Obama rolls back immigration enforcement, again

Lets take a look at the Obama regime and their efforts to secure the borders of this nation, shall we??

Obama rolls back immigration enforcement, again

The White House’s immigration lawyers have issued yet another bureaucratic order that will curb the election-year deportation of illegal immigrants, and perhaps spur the supply of Hispanic voters.

The new memo will shelter many illegals who have not committed violent crimes, or who are not suspected of being a national security threat, from routine deportation efforts by professionals in the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency. There are roughly 11 million illegal immigrants in the country, including roughly seven million in the workforce.

The order is a “positive step … [because] it lets officers focus solely on the job at hand, [which is] referring most enforcement actions to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the agency formed for that purpose,” said a Nov. 8 statement from Eleanor Pelta, president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

According to Pelta, the memo “realigns the agency’s goals to better reflect its original and intended purpose… [which is] adjudicating immigration petitions and applications,” not enforcement. The AILA’s membership consists of lawyers who are hired by foreigners to avoid deportation, and to gain a share of the many valuable benefits that come with residency and citizenship.

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Obama rolls back immigration enforcement, again

Obama and Company apparently want to ’shelter illegals who have not committed violent crimes, or who are not suspected of being a national security threat’ so the story says. So, if it’s not a *violent* crime, we just let them roam freely in this nation even though they ARE here ILLEGALLY? In direct violation to the laws of the USA?

Let me put this in terms even a MORON can understand; if you break the law of the land and get a parking ticket for example, you are guilty of having committed a CRIME, not a violent crime, but nonetheless, a crime.

Do you think for one minute that in MOST jurisdictions, the city or state won’t go after you for having broken that law if you don’t pay your fine or appear in court to challenge the charges you face?

As American citizens those are the things that WE deal with, cause and affect, and we pay for our actions, there ARE consequences.

So, why then, would there NOT be some type of penalty for the ILLEGAL INVADERS, persons in this United States illegally, as in against the law? Anyone?

The nine-page memo is titled “Revised Guidance for the Referral of Cases and Issuance of Notices to Appear (NTAs) in Cases Involving Inadmissible and Removable Aliens.”

Hispanic ethic lobby groups have repeatedly urged the administration to scale back enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws, despite a national unemployment rate of nine percent, and a Hispanic unemployment rate of at least 11 percent.

In a series of meetings with administration officials, and in many public statements, the leaders of the ethnic lobbies have said continued enforcement of immigration laws will reduce their ability to rally Hispanic voters behind Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

And there you have it; it’s ALL about the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama and the continued support of Hispanic voters.

With the Democratic machine it’s all about the re-election of the WORST President in American history, never mind the FACT that everything Obama has done was designed to take America into the realm of 3rd World living and total socialism.

Never mind the FACT that some of these people that Obama and Company want to give a *free pass* to are not here to become American citizens, are not here to take part in the American way of life, they are here only to TAKE! Free medical, free school for their kids, free food (food stamps and welfare) and they have NO intention of ever becoming LEGAL American citizens.

White House officials, including Obama, recognize the unpopularity of additional immigration during a recession, and publicly say they are required to enforce the nation’s laws. Officials, including Obama, have repeatedly urged the ethnic lobbies to persuade Congress to pass a so-called comprehensive immigration law that would provide valuable citizenship documents to millions of unskilled immigrants and their dependents.

Here’s a term I’m pretty sure you’ve heard before; Obama talks out of BOTH sides of his ass mouth at the same time, and is, apparently, not comfortable with enforcing the laws of the USA.

I’m not a politician, THANK GOD, because if I was I’d likely get shot by some bleeding heart liberal MORON, but here is what comprehensive immigration should be; come to this nation LEGALLY, bring a marketable skill, learn the language, WORK, pay taxes and raise your family to become Americans, and nothing else, and we’re ALL good with it!

That is comprehensive immigration!

Rick Perry recently said this:

“Let me address this issue of illegal immigration. And it’s really an issue that has to be addressed. Being the governor of Texas obviously we’ve got a 1200 mile border. It’s something I’ve been dealing with for a very long time period of time, practically the entire time I was the governor of Texas and unfortunately, the issue is about border security. Two months ago the President of the United States came to El Paso, Texas to give a political speech, stood on the border and said that the border between Texas and Mexico was safer than it had ever been in history. Now I don’t know what history books he’s reading but it’s not the ones I know and it’s not the border I know. We’re spending $150 million + in our two year budget in Texas to supplement the Border Patrol, to supplement the local sheriffs, to supplement state law enforcement. I put our Texas Ranger Recon teams on the Rio Grande to assist with what is on many places along that border a war zone. We are outgunned. There are places on the U.S.-Mexico border where the drug cartels that the drug cartels have operational control. We’re starting to see that violence washing over into the United States. We know there are transnational gangs that are operating in the state of Texas. So you can’t even have a conversation about an immigration policy until you first secure the border. That is the first issue that has to be addressed. And I will assure you of one thing, when I become the President of the United States, we will have our military, our National Guard until we get the Border Patrol trained up to have enough boots on the ground to secure that border. We will have aviation assets being flown up and down that border. We will sit and talk with the new Mexican President in 2013, they’re electing a new president in 2012 and together in a spirit of coopartion, because frankly if they don’t work with us, Mexico has the potential to be very very big problem. But we can and we will.” SOURCE

I have to hope that Rick Perry means each and every word of that speech, I also hope that Perry will take this to the White House and order our border secured.

Some folks think these border incursions are NOT real, the folks in this story may have a different opinion: Gunmen cross Rio Grande into U.S. after shootout

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5 Responses to Obama rolls back immigration enforcement, again

  1. minuteman26 says:

    Time for the GOP to stonewall Obama thru the election in 2012. Need to ensure nothing he proposes passes. Would be nice if they also started impeachment procedings.

  2. Shady says:

    Where is the line forming for citizenship and food stamps, welfare and section eight housing? They don’t believe there is an issue at the Border, if he would showup and look, or go to the hospital and talk with the Cartel guy that was shot by Mexican Army personnel in a Helicopter which had violated UNITED STATES AIRSPACE. Yes sir the Border incursions seem to happen frequently enough that DPS has personnel on the River area. Sgt. Shultz says………I SEE NOTHING.

  3. OregonBuzz says:

    I can only assume that it’s the inherent good nature of the people of Texas that has prevented them from banding together and taking out the intruders when they are found on a private ranch. Big Hussein isn’t gonna do it, and neither is Incompetano. They have not observed the rule of law since day one, and when a governor (Brewer,AZ) attempts to protect the citizens of their state from the ILLEGAL horde the FEDs take ‘em to court. Is a puzzlement.

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