and Obama have gone so far out of their way to smear him is proof to me that they are afraid of him. This coupled with the fact that he is unafraid to speak his mind has me very much considering him as my candidate.

  9. Steve Dennis says:

    I would also like to add that if I had to guess, being a Democrat in Texas is a little bit different than being a Democrat in the Northeast, I would bet as a Democrat he was still more conservative than the type of Democrat I an used to up here.

    • TexasFred says:

      A Dem in Texas today is a big f*cking MOONBAT, just like anywhere else, despicable cretins that need to have their heads chopped off, but in days long past a Texas Dem was mostly a moderate and quite conservative…

      Those days are long gone..

  10. jrfoleyjr says:

    So far I like what I hear about him except for the information about his positions on immigration. According to he has a D- rating on immigration, placing him right down there with John McCain (Juan McAmnesty) and Lindsey Graham (Grahamnesty).

  11. LD Jackson says:

    Very interesting post, TexasFred, as well as the comments. I’ll be honest, I have narrowed my choice of candidates down to two. Both of them have the initials RP and both are from Texas. I am not trying to push one over the other right now, but I will say this.

    The smears that are underway against Rick Perry are very much like the ones that took place in 2008 against some of the candidates then. The trouble then, as it is also now, was that so many people refused to do their own research. They accepted what they were told by the media, with no exceptions. That was a mistake, then and now. I have been doing my best to debunk the smears, simply because I want this to be a fair contest, with the general public being able to make an informed decision about who to support.

    As a side note, it seems that the vaccine mandate issue and the illegal immigration issue are the two he will have the most trouble with. I am actually satisfied on both counts, but there are many who still have questions.

    Again, good job at getting the facts out in the air.

  12. BobF says:

    Ronald Reagan was a Democrat at one time too and he was one of our greatest presidents. Maybe it was being on the other side of the fence that made him the great man he was. No reason another former Democrat who became a Republican can’t be another great president.

    Speaking of being from Texas. I just traveled to San Antonio via Dallas and back and one thing I noticed is that Texans are proud to be Texans. You see that “Lone Star” on everything. People have it embossed on the door of their houses; it’s engraved into bridge columns, and stuck on the back of just about every pickup truck I passed. If it isn’t that Star, it’s a badge or sticker of the State of Texas. There are signs all over the highways saying “Don’t mess with Texas”. Personally, I found it refreshing that so many folks have pride in their State.

    • TexasFred says:

      Folks not FROM Texas, folks that have never visited Texas have no idea of what the mystique of Texas truly is!

      Perry is exactly what nearly ALL Conservatives of today are and were, former Democrats…

      I am going to be 100% blunt and to the point here; if America finds Perry too *TEXAS* for them, to hell with ALL of ’em… Texas can secede and Perry can be the President of The Republic of Texas!

  13. tjscott says:

    There has been a lot of talk about vetting the Republican Presidential Candidates out here on the internet lately.

    Most of that talk coming in the last 10 days after Governor Perry officially made his announcement. Now I am all for vetting the candidates but I am not for doing a hatchet job on Republicans during the primary. If you are going to look at the record of these candidates let’s not just look at one side of every decision, let’s be Fair and Balanced!

    There are two sides to the Gardasil question some for and some against.

    There are two sides to Trans Texas Corridor program, let’s hear both sides.

    There is no Dream Act in Texas (the Dream Act was a Federal proposal that granted American Citizenship and Texas does not have nor will they ever have the authority to grant US citizenship), there was a law passed that says if your parents brought you here illegally when you were a minor, and the US Federal Government made Texas allow you in our school system and you graduated from a Texas school with the grades that lets you get in to a Texas university you would be granted in state tuition.

    Most of the articles and post I have read come from right here in the great state of Texas. Some people think it is our jobs, our responsibility as Texans to educate the rest of the country about Rick Perry, because we know him best.

    I agree that we know Rick Perry best, we know him so well that we have elected him to public office here in Texas nine (9) times, to four (4) different offices. He has been elected to the Texas State House three (3) times (yes as a Democrat when there was such a thing as a conservative Democrat), the Agriculture Commissioner twice (2), the Lieutenant Governor once and the Governor’s Office three (3) times!

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