Top Republicans say Romney didn’t offer specifics

Top Republicans say Romney didn’t offer specifics

LAS VEGAS — Top Republicans meeting for the first time since Election Day say the party failed to unseat President Barack Obama because nominee Mitt Romney did not respond to criticism strongly enough or outline a specific agenda with a broad appeal.

In conversations at the Republican Governors Association meeting in Las Vegas, a half dozen party leaders predicted the GOP will lose again if it keeps running the same playbook based on platitudes in place of detailed policies. Instead, these leaders asserted, the party needs to learn the lessons from its loss, respect voters’ savvy and put forward an agenda that appeals beyond the white, male voters who are its base.

“We need to acknowledge the fact that we got beat,” Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said in an interview. “We clearly got beat and we need to recognize that.”

Little more than a week after Romney came up short in his presidential bid, the party elders were looking at his errors and peering ahead to 2016′s race. Some of the contenders eying a White House run of their own were on hand and quietly considering their chances. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie scheduled a private meeting on the sidelines with Haley Barbour, the former Mississippi governor who is widely seen as one of the GOP’s sharpest political operatives.

“We need to have a brutal, brutally honest assessment of everything we did,” Barbour said. “We need to take everything apart … and determine what we did that worked and what we did that didn’t work.”

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Top Republicans say Romney didn’t offer specifics

Let’s just cut right to the chase; Mitt Romney was the weakest candidate the GOP could have offered up, and I hate to say *I told you so*, but I told you so, many times, right here on this blog.

I told you that there was no point in even going through a Republican Presidential primary too.

Back in October of 2011 Georgette Mosbacher, RNC Finance Co-Chair, made it crystal clear, Romney to be GOP nominee – Elections no longer required.

Here is another TRUTH as I see it; Mitt Romney was NOT the problem, the GOP and RNC are the problem. There was NO candidate on the RNC list that could have beat Barack Obama this time around. The GOP/RNC offered up the weakest list of hopefuls imaginable and the results were disastrous.

A lot of people blame Obama saying that he stole the election, and that is as ridiculous as blaming Romney; Obama did NOT run his campaign, the DNC and his handlers ran his campaign, he was merely the talking head that fronted the show.

The same goes for Mitt Romney, he was the sacrificial lamb, he did what he was told, went where he was told, when he was told and basically, that was it. The sad truth of the Romney candidacy is this; Mitt Romney is about as personable as a bowl of cold oatmeal in the morning.

Don’t get me wrong, I supported Mitt Romney, I had no other choice. there was NO viable 3rd Party that has even a remote chance, why waste that vote on a Gary Johnson? And I certainly wasn’t going to vote for Obama.

Again I say; the GOP/RNC is the problem, and until such time as they are completely rebuilt on a Conservative foundation, the GOP is an exercise in futility and presents as much danger to this nation as do the liberal policies of the Democrats.

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8 Responses to Top Republicans say Romney didn’t offer specifics

  1. Longstreet says:

    I don’t think the GOP CAN be “fixed.” It would take a complete reorganization and that ain’t gonna happen. We conservatives desperately need a party to replace the GOP. And we need it NOW.


  2. Bunkerville says:

    If America is around in four years we might get another shot at it. I won’t be counting on it. At least, not the America I know.

  3. Robert says:

    My 2 cents: This was a repeat of 2008 in some regards. The only way the GOP was going to win was with a black candidate opposing Obama. FACT. That would have given cover to the latino’s/blacks/women who voted strictly on the affirmative action. FACT.

    If we had put Ted Nugent and Joe Arpaio on the ticket our nation would have gotten FIXED in one fell swoop but they would never get elected. IF Ted Nugent were black and Joe Arpaio was Latino? Well, maybe…

    Think about it this way: IF Obama appeared white but was half black he wouldn’t have ever gotten elected to anything outside of Chicago. His records/college grades and papers would have been spotlighted. He appears black so he got a pass from media.

    Romney? Well he was too white. PERIOD.

  4. minuteman26 says:

    My thoughts are that accusing the GOP candidate of being too white is bullshit. A white candidate with the right message can win the presidency. I believe the vote was rigged for the Commies in strategic areas by the party machine and Soros. Hell, Philly had 59 voting districts which amounted to over 19000 votes cast and not one for Romney. WTF.

    As Rush says its tough to vote against Santa Claus.

    Obama was handing out free cheese like a mad man to insure the votes he needed. Its up to congress to cut off that faucet to correct the situation. Since when is Obamaphone a right? Time to make the underclass accept some responsibility and work for a living. They need to be forced to contribute to our society. Ref: JD, a Conservative Party is the way to go but the Marxists have the numbers at this point to win. That being said the RINOs need to be brought down a peg or two.

    Truly believe that there are people in the GOP who have the same agenda as Obama; a one world govt. Can not see turning this country around at this time without the tree of liberty being refreshed as per Jefferson with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Obama/Soros regime is the greatest enemy this country has to face at present.

  5. BobF says:

    I’ve got some very left wing liberal extended family. I look at their links on their Facebook pages and blogs. Everything said against Obama was considered racist. White males who voted for Obama were considered out of touch and racist. Many left wing white liberals played the race care worse than Al Sharpton during this election. Liberals have rammed “diversity” down peoples throats and a good numbers of Whites have fallen for it. What they don’t realize is that to Liberals, diversity is a one way street. BTW, Republicans have elected more minorities to local, state, and federal government than Democrats.

    The GOP is saying Romney didn’t offer any specifics. I felt he spelled out his economic and energy plan very well without getting into the mathematical details. After four years, I still don’t know what Obama’s plan is except to ensure I have the proper air pressure in my tires…that’s all he offered in 2008 for an energy plan. Romney was a weak candidate. His campaign speeches when he ran against Teddy Kennedy and for governor of Massachusetts worked against him. I said back in 2008, you don’t get elected Governor of Massatwoshits by being a Conservative or running on even a mild conservative platform.

  6. sdkar says:

    I think that Romney was right…that this race started out with 47% of the vote going to obama before Romeny was even announced. In fact, I was saddened to hear Romney apologize for his statement as it is fricken true. add another 1% to 2% more for ballot stuffing and double voting and whatever acorn and obama’s other lackeys were able to do and it wasn’t too much more that was needed to give their man the oval office for four more years. Hell, they could run a retarded chimpanzee against Romney and he would’ve won this country is so damn divided…oh wait…nevermind.

    I have family that used to be strongly republican and believed in freedom but have voted for obama anyway. The reason being is they are on unemployment, medicare and social security now and they believed that Romney was going to take away their free cheese if he won. I have not talked to any of them since that fateful day and to be honest, I may have to cancel Thanksgiving as I am pretty sure I will say something I may regret (or not) at the next family function considering the way I feel about these sponges and leeches.

    I also fear that in another four years, obama will either have it set up so he can run a third term or he will have one of his cronies in line to take his place. I can’t see biden taking over, but then again, I couldn’t see obama winning either, so at this point, anything is possible.

    I fear we may have hit the tipping point we were warned of. Something about people once they figure out the can vote themselves gifts from the treasury, we are all doomed and the republic will fail…or something like that. Also, we were told we have a republic…if we could keep it. I guess we couldn’t.

    This country can NOT survive the number of people that are willing to constantly vote for the guy who will give them stuff. Used to be a time, people were too proud to take govt assistance. Now, it’s damn well expected and every dem thinks someone owes them a damn living.

    I feel that the working guy who votes republican may be the sucker. Hell, why would anyone making $40k or less even bother working as if he plays his cards right, he could get damn near that from the govt and not have to get out of bed. Instead of being shamed by this, they are bragging about it. It’s disgusting.

    I wish I could just go to sleep for the next four years and someone wake me up when it’s time to vote again. Until then, I am in a foul mood. To hell with the obama voters that are (were) my family and the rest of their ilk.

    Maybe I’ll calm down later…

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