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Mexican villages feel U.S. slowdown as cash stops flowing

May 28th, 2008 . by TexasFred

LA PAROTA, MEXICO — Freddy Arroyo’s wife was nearly nine months pregnant, but the $10 a day he earned delivering water couldn’t feed his two children, let alone a new baby.

It was time to do what generations of young men in the parched village of La Parota in Mexico’s western state of Michoacán have traditionally done in tough times — head for Houston.

Catalina Orozco did not speak to her husband for weeks. Then five days after her daughter was born, the phone rang in the shack where the 26-year-old lives among other desperately poor relatives.

Calling from Houston, Arroyo listened with joy to the baby’s cries and then gave his wife the bad news.

“He said there was no work and that he couldn’t send us any money,” she said.

Villages across Mexico depend on money from migrant workers in cities like Houston. But now, as the U.S. economy slows, relatives in industries like construction are increasingly limited in what they can give.

“These days you just scrape by, nothing else. You can’t afford to send anything back,” Alberto Cruz, an illegal Mexican day laborer, said by telephone from Houston.

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Mexican villages feel U.S. slowdown as cash stops flowing

I guess this story was posted by the Houston Chronicle in an effort to illicit some sympathy for the plight of the poor Mexican migrant worker that only wants to mow your yard and send money home to his wife and kids…

I have a serious opinion on this subject and I feel that it needs to be taken to heart by ALL Mexicans and any others that come here ILLEGALLY, if ya can’t feed em, don’t breed em…

Hard attitude?? Yes it is, but in MY opinion we need to apply that same rule to the American welfare rolls as well, there’s a group of people in this nation that live off of welfare, charity, food stamps, handouts and unemployment, and you can bet that someone like this poor ILLEGAL that only came here so he could feed his family will be ON those rolls very soon, and he’ll bring his wife, kids, mother-in-law and a whole herd of cousins to the USA once he realizes that he can work the system…

The MSM in this nation does everything it can to slant their readers thoughts on ILLEGALS and the real danger they present to this nation, we have left leaning politicos that make repeated attempts at passing legislation that would grant immediate amnesty TO those ILLEGALS, some of those politicos claim to be Republican and Conservative, and seek the highest office in this land as they continue to try and deceive the American public regarding their true intentions…

Some so-called Republicans have recently condemned ALL Conservatives, claiming that we have destroyed the Republican party and that we wrap ourselves in the flag and demand way more than Americans should, all because we actually have the GUTS to stand up FOR America as opposed to those that are doing their level best to give Her away…

It’s about time that we ALL stood up and fought to save America, save Her from the ILLEGAL INVASION, from the likes of Hillary Clinton, Teddy Kennedy, John Murtha, Barack Hussein Obama and yes, even John McCain, and we’d better get busy, we really need to get this done while there’s still an America that’s worth saving…

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4 Responses to “Mexican villages feel U.S. slowdown as cash stops flowing”

  1. comment number 1 by: Cary

    I don’t think you have a hardnose attitude about this, Fred.I think you have the attitude that more people need to take.  Allowing the illegals to come here in the first place is the biggest mistake, compounded by not tracking them down and removing them in the second place.  It’s amazing that  these people who work for news outlets will claim to be only reporting on the story when asked why they don’t report crimes in progress.  You know, the stories that have them “embedded” with gangs, illegals, pyros, burglars, and so on - what ever happened to reporting these criminals to the authorities?

  2. comment number 2 by: Patrick Sperry

    So Pedro can go home then as far as I am concerned. Having said that, I have started a series over at CLO about Mexican seperatist’s and Nationalist that want to re-conquer the western United States.Perhaps these folks consider Houston home..? Perhaps they need their tacos bent..?

  3. comment number 3 by: Basti

    My heart bleeds ‘purple panther piss’ for these illegal bastards.

  4. comment number 4 by: RTaylor

    Hardnose?  Not a chance.  Don’t feel sorry for these folks.  I’m through with the whining and crying over these poor little law breakers.  They come over here, take jobs from hard working Americans and now we have to feel sorry for these people because he couldn’t find a job in Houston after illegally entering the country?  I’m surprised he didn’t bring the pregnant wife so the child could be born here using our tax dollars…….I’m sure there are those bleeding hearts who will tell us we are mean, racist and cruel.  Don’t care.  He needs to go home and take care of his family.  At least he was making enough in Mexico to get them a phone…….

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