The Fear that is being spread throughout America

CommentaryThe Fear that is being spread throughout America

I hear fear in the voices of many Americans when they talk about all the ammo DHS has supposedly bought or has ordered.

OK, STOP THE PANIC … everyone take a deep breath and read this post.

I don’t care how many rounds of ammunition the DHS buys; they don’t have enough shooters, people to pull the trigger. Its simple arithmetic, if the shit hits the fan I am firmly convinced that at least 75% of ALL Law Enforcement Officers and Soldiers will turn and walk away, back to their homes and families. They will bring their tools of the trade with.

I also believe that there will be Federal Cops, of all tilts, that will walk away too.

What do you think the remainder of Law Enforcement is going to do? Face off with MILLIONS of well-armed American Patriots, former Cops and Soldiers, and all the fire power we possess?

Confiscation of all guns is a threat you say? Before any of this takes place Obama will confiscate all the guns? BULL SHIT…

Once that order is given, confiscate the guns, that’s when the 75% walks away, so, who’s gonna do it? The few sycophants left that will commit suicide for Obama, Pelosi and Feinstein?? 

What are they going to do? Go to MILLIONS of well-armed homes and knock on the door? Demand, in the name of Obama, that you turn in your guns because it will make you and America safer?


For the love of Christ, wake up America, the US Government hasn’t got that many shooters or damned FOOLS working in Federal Law Enforcement.

Lately I have seen many on Facebook, and every other social media outlet, that believe it to be their duty to spread fear and discontent among the American people.

They feel it their duty to point out that we can’t fight the U.S. military, and for some reason they doubt me when I say that at least 75% of ALL U.S. troops, from all branches, and at least a like number of American Law Officers, will turn and walk away as they join the American people as we defend FREEDOM in this nation.

Those that try to convince us that we can’t fight the military are right, we can’t, not with our weapons and not without the addition of those troops I am convinced will join the American people. I am fully convinced that the 75% of the military that would walk would bring their toys with them. That more than levels the playing field!

And if you doubt this, if YOU believe U.S. Troops will take up arms against American citizens on the orders of Obama, talk to your friends and/or family that are Cops or Troops. They took the oath to defend against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. Ask them about orders to fire on American citizens and if they would follow such an order.

Then you need to figure in how many Veterans will stand in this fight, and consider this; many of those Vets bring some wicked skills to the table.

I am getting damned tired of the negative people and the nervous Nellie’s that are afraid of their own damned shadows. If you don’t love the USA, if you haven’t got the will to fight or if you lack the courage to stand and defend America, let me be blunt; if you’re a damned COWARD, just say so.

Look folks, I don’t want to go to war, I don’t want to die either. I am not in the best of health and I would love to spend my final years playing with my grandchildren, but if we must fight to keep this nation free and to protect the freedoms and lives of our children and grandchildren, and all future generations, in the words of Patrick Henry; “Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

Feint heart ne’er won fair lady, and it never won a fight or a battle either. Get positive about standing up for America or shut the hell up.

How simple can it be?

Now I want you to know, this post doesn’t apply to ALL of my readers, in fact, it is only directed at a very few, but as they say; if the shoe fits!

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32 Responses to The Fear that is being spread throughout America

  1. Dick Robie says:

    As usual, you are spot on. Keep up the good work. I will NOT give up my collection. Don’t shoot much anymore, but I got a nice collection and folks come to visit they enjoy as do I.

  2. MissBeth says:

    I have to admit I was one of those nervous nellies, but then, common sense took over. We may be labeled kooks and extremists; but there have been a few meme’s going around that are also pretty common sense–if the government can’t find a “mere” 11 million illegals to round up and deport, how are they going to find all of our firepower? I have also maintained repeatedly, America is still the stubborn, obstinate, stick our chins out and dare you to punch us country we know and love. I’m one of those people that if you TRY to order me to do something, I’ll simply laugh in your face and do exactly the opposite. I don’t take orders. I have a feeling the majority of us American “scrappers” are the same way. I also feel stinky has seriously underestimated the American population with his stance on so many things, and the giant is slowly stretching and awakening. He WILL have a comeuppance and it won’t be pretty. We are not a beat down third world, no matter how much he wishes it. We are not “tameable” or “controllable”. He WILL find that out.

  3. Chief says:

    Thanks for posting this Fred… I have shared it with my Navy Chief shipmates by posting your entire commentary on The Goatlocker with all credits appropriately given to you.

    Of course I will receive a lot of guff back for stirring the pot. But I stole you little disclaimer about offending folks and use it freely … thanks for that also.

  4. 44 magnum says:

    Your optimism that those in the military would resist what might be considered an unlawful order had validity before the inception of the all volunteer armed forces. Most federal, state, and municipality law enforcement agents will tow the government line as well as most of the military when the SHTF. Prime example was the disarming that occurred in the aftermath of Katrina by the federalized national guard. This is my opinion and it’s based on what I perceive as the reality of the situation. Does that mean that true patriots should not resist the tyranny of oppressive government? Certainly not, but it will defiantly separate the talkers from the walkers. May God bless our republic.

  5. BobF says:

    There’s no way the members of our Armed Forces would turn upon the people of this nation. The one thing that separates our men and women from the rest of the world’s militaries is that our folks are taught and required to think for themselves. Military members swear an oath to defend the Constitution and also to obeay all orders of the president and officers pointed over them according to the UCMJ. All orders MUST be in accordance with the UCMJ. You’ll notice that the first part of the oath is to the Constitution. That’s because the Constitution is above all and the UCMJ is subservient to the Constitution. If an order violates the UCMJ or the Constitution, it is to be disobeyed. Look at it this way. If the SHTF, you think some high ranking officers are going to make a group of enlisted men do something they believe is unconstitutional or wrong…no freaking way in Hell.

    Speaking of ammo. DHS is purchasing 1.5 Billion rounds of ammo. Only 70 million rounds were expended in Iraq. Reading up on this, it would take 27 miles of 18 wheelers lined bumper to bumper to transport it. There isn’t enough people in government to shoot that much stuff much less haul it around.

  6. mrchuck says:

    The US GOVT order of ammo has directly affected what is now available to the citizenry!!!! I attended another close by Gun Show, and ammo prices to the citizenry has risen a lot because the US GOVT has ordered the ammo manufacturers to supply “them” first under some order of National Defense!!!!
    This is 100% Obama’s doing, I am sure.
    If Obama’s storm troopers came into MY part of TEXAS, they would be confronted, stopped, and interrogated as to what they were here for???
    Obama will never, never again show up in TEXAS again.
    And Governor Rick Perry knows this.
    Damn,,, sounds like the beginnings of a Civil War, 2013 style!!!!!

  7. Katie says:

    The real reason that the government is stocking up on Ammo is to defend us from the Zombie Apocalypse. I thought everyone knew that.

  8. BobF says:

    It’s strange how prices are raising some places and not others. My Wall-Mart has been out of most ammo for a while. As soon as they get it in, it’s sold. I know guys who check every morning as the clerks can tell you when and what they’re expecting in. About three weeks ago, my Wal-Mart had very good supply of 5.56×45 Federal green tip ammo selling at $175 for 420 rounds with an ammo can. That’s about $8.33 per box. The same stuff is selling at $399 for a 300 round box at Cheaper Than Dirt. CTD used to sell that same ammo at a cheaper price than Wal-Mart but now for some reason, it’s a lot more expensive through them. From what I’m reading, DHS mainly bought 9mm and .40 ammo with some .308. For some reason, the .40 ammo seems in pretty good supply here in town. I’m a big supporter of the Capitalistic System but I think there’s either some price gouging or the supply is being kept low to increase prices. I don’t like it but I can’t say I blame them as they want to make their money while they still can. Who knows, there may be an executive order banning sales over the internet.

  9. The more the major national ammunition factories work in order to fulfill priority contracts, you can see the results. Ammo is vanishing, prices are skyrocketing and firearms are flying off shelves. It may be price-gouging, it may be pure Capitalism. But instituting a series of major federal ammunition purchases does two things: 1) stocks up the federal stores, and 2) takes that much production off the market. And I suspect it was my post that spawned yours here.

    You see what you see from Texas. But there are many armed persons in many states who, I fear, will face expressed or implied confiscation and will comply. Either through insurance issues or regulatory compliance.

    In this regard, you are much more optimistic than I am, my friend. I don’t believe, any more, in the inherent courage of the Average American. And certainly not in the courage of the last few generations of same. Yes, there are still good and loyal soldiers. Good and loyal cops. But the old timers are fading and the cops of my generation are like The Greatest Generation of WWII: we’re damned near completely gone. Trust me: the current crop of cops are not the same, by and large. There’s insufficient room here to write why. But they’ll leave for better pay, for better working conditions, so they can grow a beard, etc etc etc.

    In this case I must admit: I am a pessimist.


  10. Capt Ron says:

    I stand with the attitude of Patrick Henry and others, and I’m glad I saw the possibility of this and stocked up like many, many others. I’m not giving them up voluntarily. I also believe BZ, the attitudes of the young people have been slowly changed to sheeplike more and more.
    MissBeth, DO NOT go in the kitchen and make me a ham sandwich. :-)

  11. Bunkerville says:

    My best friend was at kent state when the national guard gunned down unarmed kids. The military rounded up the japs into camps. I think you are right, but zero is getting rid of so many generals one has to wonder why.

    • TexasFred says:

      Obama is removing Generals that are FIGHTERS and followers of the Constitution and replacing them with sycophants… The troops, by and large, won’t take orders from sycophants, but you guys don’t believe that…

      Well, you can ALL believe anything you want to, I presented an opinion, many of you say NO, I am wrong, the troops and police WILL come for us and our guns, well, here’s the deal, get ready to face HELL, all of you, a HELL of your own making…

      I can be an alarmist just like Alex Jones if that’s what some of you want to hear…

      Yeah, DHS has all that ammo, they are coming to take your guns, rape your wives, drink your beer, eat your food and kill your dogs…

      And your children are the ones that told on you…

      You folks, for the most part, need to talk to troops and police officers, and I mean officers NOT in California, that place is a lost cause… Try building a relationship with some troops and police officers, hear what THEY have to say, or go on with this InfoWars BULLSHIT and worry yourselves to death… That’ll save the DHS Nazis from having to kill you…

  12. TexasFred says:

    After MUCH thought and conversation with friends that I know and trust for their leadership I have decided that The TexasFred Blog WILL GO ON, but there will be a few changes in doing so.

    ANYONE that comes to the blog and bashes our Police or Troops will be banned immediately.

    ANYONE that is so damned stupid that they would come to ME and try to use Alex Jones, InfoWars or some anarchist site as citation against one of my posts will be BANNED immediately…

    The negative BULLSHIT ends NOW!

    If you are in New York, California, Oregon or Washington, I am sorry for you, but don’t try to make the rest of America wear the Libtard screed that YOUR states are so well known for… If YOU live in those states YOU are as responsible for their demise as anyone.. Sorry, it sucks to be YOU but don’t come to MY blog and try to spread that BS around..

    Thank you to ALL of my loyal, sane, dedicated and determined friends and readers that DO have the GUTS to stand, unafraid, for what is RIGHT!

  13. And yes, I am in Fornicalia.

    I submit: it isn’t a matter of guts; it’s a matter of what I see.

    But everything is regional.


  14. Steve Dennis says:

    Well, I am one of those who have been worried about this ammo buy and you could very well be right that I am worried about nothing because when push comes to shove I don’t believe the military will turn on the American people.
    There could be a much different reason for the ammo buys: Perhaps the government knows it cannot implement the gun control it seeks and is instead buying up all the ammo it can so that it will be unavailable to the American people thus creating a shortage and driving up the price of ammo. We may be able to keep our guns but what good are they if the ammo is not available or is too expensive to afford?

  15. I have a question:

    Has the federal government ever before conducted such an ammunition buy-up?

    • TexasFred says:

      Maybe not this much but the Feds use HUGE numbers of rounds, they practice with what they shoot and as far as I know nearly all, if not ALL agencies carry the same caliber sidearm, thus the HUGE order…

      If it weren’t for Alex Jones, InfoWars, Prison Planet and some of the most paranoid people the RIGHT could ever have, this BS wouldn’t even be an issue…

      We have well respected Conservatives that are going on and on about Obama and buying into the Alex Jones insanity like the Dems did with all of their bullshit about George W. Bush… The same exact rants, FEMA Child Army, Death Camps, FEMA Coffins, all the same stuff, except now it’s people on the RIGHT sounding STUPID!

  16. I’d like to think that the following is true:

    They took the oath to defend against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. Ask them about orders to fire on American citizens and if they would follow such an order.

    And, at this point, it may well be true.

    But I’ve learned recently that a lot of people will do JUST ABOUT ANYTHING to keep their jobs, to feed their families, to pay their kids’ college tuition.

    For example, one of the finest families I know — a family with a pro-life — is working for HHS. I find that quite a non-sequitur.

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