We MUST fight Obama, but I need your help to do so

We MUST fight Obama, but I need your help to do so

I will Stand with the Muslims

Stop griping about Barack Hussein Obama; he told us what he was going to do and he did it. You’re not going to do anything other than complain, cry and moan.

It’s far too late to vote him out of office.

After the 1st term every last mothers son of you vowed that Obama was going down, you swore that 2012 was going to be the *End of an Error* yet here we are, the year of our Lord 2015, and Obama is still in office, still embarrassing and still hurting America at every turn.

Obama is a full SIX YEARS into his destroying of America and except for a few, A VERY FEW political writers, political bloggers and media folks that put their necks on the chopping block, no one has had the GUTS to call Obama for the things he’s done; not the mainstream media, not the Congress or Senate nor, for the most part, American citizens.

Obama told us, he stood up at a podium somewhere and looked straight into the camera and told us all, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” and he is proving that he can, when the situation suits his purposes, tell the truth, but only if it benefits him personally.

Our government isn’t going to do anything either.

For the 1st 4 years of his presidency Obama was untouchable because of the Democrats controlled Congress. Now the GOP has the majority of BOTH Houses and they run around like a bunch of frightened school children, asking permission of House Speaker Boehner and Senate leader McConnell just to be allowed to go to the potty.

Most of the Senate and House need to be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail, with their heads hung in shame. I say *MOST*, not ALL, there are a few with courage but not nearly enough to make changes in this nation.

Fox News was the only major news outlet that had the gumption to say something.

Our elected officials have disappointed me even more than the apathetic American citizenry they represent and the Obama supporting media was NO surprise at all, they were in the tank for Obama all along.

I guess the Congress and Senate really DO represent the will of the people, at least in their cowardice and apathy. 

This blog started as a hobby, something to keep me busy in my forced retirement, but it has grown into a lot more than that; it has become a political platform that the House and Senate seem to follow for some reason.  

Some say I have a talent for this, I don’t know, maybe I’m just the kind of guy that has NO trouble speaking the truth and saying what I feel, but I have to tell you, this is not a place for me to pass the time and keep my mind and thoughts sharp, this has turned into the hardest job I have ever had, the thing is; I feel like I am fighting alone most of the time. Donations are rare these days and without them I am not going to be able to continue this blog.

Money makes the world go around, so, if you truly support this blog, if you want me to keep on firing off on Obama and company, please hit the *DONATE* button towards the top of the sidebar and put a few dollars in the kitty. 

Laissez les bons temps rouler…

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4 Responses to We MUST fight Obama, but I need your help to do so

  1. Wayne says:

    As we approach the second Wednesday of the month, I will send a donation from the check I receive from our benevolent and protective government. It may be small but I will give it gladly to further the cause. God bless and keep you safe Fred.

    • TexasFred says:

      Small donations make a HUGE difference… I had a guy donate $2 a while back and he sent me an email telling me he wished he had more but that was what he could afford… That donation truly moved me, he didn’t have a lot but he was willing to share it… That is the kind of person that still makes America great…

  2. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that AMERICANS, would have re-elected an ANTI-AMERICA, RADICAL ISLAMIC MUSLIM LOVING, pus-filled, disease carrying, white man hating son of bitch to a second term. Mind you, as you well know I did not vote for this mangy sack of manure..What I did do however was to concede that he was President and afforded him an opportunity to lead. It did not take long to realize he was no more than a toad dressed disguised as lawyer. He is a charlatan who at every turn has and will continue to embarrass each and citizen of the United States.
    Yet, with all MASTER CHARLATANS there will be those who follow. Those who have their hands out wanting and demanding more from the hard working American taxpayers; yet the followers of this CHARLATAN contribute absolution nothing, and still demanding more.

    And of course the CHARLATAN and CHIEF has managed to destroy and alienate close allies, starting with the most reliable and dependable alley the USA has ever had in the Middle East, Israel. Obummer goes out of his way to insult Israel by breaking bread with The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. His foreign policy has been a complete diaster. He allowed the MURDER OF 4 AMERICANS yet no one is held accountable..

    This SOB continues his assault on America with his divisiveness by turning and encouraging people to not trust, nor to obey police officers while in the performance of their duties, all of which is condoned by Eric Holder, United States head Attorney Gestapo agent, formerly known as the Attorney Generals office, a once highly respected regarded office. All of this of course is just an opinion, my opinion. Something Obama would like to be deemed as “hate speech”.

    I apologize Fred, I did not mean to turn my comment into a rant..but, you are dead on again with this post..

    I think it must be all of the Chemo in my system that has turned my brain matter into mush….????

  3. the unit says:

    I’ve been reading you awhile. I would like to send you a donation, but this old man (11 years your senior) don’t do money over the internet with credit cards or no pay pal friend. You have my email address, email me where to send a common ol’ check and I’ll help. Maybe you will not like to give a physical address even over email, I would not either. You got a P. O. Box?

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