Methodist minister observes Ramadan in solidarity with Muslims

Methodist minister observes Ramadan in solidarity with Muslims

ROWLETT — Outsiders may see differences between Imam Yaseen Shaikh and Rev. Dr. Wes Magruder, but they don’t.

“I have no doubt that Muslims and Christians worship the same God,” Magruder said. “We have some of the same core foundations.”

Magruder is senior associate pastor of First United Methodist Church of Rowlett. Shaikh is the leader of the Islamic Association of Collin County in Plano.

The two are friends, and Magruder is doing something rarely done outside the Islamic faith: observing the holiest Muslim month of Ramadan.

That means fasting from dawn to sunset. No food, no drink — not even water.

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Methodist minister observes Ramadan in solidarity with Muslims

I saw this story last night, a Facebook friend that shall remain unnamed posted it and I was immediately drawn to it because it is happening right here in Rowlett, Texas.

So, I read the story and the comments, and was actually thinking about writing a post on it for the blog and then thought better of it. My feelings about Islam are pretty well known, no point in pouring MORE gas on the fire.

After having slept on it, I changed my mind. This is a story that needs to be seen, read far and wide by ALL Americans, and hopefully, shared with all of their friends and contacts!

When Ramalamadingdong ends it will be celebrated by Muslims striking out at ANY that don’t give in to their 7th century belief.

Muslims apparently LOVE to blow people up, especially people that disagree with the teachings of Islam; they celebrate by blowing people up with bombs while some Christians celebrate Christmas by setting off some firecrackers.

That’s a pretty big difference in philosophies there huh?

Muslims tell us that they are *The Religion of Peace* but their action betray those words.

Any time you turn on the news or read a story on-line you find the headlines screaming about how a Christian church was destroyed and Christians were murdered, all because they defied Islam, or you read about Mullahs ordering Fatwa on those that *insult* Islam, or ordering the death of another person for no reason what so ever!

And with as much hatred and vitriol as Islam has for Christians, their greatest hatred is reserved for Jews and Israel. Some Muslim cleric is always in the news with his latest *Israel and the Jews must all be eradicated or there can NEVER be peace* line of hatred.

Religion of Peace? Seriously?

And WHY aren’t Muslims in America denouncing their *brothers* that commit these heinous acts? Their silence is, in MY opinion, an unspoken approval of the violence that IS this perverted cult called Islam.

According to Barack Hussein Obama we are NOT at war with Islam. I beg to differ; I witnessed the attacks of Sept. 11th and the reactions of Muslims TO those attacks.

Muslims all over this nation were excited beyond belief at the attacks, it was as if they KNEW that the attacks were carried out by Muslims, long before the news broke the story.

All over this nation Muslims try to pass themselves off as *All-American* citizens that love America and ask, “can’t we all just get along?” and my answer to that is NO, we can’t. Your Quran instructs you to lie to the infidel in order to gain his trust, and then you are to lop his head off if he doesn’t become a convert to Islam or pay Jizya.

Here is the bottom line for me; if you’re sucking up to Islam, SCREW YOU! If you’re a Muslim in America and you’re trying to make us believe that you are a *religion of peace*, you’re a hypocrite and a LIAR, SCREW YOU!

If you’re a Liberal Methodist minister, say someone named Rev. Dr. Wes Magruder for instance, and you’re sucking up to Islam as opposed to telling the truth, SCREW YOU too!

Obama may not be at war with these cretins, but I AM!

Some people say they learned everything they ever needed to know about Islam on Sept. 11th, 2001. It started a lot further back than that for me, there was this: 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and this: Khobar Towers bombing, and this: USS Cole bombing, and last, but certainly not least, there was this: 1983 Beirut barracks bombing.

So don’t sit there on your pompous ASS and try to tell me anything about Islam and it being a religion of peace. You, Rev. Dr. Wes Magruder, can kiss my TEXAS – AMERICAN ass!

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19 Responses to Methodist minister observes Ramadan in solidarity with Muslims

  1. Bunkerville says:

    Another fool who defies the history of these folks.

  2. capitalisa says:

    He has no doubt that Muslims and Christians worship the same god. Really?? Did he see any Chick Fil A’s being blown up the other day? This man is, at best, an ignorant asshole. At worst, an enemy collaborator.

  3. mrchuck says:

    May his piss turn yellow brown and stink.

  4. Texasperated says:

    Now now Fred. Islam is, indeed, a religion of peace. Peace is defined as a cessation of hostilities and they will cease all hostilities as soon as you become Muslim. What could be clearer?

    Keep your powder dry

  5. Katie says:

    Didn’t this idiot do this same thing last year? I guess that Wes Magruder doesn’t believe in the tenets of Christianity or the divinity of Christ. And I guess he will be blowing up US Troops, other Churches and every Synagogue he can find.

    This man, his church and his parishioners are jokes.

  6. NativeSon says:

    The God of CHRISTianity and the god of islam (allah) are NOT one and the same! Jesus said, “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE, no one comes to THE FATHER except by (through) ME.” John 14:6
    God the Father has many names–NONE of them is allah…magruder needs to get out his knife and (no wait–MacGyver was not as big a joke as this clown). DESPICABLE that this man calls himself a man of God! NOT just my humble opinion–but, FACT!!!

  7. Bob Mack says:

    Ramadan Bombathon 2012: Day 14 stats – Terror attacks 114; 523 dead.
    All other faiths combined: Terror attacks 0; 0 dead.

  8. Cary says:

    Bob hit it on the head.

    Let me be perfectly clear – and this comment will also be posted on your Facebook posting of this post, post haste – in order to post off – I mean, PISS off those who believe there can be peaceful moderate muslims:

    muslims are of two ideals – they will either demand you to convert, or kill you because you won’t; or they are waiting for the right time to demand you convert to their beliefs, or kill you because you won’t. The freedoms we take for granted here in the United States are not welcome under islamic rule. Women are not allowed to vote in islamic nations. Heck, women aren’t allowed to be considered human beings in islamic nations. The liberals who are screaming because we won’t give islams a chnace have not seen or head the screaming of the dead and dying after an islamic attack on non-combatant citizens. They have not tried to pick through the pieces of a barracks that moments before held several of your buddies, and the men they served with. They have not had to endure the inability to lock and load and clear the pockets that were KNOWN to have the perpetrators hiding in them, in the name of diplomacy, they were the ones telling those who could have changed history not to exact revenge for the murder of their brothers.

    I’ve had it. I’ve had it with so-called christians who besmirch the name of Christ by consorting with the enemy. (I’m looking at YOU, Rick Warren. I’m looking at YOU, Wes Magruder.) By allowing imams to speak in your pulpit, by allowing imams to share your table, you are declaring your allegiance to a belief system that systematically oppresses, imprisons, and murders those who do not believe ass they do, and who dance in the street when United States buildings are destroyed with their occupants still in them.

    Obama may not be at war with islam, but any clear-thinking citizen of these United States sure as hell better be, and better be aware of how islams will operate to get the control they want. And any muslim that wants to “discuss” this issue with me “peacefully and calmly” better be aware that they (and their kind) murdered three very good friends in October of 1983, along with a couple hundred of their compatriots. How peaceful do you think I will be during that discussion?

  9. Let me do this:

    I call it the Logical Extension by Reversal.

    Remove the word “Islam” from terrorist attacks and substitute the word “Catholic.”

    Then tally up all the attacks committed at the behest of Islam. Those responsible have now been Catholic.

    Do you possibly suspect that Rev Magruder would be publicly coming out in support of local Catholic fathers and embracing Catholicism in the altogether?

    I think we know that answer.


  10. Let me put this another way.

    I posted a piece on Thursday that exhibited a very controversial photograph entitled “Islam Is Love.” I had many hits on it during the day but only two people commented. ONE of them was YOU. It seems no one else wanted to touch it. No one wants to SEE the destruction and barbaric tendencies of those who say they practice Islam. In response, I wrote in my own comments section:

    “Apparently not many people wished to comment on this post, save two.

    I suspect it was because the photograph was thought to be too uncomfortable or completely “over the top” in nature.

    To those persons I write: look long and hard, ladies and gentlemen, at the loving and considerate vision of Islam. For this photograph isn’t Photoshopped and it isn’t staged.

    This is the life Islam has ultimately envisioned for YOU, the Infidel. You will simply be converted or you will be killed. Islam has a long time to wait for you. It has already waited hundreds of years for superiority and it can wait hundreds more.

    Except, in the meantime, it is learning. It is learning the Western Way in terms of being able to COMBAT the Western Way. It doesn’t understand the Western Mind nor is it remotely interested in same. But it DOES understand how to combat the West via its own tactics.

    Islam is no more complicated than the average and common thug. It fears and respects only strength. It’s philosophy: “what mine is mine and what’s yours is mine unless you have to strength to keep it from me.”

    Islam IS as Islam DOES and, ladies and gentlemen, it is here and it is demographically increasing. I’ve said and it’s quite true that “demography is prophecy.” Just ask the people in, say, Dearborn, Michigan.

    Then ask the COWARDLY COPS of Dearborn, Michigan — who enable Muslims to thrive and stone and pelt true Americans in a public setting.

    No, I’m simply a reactionary. Worse yet: a Caucasoid reactionary.

    Worse still: an older, bald, fat Caucasoid reactionary who is Conservative/Libertarian.

    Cells are HERE in America, ladies and gentlemen, working up the fervor and the courage and the coordination and the perfect time to up the ante from 9-11-01.

    So: look LONG and HARD at that terrible photograph.

    I hope you DO feel uncomfortable.

    Because THAT, you see, is the barbaric, nomadic, tribalistic, violent and savagely misogynistic nature of Islam.”

    YOU and I, Fred, WE know the destructive force that calls itself Islam. Most everyone else simply wants to shut their collective eyes and ignore it.

    It is HERE and it is NOW and Islam has — if nothing else — an incredible patience. But it is learning and it is learning quickly and it is not unintelligent. It is USING Western Ways against Western cultures.

    Islam is like any other thug. It respects only force.

    Sometimes things really are that simple.

    Bury your heads in the “sand,” Americans. Continue with this, and you’ve just doomed your grandchildren to BOTH Islam and Leftist debt.


    • TexasFred says:

      Simply a magnificent comment!

      I was one of the 2 that commented on the post BZ made with the picture in question, and I have to say, I can’t find ANY sympathy for Muslims, young, old, male, female, NONE of them… Muslims killing Muslims is a win-win in MY book and makes for less Muslims WE will have to kill if, and when these despicable sons a bitches decide that it’s time to install Sharia in MY part of Texas…

      Make NO mistake, when that day comes, I will defend the laws of the USA against any and ALL that side with Islam!

  11. gabriela says:

    I just found this site from a friend who told me about it and what a breath f fresh air it is with Fred calling a spade a spade and nailing it without that PC hypocrisy.

    To pray with an Arab is not a christian thing to do as any fool knows they dont belive in God they belive in Allah. Thats just for starters but I dont want to start on that because if I say how many others around the word dont belive in God it will take me all day.

    My son takes French in school because I will not have him take Spanish, they think they own Arizona and we live in Arizona. My son tells me the french dont belive in God either they belive in Dieu. Goes to show you how much work is left to do even with our so called allies. But arabs who belive in Allah also are killers as we saw in Iraq where they were killing each other before we got there to set them straight but I am not so sure after we liberated them we had to stay and spend so much money building their country for them.

    But that Methodist praying with a muslim and trying to get others to do it too is nothing but a sin because once you start getting cozy with them you forget who they are and you are in trouble. They are not human. We see on tv everyday how much the Jews suffer from them and have suffered for thousands of years at the hands of the Arabs. I want to see us say to all arabs no more Mr nice guy! from now on you do as we say but not just over there, also here because charity begins at home. Thanks you Fred for speaking for me!

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