State Sen. Bob Deuell falls under attack from right in race

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State Sen. Bob Deuell falls under attack from right in race

Once considered the most conservative member of the Senate, Republican Bob Deuell of Greenville now finds himself under attack from right-wing groups — and even called “liberal” by his GOP runoff opponent.

When he was first elected in 2002, Deuell was the ultra-conservative challenger to a Democratic incumbent. Now, 12 years later, he is lambasted by local tea party officials and a handful of conservative groups as out of step with the majority of Republican voters in Senate District 2, which includes eastern Dallas County and Rockwall County.

“Deuell was the Dan Patrick of his day,” said Austin political consultant Bill Miller, who has close ties to leading Republicans. The comparison was to GOP Sen. Dan Patrick of Houston, a leading candidate for lieutenant governor.

His challenger is retired businessman Bob Hall of Edgewood, who is trying to turn his tea party connections into a win in the May 27 runoff. Deuell finished first in the March 4 primary, narrowly missing outright victory with just less than 50 percent of the vote in a three-man contest. SOURCE

Let me say this as clearly as possible so I am NOT misunderstood; Bob Hall and his idea of how to run a campaign are a disgrace to the political process and may well be another reason that the TEA Party can’t be trusted and needs to simply GO AWAY.

The campaign that Bob Hall and company are running is a lot closer to being tactics that would make even the most duplicitous Democrat proud; tell a lie over and over and after a while people actually start to believe it.

That is exactly what Hall and his bunch of ne’er do wells have done, they have pulled a page from the DNC handbook and are using it to guide their campaign efforts.

Let me share something with my readers; I AM a Conservative and a while back I WAS a TEA Party member, but I saw through the TEA Party in this part of Texas, saw them for what they are; a group of people that have NO real leadership and have only one goal, that being to unseat ANY incumbent regardless the damage that may occur.

Bob Hall is supported by the TEA Party. I can’t make this statement as being 100% factual but I have been told that the TEA Party is all that Hall really has for support.

A few days ago I blasted off on a former TEA Party candidate, Katrina Pierson, for what I believe to be an entitlement mentality, being someone that likes to play The Race Card, for her LIES and for being a lot closer to the Democrat and Liberal mentality than she is to Conservatism and any kind of GOP mindset. I ran for Congress and lost. Here’s what I learned. Pierson was defeated by Rep. Pete Sessions.

After I wrote this piece I received an email from Mr. Grant Stinchfield, a local political activist and former on-air news man here in the DFW area, telling me that I was being too hard on Pierson. He told me that she is a fine Conservative and that Conservatives just didn’t attack other Conservatives.

Apparently Mr. Stinchfield wasn’t aware of the fact that I call it like I see it and don’t particularly give a damn what others think of MY opinion.

Needless to say; I have now discounted Mr. Stinchfield’s opinions and political acumen. I am NOT going to play the faux Conservative game where everyone is a TEA Partier and basically embraces the Libertarian movement.

I wonder if Mr. Stinchfield has voiced his opinion to the Hall campaign regarding his thoughts on Conservatives bashing Conservative, and for that bashing to be mostly political *mudslinging* and outright LIES?

As I have made clear in previous posts; I can’t vote for Sen. Bob Deuell, he is no longer my Texas State Senator because of redistricting that took place a while back, but I have supported Sen. Deuell in the past when this part of Rowlett was in the District that he represents and I will continue to offer support and to endorse Sen. Bob Deuell for any office he should EVER chose to run for.

I sincerely hope that the good people of Texas Senate District 2 don’t fall for the LIES being told about Bob Deuell. If they do, and they don’t re-elect Bob Deuell to the Texas Senate, that will be a decision they will soon regret.

Early voting began this morning and runs through May 23rd, get out and VOTE!

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  1. NativeSon says:

    Planning on early voting tomorrow–and it WON’T be for “Boob” Hall… :-)

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