Texas Tea Party selling tickets to a political non-event

Texas Tea Party selling tickets to a political non-event

Did you know the race is tight for speaker of the Texas House?

The Tea Party says so.

Because the Tea Party is trying to sell tickets.

In the first of what no doubt will be many bizarre moments in the 2013 Texas Legislature, Tea Party groups seem to be talking up a speaker’s race primarily so their promoter can sell $75 tickets and fill $109-a-night hotel rooms.

There is no genuine indication that a majority of the 150 House lawmakers will vote Jan. 8 for anyone other than two-term incumbent House Speaker Joe Straus, an old-line Republican from a blueblood Alamo Heights family and a proud supporter of the Bush family, 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney and U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

That hasn’t stopped Tea Party groups from ginning up support for second-term Rep. David Simpson of Longview, a Ron Paul libertarian-Republican and a Reformed Baptist seminary graduate, former church pastoral assistant and owner of a denominational publishing house. SOURCE

I seriously have NO problem with replacing Texas House Speaker Joe Straus. In MY opinion a shaved monkey would serve about as well, but if the Texas TEA Party thinks Rep. David Simpson of Longview, a Ron Paul libertarian-Republican, is a better choice for Texas House Speaker; yeah, I’m going with the shaved monkey.

The TEA Party and Ron Paul … that just about says it all. Ron Paul and his Paultards are the reason for the downfall of the TEA Party.

The TEA Party in my part of Texas started off well, had some good ideas and presented themselves as knowledgeable political fans of true Conservatism. Then the Libertarians and Ron Paul supporters took over the TEA Party and it all went to hell in a hand basket.

The Rowlett TEA Party began to fall apart almost as soon as it was started when the founder called for the entire Rowlett TEA Party to stage a MARCH on Washington and let *them* know that *they*, The Rowlett TEA Party, were not at all happy with the games D.C. was playing.

Yeah, the entire Rowlett TEA Party was going to MARCH on Washington, all 8 or 9 members, and that was going to send a POWERFUL message to the powers that be.

It was right about then that I began to rapidly lose interest in TEA Party politics.

That’s the REAL story of the Rowlett TEA Party.

The Rockwall TEA Party never was threatened by the Libertarians and Ron Paul, you see, the Rockwall TEA Party was/is the operational arm of the Rockwall Republican Men’s Club.

The TEA Party was supposed to be non-partisan, it wasn’t, and it continues to be, for the most part, lacking in direction and is still leaderless in the true sense of the word. Like a ship adrift with no rudder, with no leaders giving direction and meaning to the TEA Party.

Leaders were not allowed, all of the members are leaders and they are ALL free thinkers and they don’t need no stinkin’ leaders telling them how to make TEA … unless you considered yourself to be THE founding member of YOUR TEA Party and then it was more of a benevolent dictatorship.

I understand the *all inclusive* suggestions and so forth, and that is great, you need feedback from ALL your members, but for any group to be a success, regardless its size, there has to be a leader, a chain of command if you will.

I saw no leadership in ANY TEA Party group, I saw what should have been leaders, folks needing to exercise their leadership, bow their heads and grovel, “Well, OK, if that’s what you really think we need to do” kind of stuff, they gave in to Political Correctness all because they were afraid of hurting some delicate feelings and losing that *delicate* type in the process.

On occasion, the so-called *benevolent dictator* would burst into tears and gave it the old *drama queen try*, as if the over-done emotions were going to persude members to follow her lead.

And then there were the Paultards… so, I give you a *shaved monkey*!

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4 Responses to Texas Tea Party selling tickets to a political non-event

  1. Katie says:

    The “TEA Party” was taken over by the Paulbots and it was they who destroyed the movement. No matter what we on the right try to do, they will take it over.

  2. Leftists, Demorats and Progressives are all happy as hell because there are, now, essentially NO Tea Parties.

    If any remain, they are predominantly QUIET and subsumed.


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