Could U.S. military have helped during Libya attack?

Could U.S. military have helped during Libya attack?

(CBS News) The closer we get to the election, the harder Republicans in Congress are pushing for answers to a big question: What really happened in the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya last month that killed the U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans?

Some lawmakers are asking why U.S. military help from outside Libya didn’t arrive as terrorists battered more than 30 Americans over the course of more than seven hours. The assault was launched by an armed mob of dozens that torched buildings and used rocket propelled grenades, mortars and AK-47 rifles.

CBS News has been told that, hours after the attack began, an unmanned Predator drone was sent over the U.S. mission in Benghazi, and that the drone and other reconnaissance aircraft apparently observed the final hours of the protracted battle.

The State Department, White House and Pentagon declined to say what military options were available. A White House official told CBS News that, at the start of the attack, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta “looked at available options, and the ones we exercised had our military forces arrive in less than 24 hours, well ahead of timelines laid out in established policies.”

But it was too late to help the Americans in Benghazi. The ambassador and three others were dead

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Could U.S. military have helped during Libya attack?

I have a lot of friends that work in Law Enforcement, some that are very close friends and some are family, all are very dear to me and I know that if an Officer, Deputy or a State Trooper calls for HELP, that help will be on its way and the responders will move heaven and earth in an effort to come to the aid of their fellow Officer in need.

That’s the way it works in a *brotherhood*, our LEOs are *Brothers in Blue* just as our troops are *Brothers in Blood*.

If there had been a military strike team that was made aware that there was an attack on the Embassy in Benghazi and that there were American lives in danger, that military team(s) would have moved heaven and earth in an effort to get there in time to affect a much different outcome than the one we have witnessed.

Apparently the government of the United States and the FAILED administration of Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t feel that way.

Retired CIA officer Gary Berntsen believes help could have come much sooner. He commanded CIA counter-terrorism missions targeting Osama bin Laden and led the team that responded after bombings of the U.S. Embassy in East Africa.

“You find a way to make this happen,” Berntsen says. “There isn’t a plan for every single engagement. Sometimes you have to be able to make adjustments. They made zero adjustments in this. They stood and they watched and our people died.”

Over the last 30 years it was my pleasure to have known a few of these CIA Intel types and I have to tell you, they are, without a doubt, more than willing to ride in and kick as much ass as is necessary when the call goes out. They are not MILITARY per se, but most CIA Operators are former military, Spec/Ops types and so forth, and they can hold their own in a fight, regardless the odds, as demonstrated by the valiant efforts of former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

The Pentagon says it did move a team of special operators from central Europe to the large Naval Air Station in Sigonella, Italy, but gave no other details. Sigonella is just an hour’s flight from Libya. Other nearby bases include Aviano and Souda Bay. Military sources tell CBS News that resources at the three bases include fighter jets and Specter AC-130 gunships, which the sources say can be extremely effective in flying in and buzzing a crowd to disperse it.

I am sorry to have to say it but this sounds a lot like the old *closing the barn door after the horse is already gone* thing!

A base that is an hours flight from Libya could have made all the difference in the world to those Americans on the ground in Benghazi! But for lack of BALLS and decision making ability on the part of those within the Obama administration, these Americans may well have survived and could still be alive today.

Rick Nelson, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and a former Navy pilot who worked in counter-terrorism, says such missions can be very risky. “A lot can go well, right, as we saw with the bin Laden raid. It was a very successful event,” he says. “But also, when there are high risk activities like this. a lot can go wrong, as we saw with the Iranian hostage rescue decades ago.”

Maybe I was wrong, maybe there are those that won’t move heaven and earth to save the lives of Americans in danger in a foreign land.

Not to be disrespectful but if you were a fan of Star Wars you remember Han Solo saying, “Never tell me the odds.” That is how *most* Intel and military types feel when it’s time to saddle up and ride in!

And just for the record Mr. Nelson; the Iranian rescue mission was set up to fail from the very start. It was nothing more than a hollow gesture on the part of the Jimmy Carter administration in an effort to make Carter look *presidential* and to make people believe that he was a forceful and decisive leader.

Again I tell my readers, do NOT be surprised to see military action in Libya, a raid, a bombing mission, something of that nature, and to see it within the next few days. I personally expect it to happen before the next debate, done in an effort to make Obama appear to be *presidential* and to make people believe that he was a forceful and decisive leader.

One piece of advice Mr. Obama; it didn’t work for Carter and it won’t work for you!

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22 Responses to Could U.S. military have helped during Libya attack?

  1. minuteman26 says:

    Fred, suspect Obama regime did not want a response to happen during the Benghazi attack. Dead men tell no tales.

  2. the unit says:

    Only two words. Fail and sick. O’s brothers are in green or that brotherhood bunch. How many times to spell…sick, sick, sick?

  3. Capt Ron says:

    I agree with MM26, and I’ll add I don’t think help coming from a base an hour away would have helped. They needed assets from a lot closer. I don’t know how long the siege lasted, but I would guess the whole thing took all of 20 minutes at the most. Coordinated attacks like this are guerilla moves, in and out fast.

  4. NativeSon says:

    I would suspect a “surgical” drone strike(s) by HUSSEIN in an attempt to sway voters with his “retaliation” on one or two muzzies…HUSSEIN will claim they were the masterminds behind the Benghazi attack….

    In reality, only one or two of his muzzie brothers will be injured or killed—BUT the story we will hear will make HUSSEIN sound god-like…

    • TexasFred says:

      The Obamessiah strikes again… 😈

      That is the way the Obama regime does business, launch a drone strike, let the press know, take credit for saving humanity, head for the golf course…

      O.M.G. = Obama Must Go!

  5. Katie says:

    I suspect that Obama wanted Stevens to die. His idea of Stevens being kidnapped and then an exchange of prisoners (Stevens for Blind Sheik) would have been the perfect October Surprise. Now Obama has to fall back on his direct talk scheme with Iran to get the same effect.

    Rumor also has Gloria Allred has a bimbo waiting in the wings.

    • TexasFred says:

      Gloria Allred? Seriously?? Damn, that would be perfect, Candy Crowley and Allred could team up and … of damn, never mind, that thought was just too damned sick, even for me… LMAO 😛

  6. BobF says:

    Even if a team couldn’t have been assembled in time, a couple of strafing runs by fighters could have made a world of difference. The fighters could have held things off long enough for helicopter gunships to arrive on scene. The battle supposidly lasted for seven hours. That’s long enough to have a squadron of fighters on scene and plenty of time to get some troops on the ground.

    If they could have drones and other reconnaissance (manned) aircraft on scene, why not fighters or A-10’s? A-10’s are slow but fly much faster than drones.

    The battle lasted seven hours. That tells me two former Navy SEAL’s with maybe a bit of help from consulate staff or guards held off heavily armed attackers for seven hours. Can you imagine those men fighting for seven hours wondering where are their reinforcements? You can bet there are some military officers highly pissed at this. Maybe that’s why there are over 300 retired Flag Officers are supporting Romney with only about five supporting Obama. BTW, retired female Flag Officers are supporting Romney too.

  7. Dick Robie says:

    Right on again Fred.

  8. Bluto says:

    This whole thing makes me sick and ANGRY. And if that’s not maddening enough, we have a mainstream media enabling this administration’s lies. Instead of Matthews, Maddow, Cooper & Crowley on our TVs it should be TexasFred, TexasFred, TexasFred, and TexasFred. Seriously.

    Yes, Obama & his administration are evil. It happens. There’s been evil leaders in the past, and there will be in the future. But, holy f-ing hell, our press and our journalists are supposed to defend us and tell us the truth, not become an extension of Zero’s evil. I just cannot fathom these people will sell their country down the river because of libber ideology. What the hell is going on here?!?

    Yep. The public may not be ready for The Nightly News anchored by TexasFred, but it IS what we need. People need to hear the unvarnished truth, but unfortunately I don’t think we’ll ever get it. Sad days for America.

  9. Steve Dennis says:

    I believe a successful drone strike will be announced shortly before the debate so that Romney’s edge will be taken off and he will lose a major issue without much time to plan a new response.

    As for not calling in the military, that bothers the hell out of me. We could have had reinforcements in the area to help out and yet we did nothing for hours as our men fought to the death. It seems as if Obama made a political calculation that it would be better for him politically if he didn’t use military action then it would be to act so he did nothing and he figured it would be buried by the media.

    • TexasFred says:

      It may come AFTER the debate, I hadn’t thought of it that way but it IS a great way to hit Romney and hope that he can’t get a *message* out there… I don’t think Americans will fall for it, not SMART Americans, and lately, even those on the LEFT are falling out of love with Obama…

      • the unit says:

        Smartphone americans, Iphone americans, Obamaphone americans, like IObama, not listening, texting their own love with own selves. As long as text goes thru. Interrupt communications, maybe serious smartphone HIV, might get deer in headlight stare. Like you said…they vote Nov. 7. O hoping this breakthorough announcement of 1 on 1 talks with Iran will be Oct. Surprise. We know 1’s message “I, me and myself will have plenty of flexibility after the election.” So much for 1’s on one.

  10. BobF says:

    Fred, you’re way ahead of Fox News. This morning they’re just now reporting that a drone had flew over the consulate battle for six hours.

    During the seven hours the battle took place, what was Obama doing? Seven hours is a full days work for most people. Seven hours was less time that Pearl Harbor and 9-11 attacks. Help was only an hour away…drones don’t fly supersonic and it monitored the last six hours of the attack. Obama loves to refer to himself as the Commander in Chief. Here was his chance to actually be the CinC and he failed miserably, resulting in the death of four Americans.

  11. mrchuck says:

    Hoppe’s # 9 never smelled so good!!!!

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