Perry reshaped Texas, but foundered nationally

Perry reshaped Texas, but foundered nationally

Rick PerrySAN ANTONIO (AP) – Gov. Rick Perry was a champion of fiercely conservative social activism long before the tea party was born. He oversaw the “Texas Miracle” job-creation boom and became the most powerful Texas governor since Reconstruction.

But nationally, Perry is better known for his ‘oops’ presidential debate brain freeze or for not opposing forcefully enough the notion that Texas could secede from the union. For many outside the Lone Star State, he’s a political punchline on par with Dan Quayle – if he’s known at all.

Now, the longest-serving governor in Texas history is quitting his day job. Perry announced Monday that he won’t seek a fourth full term in office next year.

“The time has come to pass on the mantle of leadership. Today I’m announcing I will not seek re-election as governor of Texas,” Perry said Monday. “I will spend the next 18 months working to create more jobs, opportunity and innovation I will actively lead this great state. And I’ll also pray and reflect and work to determine my own future.” SOURCE

Overall Rick Perry has been a good Governor. Texas sits in a unique position compared to most states. We have more resources, lower unemployment, lower taxes, NO state income tax and all things considered, Rick Perry wasn’t too damned shabby!

Don’t misunderstand me; Rick Perry wasn’t perfect, but who among us is? I had my differences with Gov. Perry and I wasn’t a bit bashful in letting him and his staff know when there was a disagreement or a point of contention. But I never failed to praise Rick Perry when he was deserving of respect either.

Thank you for all you have done for Texas Gov. Perry.

Now, let’s get this party started!

If there is ANY justice in this world, if there is ANY hope for a better Texas, this man is that hope! Greg Abbott for Governor!

Greg Abbott

Will I support Greg Abbott? Yes indeed, I will, but I won’t hesitate to tell him and/or his staff if I think he has gone the wrong way in his efforts. I’m not one to sit idly by and watch an elected official do what I consider to be the wrong thing.

I won’t just sit back and *take it* anymore either. I will not hesitate to tell my elected officials that they need to remember that it is us, you and me, WE, THE PEOPLE that gave them the job they hold and if they want to keep it they need to know that the will of the people can be a powerful force to reckon with!

Some elected officials don’t take criticism well, they see it as a personal attack, and some elected officials believe that they are the smartest person ever born and that We, The People don’t have any idea of what goes on and have no business telling them what we think and what we want to see.

Some of those elected officials read here, or, their staff does, and they need to take note, a Congressman is a lot easier to replace than a Governor or a Senator. Just sayin’…

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6 Responses to Perry reshaped Texas, but foundered nationally

  1. Steve Dennis says:

    All in all it seems as if Perry did a very good job for Texas but wasn’t quite ready for the national stage. It seems as if he is preparing for a presidential run to me, and if he is I like to think that he learned from his mistakes and I am ready to hear what he has to say the next time around.

    • Hgpsurf says:

      I don’t know if he can undo not remembering the 3 government agencies he was going to get rid of. That was the kiss of death to his chances.

  2. Texasperated says:

    Cannot say whether he is going to run for nomination for POTUS. I agree that after his debate gaffs it would be a hard climb. Right now he is the most experienced conservative on the scene (esp. with executive experience). But it’s a question of perceptions these days….

    Now in Texas we have two excellent choices for governor — Greg Abbott and Tom Pauken. Which one will I end up supporting? I’m not sure at this point; but I would be satisfied with either of them.

    Keep your powder dry

  3. TomR,armed in Texas says:

    We owe Rick Perry a lot for maintaining his conservatism and making Texas the most successful state in America in all the right catagories.

    I will definitely support Greg Abbott. Tom Pauken worries me as I consider him to be a part of the Republican establishment. Many years ago I really liked him but that has waned.

    If Perry runs for prez I will most likely support him. About the only potential candidate I can see right now that I would prefer over Perry would be Cruz. That is because I think Cruz would be less prone to a campaign killing gaff as Texasperated points out.

    I will never vote for a Bush again whether it be a Jeb Bush or a George P. Bush.

  4. mystere says:

    I seem to recall a certain goobernor in California literally beating his bongos when a reporter asked him what he thought about Rick Perry buying some radio ads in Sacramento to lure California businesses to Texas. The question sparked a moonbeam in his tiny monkey brain, and he angrily poop flinged “RICK PERRY IS BARELY A FART!!!!!” And boy, did he go nads over this! Afterwards, Goobernor Moonbeam went on a junket trip to China to score 30 Silver bullets for his high speed train to nowhere. The only trinket he scored were 10 jobs to build some new rail cars for a Metrolink train in Long Beach California. Moonbeam squanders whatever comes his way, then soaks us for his big blunders.

    If Rick Perry moves to California, I’ll vote for him in an instant.

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