Luck has NOTHING to do with it

Luck has NOTHING to do with it

USA AmericaI am a very happy Conservative today, I feel like the United States may have a chance at redemption and may have just turned the ship around. Maybe we can once again be the UNITED STATES of America … Maybe.

Texas has a new Governor, Greg Abbott, and a new Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick, and once again Texas has a strong leadership team in place and I offer sincere congratulations.

The Republicans have taken the United States Senate and did so in fine fashion. They retained the House and increased their majority there too. Congratulations all around.

Now I am going to say this; it doesn’t matter that the GOP retook the Senate and held on to the House if they don’t get their heads out of their collective asses and do something WITH that majority.

It’s up to the American people to demand that our elected officials do the job they were sent to do and to hold their feet to the fire. Remember when we had a GOP POTUS, House and Senate and how they blew it all to hell and back, allowing the Dems to come in and make an even bigger mess of things?

That can’t happen again, it is time for the GOP to exercise their leadership in the most Conservative manner possible and to take the United States back to a position of greatness.

Other than our new Governor and Lt. Governor Texas has retained GOP leadership pretty much all over the state. In some other GOOD NEWS for Texas, Konni Burton has won the TX State Senate seat that was held by Wendy Davis, the loser in the race for the Texas Governor’s job.

Not only does Davis lose her bid for the Statehouse, she lost her Senate seat in Austin too. This has been a great election cycle all around but I am especially proud of Texas and the outcome of our election in general.

In Dallas County the results were pretty much what you would expect when you have a city like Dallas as your county seat and it is over-run with Democratic sycophants.

It seems that Liberals from all over America flock to Dallas and the votes reflect that statement; a Conservative judicial candidate doesn’t stand a chance in Dallas County but there was one very surprising outcome in the race for Dallas District Attorney.

Republican Susan Hawk defeated Dallas County DA Craig Watkins on Tuesday, ending his eight-year tenure of the state’s first black district attorney. Watkins has been plagued by scandals and irregularities almost from the start and thankfully the people of Dallas County have had enough of his antics. 

This morning I had a Facebook friend post this comment: “Wish we could have had a miracle in NY. We are soooo screwed!”

To which I responded, “Texas is once again leading the way, setting the trend, but if the voters of California and New York can’t get enough people motivated and to the polls, and stop their BS of *well, my vote won’t count*, you’re going to STAY screwed. Wishing won’t fix anything, hard work, common sense and good candidates will, that, and having an electorate that’s not blinded by the Dem bullshit.”

I have friends in California and New York and a couple of other Democratic strongholds that are always telling me how bad it is and how the vote can’t be changed, telling me how the Dems are so entrenched that it’s unbearable.

When it becomes unbearable, when you get taxed so damned hard that no matter what kind of marvelously large number your hourly wage may be, when you become so very frustrated that you just want to scream, ask yourself; how did MY state get SO bad?

Then you will have an idea of how to change it back.

We’re not *lucky* here in Texas, luck has nothing to do with it. We work our asses off to keep Texas *RED* and Conservative, and it’s not easy, but it’s damned sure worth it.

We have our share of Democratic moonbats, Dallas County, Harris (Houston), Bexar (San Antonio), Travis (Austin) and El Paso are all strong Democratic areas. The entire Rio Grande, from Brownsville to Anthony is a Democratic bastion, controlled by the Dems, and has a Hispanic majority of voters, yet in spite of that, Texas itself is one of the most Conservative states in America; and here’s why.

Greg Abbott beat the socks off of Wendy Davis because most of that Democratic base along the border and in major Texas cities IS Hispanic and Hispanics are traditionally Catholic and have serious issues with abortion.

Abortion was one of the few things Wendy Davis had to run on. She was doomed from the start of this race; she was just too stupid to realize it.

Now we ALL have to get to work and try to straighten this nation back up as we undo the damage caused by the Democrats and Barack Hussein Obama.

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10 Responses to Luck has NOTHING to do with it

  1. Kiril Kundurazieff says:

    Harris County part of the Red Rout in TX.

    “Locally, Republicans cemented their firm grip on Harris County leadership positions as well.”

    • TexasFred says:

      Glad to see Houston with that kind of strength… I wish Dallas had it… The County of Dallas is a great place but the City of Dallas is a cesspool..

  2. the unit says:

    “We won John, elections have consequences.” So about luck, do we return to Andrew Luck and the Colts on Sunday and forget about it?

    • Wayne says:

      Patriotism is a full time job, sports are the necessary break we need to refocus after the game or race is over. Be happy unit, it turned out well.

  3. Wayne says:

    Lookin good in Florida, all things considered. Maybe the pendulum has started to swing back the other way. The nation finally woke up to who the EXTREMISTS really are. I’m happy for you too Fred.

  4. the unit says:

    Wayne I just said yep. But word told me “Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.” So Yep.

  5. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Obaka did this to the Demorts. He and no one else.

    For once I have to say: “Thank you, Mr Obaka. . .”


  6. Bunkerville says:

    Thanks to all of the race baiters who may have sickened enough people to find that big R button on the ballot.

  7. BobF says:

    We now have a chance as a nation. Let’s hope and pray the GOP doesn’t screw it up this time. But, for now:

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