Trump barred from conservative gathering after latest barb

Trump barred from conservative gathering after latest barb

ATLANTA (AP) — Donald Trump opened his mouth again and found the door closed to him Saturday at a high-profile gathering of conservative activists.

His latest incendiary comment, about one of the Fox News moderators from Thursday’s Republican presidential debate, led to a scolding by some of his rivals and the party, and condemnation by organizers of the RedState Gathering. SOURCE

I’m OK with Erick Erickson *disinviting* Donald Trump, it’s his shindig and he can have anyone there, or not, that he pleases, but I wonder if Erickson would have such a *stick up his ass* if he had thought about Megyn Kelly and this.

Megyn Kelly hot

I’m good with this pic, Megyn Kelly is one good looking woman, and she is quite obviously aware of the old adage *sex sells*, and I’m good with that too, if ya got it, flaunt it.

The billionaire businessman lashed out against Fox News’ Megyn Kelly for her questions during the campaign’s first debate. She had asked the candidate about his use of derogatory language toward women and whether it reflected the “temperament of a man we should elect as president.”

I don’t mean this to sound like a misogynistic statement or story, but if a woman allows pictures of herself dressed in the above fashion to be posted all over the ‘net, and sold for profit, would she REALLY have a right to question Trump about his blunt speech towards EVERYONE, men, women or *whatever*? 

Referring to Kelly’s questions, Trump told CNN in an interview late Friday, “There was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”

Trump *may* have meant something different, it seems Erickson’s mind may have heard, or thought something *nasty* perhaps, but Trump didn’t SAY it.

And let’s face it; we’re talking Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly, MASSIVE egos come to play when either of these folks steps out.

“I just don’t want someone on stage who gets a hostile question from a lady and his first inclination is to imply it was hormonal. It just was wrong,” Erickson wrote on the RedState website.

Maybe it’s because I am NOT one of those politically correct wussies at Red State, but here’s reality; *He/She was SO mad blood was shooting out of his eyes/ears/nose*, pick your particular orifice. Some may THINK a lower body opening but those people may be the ones with the dirty minds that want to preach to everyone else about OUR morals, or what THEY see as a lack of.

I suppose my readers have mixed feelings about this, that’s OK too, no harm, no foul in my opinion, but this is politics, we’re talking TRUMP and that means you’d best put your BIG BOY pants on and hang on to your hat.

The politically correct crowd is exactly what is wrong with this nation, it seems to me that Donald Trump is out to correct the PC mantra, and I, for one, find it a breath of fresh air.

On a personal note; I deleted the link to Red State from my side bar. If Red State or Mr. Erickson want to preach *righteousness* that’s their business, I am free to ignore their preaching.

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20 Responses to Trump barred from conservative gathering after latest barb

  1. OregonBuzz says:

    Fred, I’m enthusiastic about Trump just because he is saying the things that rage through my mind every time I watch any news cast or read various blogs. We, as a nation, are being sold down the river and all the peripheral bullshit aside, Mr. Trump is saying what most of us Americans are thinking. Teddy Roosevelt once said, “The most successful politician is the one who says what the people are thinking and he says it loudly.” (Or words to that effect). I think Mr. Trump should have ignored the Megan Kelly issue. It is a distraction. I like what Trump says, but I have a word of caution. Is Mr. Trump REALLY a conservative? If you explore his background over the years there are reasons to doubt his sincerity. However, I agree that anyone can change their mind on issues that effect the whole of America. We need to pay close attention over the next 12 months and pray that we can change the course of current events. God knows, of course, just who will be voting in the general election. Let us pray brethren.

  2. What Trump says should be of little concern to anybody. He is reflecting and capitalizing on the mood of the nation, but he often uses ad hominem attacks to deflect attention from the fact that he has no specifics and to avoid answering substantive issues. Unlike the similarly outspoken Chris Christie, Donald Trump did not seem prepared to discuss the actual issues — only his feelings and attitude that everyone not Trump, his family, and his associates is stupid or are losers.

    Yes, we are being sold down the river by wussified politicians acting in their self-interest, but believing that Donald Trump is not acting similarly in his own self-interests and for his own self-glorification is to be naïve.

    If you want to see how sustentative issues are handled, one need only look at Ted Cruz’s specific and substantive replies to all questions during the debate.

    It is my personal opinion that Trump is a side-show carnival barker tapping into prevailing sentiment. Within his world, he may be a man of substance, but on a stage with well-prepared, well-informed professionals, he is little more than a distraction that detracts from the GOPs ability to field a candidate and a platform. “Trust Me!” is not a winning strategy as we have seen with Barack Obama. In fact, the comparisons between Obama’s behavior and Trump’s behavior is remarkable similar as both men do not tolerate dissent, they attack their opponents, they are similarly unprepared and “winging it,” and are ready to blame others for their failures.

    I agree with Texas Fred in that Trump is a breath of fresh air in a politically correct world. But, it remains he is a loose cannon with major negatives that can be exploited by the opposition. In fact, Trump has crossed parties so much, one wonders if he is even a Republican — even by Jeb Bush’s establishment RINO standards.

    • TexasFred says:

      You read these stories about *gender reassignment* and wonder; can we get Trump a PARTY ASSIGNMENT? One that he will stick with? Because I have to tell you; if Trump goes 3rd party say hello to whatever the Dems run, and he had better think about those consequences…

      • Wayne says:

        I like to believe he knows Fred and I think he will do the right thing and shy away from a third party run. The question by Bayer was a trap question designed to produce a predictable result. I don’t believe Trump would throw his support behind the likes of L. Grahm.

    • Wayne says:

      Donald Trump probably knows more about dealing with politicians than anyone who was standing on that stage. Rand Paul said as much in his statement. If anyone knows how to get a deal done by greasing the right palms, it’s the Donald. To say the Republican Party has a platform is a joke. This “big tent” bullshit is what WE THE PEOPLE are up in arms about. I want to see government working for the tax paying citizens again, not some “community”. Their platform, as it stands, is only slightly to the right of the progressive platform.

    • dekare says:

      I live in Palm Beach, right near many of Donald’s stomping ground. I do not know Trump personally, but I do know one of his former body guards who became a police officer and I not only worked with, but became friends with outside of police work. He says that Mr. Trump can be very demanding and expects perfection. He did say that Trump expects of others only what he expects of himself, and nothing less. I was told that Trump loves to be liked, and has a personality that seems to draw people to him beyond the simple ass kissing up to rich people attitudes. Overall, he said the Trump you see in public is not too unlike the private Trump. But that Trump is actually quiet and always thinking about something. This is a man that was by his side all day everyday for a long time. Trump had round the clock body guards and he worked the day shift as well as the night shift, and if Donald got up at three in the morning, he was shadowed. So, he got to see the Donald in full business attire and in full pajama mode so to speak.
      Also, one night, some time in 1997 or 98, at a local comedy club, I saw Donald Trump at the show. I had a table near the stage, as I had reservations. Trump came in later, and obviously had no reservations, as there were no tables available to him. I watched the manager try to accomodate him, but even though I could not hear, I could see Donald hold up his hand as if to gesture that he did not want to be a bother, and that he would be fine simply standing in the back of the room and watch. Sure enough, thru the whole show, I would periodically look back (okay, I was slightly star struck), and everytime I would see Trump simply leaning against a pole smiling and laughing. He could have had the front row cleared out if he asked, or had some tables shoved in somewhere, despite the room being VERY crowded. But Trump did not want to make a scene or be treated like royalty. It looked to me that he simply wanted to enjoy a show, and not be a bother to anyone.

      At the time, I thought this odd, but I suppose it says something as to how serious the man takes himself, (or took himself at that time)

      Between that and what I heard from my friend, I would form the opinion that Trump is more down to earth than most rich guys.

      So, what is in it for Trump to be president. I know he is not doing it for money. It can not be for the fame, as he is more famous than most presidents ever. Living in the whitehouse. I bet his home would make the whitehouse look like servants quarters. I am going to guess legacy. What does a man leave behind after he has departed this earth.

      In a time when 99% of all politicians have their hand out for money, for favors that result in money, and perks and benefits and retirement and money. Trump does not have this goal, as he is stinking loaded. At his age, I would bet what does a man want, that has everything? Legacy is my guess. If he can become president, and a good one, well, that goes down in the history books rather nicely. And if he can emulate the likes of Reagan, well, that is what the man that has everything would want I bet.

      I like Trump. He talks like we all do. He says the things we think a politician should say. If someone attacks you, you attack back. I am sick of politicians who double speak, and say things like, “I am sorry you feel that way”, when they are attacked. Fight back dammit. That is what Americans do, or at least used to. I like Trump. Maybe I am wrong, but hell, we tried the others, and it seems to lead us all in the same directions of slavery and loss of freedoms. Dems or Repubs…makes no difference lately…they all look the same to me now.

      So, what is the worst Trump could do. I would replace obama with a retarded monkey and not be any worse…but then again, that would not really be a change now would it.

      Anyway, he at least puts on a good show, and he pisses off all the other politicians, on both sides, that has got to count for something and mean he is doing something right.

      I have always said that PC will be the death of us. What better way to reverse this nonsense than to elect a president that ignores the rules of PC?

      For now, I like Trump. Drastic times calls for drastic measures. We are told to always think out of the box. Not to act like everyone else is acting. Be different, stand out and on and on. Well, it appears to me, that Trump is doing exactly that. He is breaking the mold on what a politician is. Trump has come out and stated in no uncertain terms, that all politicians are killing America, and they hate him for this. Trump is upsetting their apple cart, and threatening to empty the pig trough that all of them feed from. This scares the piss out of them. Well GOOD. I want my politicians afraid for once. I want them to know what it is like to possibly be out of a job, like all of us. To believe that they might be replaced…ALL OF THEM.

      After all, as the saying goes, “People in fear of their govt is tyranny. Govt in fear of the people is Freedom”. Well, Trump make them all damn good and afraid….I like that.

  3. Ron Stabb says:

    Trump doesn’t know when to shut up. Megan Kelly threw him under the bus and I thought he handled it well in the moment. The Rosie O’Donnell comment was hilarious.
    Let’s see. To win an election you need the most votes. Going in Republicans don’t have the black or Hispanic vote. After that last comment he lost the women vote. He’s not politically correct so there goes the Yuppies. The millennials don’t care and don’t vote. The elderly will vote for Clinton.
    What’s left is the white working middle class. Half of them don’t vote because they are too tired, too lazy or are fed up with the whole thing.
    The Republicans better get their shit together or we are going to be stuck with the bitch that should be in jail anyway.
    I like Trump but I don’t think he is the answer.

  4. Ron in Ohio says:

    WOW! Now that has really got me thinkin’ Fred.

    Personally, I don’t like Trump – But – I like what he’s been saying and I like the fact that he’s forcing the other 16 to comment on things he’s said. Things they wouldn’t open their mouths about otherwise for fear of not being P-C correct.

    That said, I gotta’ go along with Fred’s assessment of Erickson and RED State. Like him or not, just because he’s caustic and against Erickson’s “principals” is not a good reason for pulling Trump out of the fray and denying the American people another chance to hear from ALL of the candidates. That was a Chicken-Shit move!

    Then, the other Ron, above, also had some very valid points about Trump that I’m in total agreement with.

    In conclusion; I agree with Fred, not that he cares. I believe that NONE of the candidates should be left out of the process. Let them sink or swim on their own and if they trip over their own mouth they will only have themselves to blame and not some sanctimonious Ass-Hole intent on everyone playing by his rules.

  5. BobF says:

    Mark Levin tears into Megan Kelly and Fox for her Trump Gotcha question. Unlike Kelly and Fox, Levin’s people actually did some research to where Trump said what he did and it was something completely innocent which was not presented in context by Kelly. The audio of Levin is at the link below.

  6. Tex Reynolds says:

    First of all that was anything except a debate. The format was strictly a Q&A with moderators who asked “gotcha” questions of some candidates. Interesting to note which candidates got the “what would you do” questions and others got the ” In the past you did…” All the moderators proved themselves “stooges” instead of journalists. As for Eric “I am the smartest person alive” Erickson. He is a self serving blowhard who himself uses insults and bullying to mask his insecurities. That’s from personal experience and one reason I no longer write for Red State. I would be interested in knowing just how much extra the moderators were paid and by whom for their hatchet jobs. My dissatisfaction with the GOP leadership has been increasing for some time. I have examined all aspects of a third party (something neither ruling party wants) and know that a third party could actually solve some of our problems. It would also give voice to the silent majority which has been ignored by both major parties. Both political parties have ensured that States passed egregious laws to stifle any attempts at establishing a Nationwide third party. Perhaps the destruction of the GOP would be a good thing allowing the people to create new parties, but it would not take too many years of Democrat Socialist goverance to destroy this Nation. The only way for a third party to come into being is to NOT run candidates but to endorse candidates. At least until they have sufficient influence over policies.

  7. Petermc3 says:

    Of course this was not a debate but rather a Q&A designed to cut the legs out from under those deemed undesirable or off the reservation. Both sides of the aisle have their marching orders: Hillary in 2016 and Chelsea in 2024. Jeb will give the dem’s and the RINO’s all the cover they need to pull this off. As for Megan Kelly she has prostituted herself for the puppet masters and Trump spit it right back at her. We the great unwashed middle class may finally have someone on our side…or maybe not.
    P.S. Speaking of which, where is the black bobble head, Obama’s advisor, the country’s number one street rat Al Sharpton?

  8. dekare says:

    I like where Trump had stated that he is NOT going to take him running as third party off the table. This move kinda makes the GOP think long and hard about how they treat The Donald. Unlike the wusses at GOP, that took shutting down the govt off the table, Trump stated he would not, as it is a “tool” that he can use against the GOP if they start to treat him like crap.

    Trump has a pretty good idea that if he goes third party, it may be handing hiLIARy a win. And I do think that if Trump’s prospect do not look good, he will bow out politely, as long as he feels he was treated fairly and not abused…kinda like the treatment he got by megan kelly. If the GOP and/or the media does Trump dirty, he will run independent. If they treat him with respect, he will bow out if need be. After all, he has an ego, like all billionaires, and will protect that at all costs.

    Trump, unlike every other candidate up there, has NOTHING to lose. All the other politicians live and die by their political careers. And when their careers in DC end, they MUST be able to parlay that into a lucrative private sector job. So they hash their words, they insult no one, they do not ruffle feathers, they go with the flow, and go along to get along….ALL EXCEPT TRUMP.

    Trump has no political career to lose, no looking forward to a private sector job, nothing. He can not be bought off. How he loses matters not to him. If the GOP pisses him off, he will destroy them.

    bush or hiLIARy in the whitehouse means nothing to him, and his life will change very little. In fact, a hiLIARy win means the country falls deeper into the hell we are currently descending, and makes Trump look even better in 2020. Unlike mccain, Trump is a REAL MAVERICK.

    The media (or at least FOX) need to treat Trump fairly. Let him live or die by his own words. Let him either prove he is the best man for the job or not. Any normal person can accept a loss if the contest was fair. But rig the process, and try to squash a man like Trump, and I can not but feel that he will salt the earth and lay waste to the GOP, just to send a message. And if that message is a Bull Moose do-over, he will. After all, no one loved this country more than Teddy Roosevelt. Hell, he was so loved, he is the only “modern” president to have his faced carved next to the Founding Fathers, and the Great Emancipator on a mountain. But when Teddy felt he was given a raw deal, he split the vote…and he knew damn well what that meant, but did it anyway. He used his big stick and shoved it up if former party’s ass.

    So see, great men will react if they feel they are treated poorly. Trump is no different. He has already admitted that he has bought and paid for hiLIARy, so if he is pushed, he will hand her a win.

    Just my piss poor opinion…I could be wrong.

    I do love me some thought provoking articles by Fred.

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