Eleven People Shot Outside Empire State Building

Eleven People Shot Outside Empire State Building

A clothing designer who had been fired from a Midtown Manhattan company shot and killed a former co-worker in the shadow of the Empire State Building on Friday morning and was then killed by the police, in a hail of gunfire in which nine bystanders were hurt, the authorities said.

Some of those injured might have been shot by the two police officers, who fired 16 rounds at the gunman, Jeffrey Johnson, 58, said Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly — based on the number of people shot and the fact that Mr. Johnson’s gun held only eight rounds.

None of the bystanders’ wounds were life-threatening, Mr. Kelly said.

The spasm of violence shortly after 9 a.m. shattered the routine bustle of the morning outside one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations and set off pandemonium at a busy intersection that was filled with pedestrians and cars. Visitors had begun crowding into the lobby of the building waiting to ascend to the observation deck on the 86th floor, which had already opened.

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Several People Shot, One Fatally, Outside Empire State Building

So, it wasn’t a terror attack, it was a case of workplace anger and violence, gun violence in New York City, from a guy with NO gun permit.

I know, I was shocked too!

I have pointed out in past stories where the NYPD was involved in shootings and that some of those guys are some terrible shooters. In all fairness, it’s NOT  ALL their fault. The NYPD specs its Officers sidearms to ridiculous standards. It’s NOT the weapons, it’s what the NYPD has done TO the weapons.


New NYPD officers are allowed to select one of three 9mm service pistols configured in double-action only (DAO): the SIG P226 DAO, Smith & Wesson Model 5946, and Glock 19.[28] All are modified to a 12-pound (53 N) trigger pull. SOURCE

I don’t care HOW GOOD you are on *the range*, in the REAL WORLD a 12 pound trigger pull is damned heavy! And in all fairness, NYPD Cops have been known to fire large numbers of rounds on several occasions. Spray and Pray maybe?

Hey, Michael Bloomberg, instead of being the anti-gun MORON and all around ASS that you are known for being, why not equip your Officers with a pistol that’s a lot more manageable and easier to shoot in a critical situation?

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9 Responses to Eleven People Shot Outside Empire State Building

  1. jaywarren says:

    I live in NYC and am a progressive who is behind Bloomberg’s gun control – However when searching the news for any report at all on the officers responsible for the 8 people currently in hospital I found your Blog to be the most spot on. (except there were 10 shot) At least you are honest! I agree in part – the NYPD should spend more money – not for ‘better’ guns but to train their officers how to shoot in a safe and professional way. I am a loss for word to describe the poor gunmanship of these officers.

    • TexasFred says:

      And in typical *progressive fashion* you saw what you wanted to see, read and comprehended what you chose to and sang the praises of NO GUNS and Michael *Dickhead* Bloomberg…

      As I said, it’s NOT just the skills of the Officers, although I doubt a *progressive* asshole would understand that… You don’t really KNOW what *trigger pull* is do you Jay… LMAO

      If you have an issue with the number of people shot, take it up with the media, MY figures are quotes, in the story, I didn’t pull them out of my ass in *progressive* fashion, they are quotes and linked..

      Thank you for making 2 posts at the same time Jay, your first AND last…

    • Well Mr. Progressive did you learn anything? I didn’t because we already knew that Bloomberg is one dumb SOB and couldn’t pour piss out of a boot. He has crippled those Police Officers by the restrictions placed on the officers weapons.

      I challenge you to attempt a shootout and I will give you a weapon with a 12 pound trigger pull, then I will just see how well you can shoot with someone tossing lead back at you.

      You will crap yourself my friend.

      So quit criticizing your police officers you idiot and BTW, get a new mayor.

  2. I am not going to lower myself to call Mayor Michael Bloomberg a moron or a Stupid SOB, or an F*%king idiot, well yes I am, it’s obvious that Michael Bloomberg has never had a piece of lead flying back at him or maybe he has, I don’t know.

    But the restrictions on the Police weapons are STUPID. It’s a wonder that more friendly fire incidents have not happened. At least only the bad guy died. But Bloomberg open your wallet, you gotta lots of cash to pay for being STUPID.

  3. mrchuck says:

    Issue one foot blowguns to them, with 6 darts tipped with cyanide.

    When I had to go back and be a Quantico range officer, the NYPD were the worst in the whole USA. Not even close to any other large city force.

    Remember years back when they shot over 100 rounds at an “Ethiopian” in an entrance to a building. 19 shots hit him, only wounding him so he could collect on a lawsuit years later.

    Lawsuit here coming too. Bloomberg is stupid to force this on his PD.

    Pity the 7 million who live there.

  4. minuteman26 says:

    Have a Kel Tec P11 which has a 9lb trigger pull. Was a bitch to get used to in the beginning and took a lot of practice. A gun with a 12lb trigger pull for a LEO is idiotic. NYC is as much responsible for any collateral damage as the LEOs. Hope the wounded bystanders intend to sue.

  5. Dick Robie says:

    Well, I will say it again. What good did NYC’s strict and possibly unconstitutional gun laws do to prevent this. Having previous law enforcement experience, why would officers shoot if civilians would be endangered. ???? Inconsistent with my training. In my humble opinion the Govt(s)-all of them-have become obsessed with their power and the “people” are there to support them, not the other way around. Frankley, I think we are headed for anarchy and I hope it is only that and not worse. If that idiot who occupies my White House gets re elected then God Help the USA and more importantly God help the people of the USA and the world.

  6. Texasperated says:

    Fred, I only have one anti-gunner who has not “unfriended” me at the FB place. He generally checks in on anything I have to say about shootings. This one was no exception. His opinion was basically “as bad as the cops were shooting imagine how much worse if we had civilians running around armed.”

    This has little to do with 2nd amendment, but lots to do with shooting. First, shooting is not a skill like “riding a bike” (once learned it stays with you). Shooting proficiency depends upon hours and hours spent at the range. And that is just to hit a piece of paper that is simply standing there.

    Second, practice (in and of itself) does not make perfect. Rather, practice makes consistent. In a real life situation you will probably do whatever you’ve been practicing to do. If you’ve been practicing to put your front sight on the target and slowly squeeze the trigger you are far more likely to do that in a shootout. On the other hand if you’ve been consistently shooting low left because you anticipate the “kick” then you will likely do that in a real life situation.

    Third, at the range there is always time to take a breath, let it back out, bring the front sights to the target, and slowly squeeze. There is not always time to do that (or to think about it) in a shooting situation. Solution? Practice more real-life tactical situations. Now I do not know what the regimen is for NYC police. But it should involve not only dry fire and live fire, but also moving targets (moving not only laterally but toward you), and rapid fire. A policeman may never have to take his sidearm from his holster, but in the event that he does it is best if he has practiced for as many scenarios as possible — and not just being attacked by a stationary piece of paper.

    Keep your powder dry

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