Arlington chief fires officer who shot teen to death

Arlington chief fires officer who shot teen to death

ARLINGTON — Officer Brad Miller showed “poor judgment” when he decided to go into a car dealership showroom alone and without a plan to confront an erratic burglary suspect, Police Chief Will D. Johnson said Tuesday.

Citing the decision and “serious concerns” about whether Miller needed to fatally shoot the suspect, 19-year-old college football player Christian Taylor, Johnson announced at a news conference that he fired the rookie officer.

The firing came just four days after the shooting. Taylor’s death became the latest use-of-force incident between a white officer and an unarmed black suspect to draw national furor.

“This is an extraordinarily difficult case,” Johnson said. “Decisions were made that had catastrophic outcomes.” SOURCE

Let me make this perfectly clear because, you see, I don’t want anyone to misunderstand my words; Arlington Police Chief Will D. Johnson is, in MY opinion, a wuss and a coward, he has thrown Officer Brad Miller *under the bus* for his actions in the shooting in Arlington recently.

I have seen and read the *official* report from Chief Johnson and I do agree on some points, primarily that Officer Miller did engage in inappropriate practice when he more or less charged in to the building alone.

That, in and of itself is NOT a firing offense, it is a lapse in judgment, one made by an Officer in Training, a ROOKIE, it IS a disciplinary offense and I wouldn’t say one word if Officer Miller were given days off without pay, or had a letter placed in his file, given the worst possible shift to work in the worst possible area, whatever the case may be, but the firing of Officer Miller is, IN MY OPINION, an act of cowardice and what is known as CYA.

Cover Your Ass.

That is, again, in MY opinion, exactly what Chief Johnson is doing; he is not backing an Officer. The Officer has been fired before ANY full investigation has been completed and I am seriously wondering what the morale level of Arlington Officers is now that they know their Chief does NOT have their back.

Granted; as an OIT Miller could be fired at any time, for any reason, but to do so, almost as soon as the smoke cleared, was a serious display, in MY opinion, of a lack of leadership ability where the Chief is concerned. 

Officer Miller was fired from the Arlington Police Department simply so the Department and Chief Johnson could show their degree of sympathy for the deceased, their solidarity with the neighborhoods, to present a *WE CARE* scene to everyone concerned and to avoid a Ferguson Moment at all costs.

The career of Officer Miller doesn’t seem to matter to Chief Johnson, Miller has now been served up as the sacrificial lamb.

To every Chief, Sheriff or Commissioner out there I say this; our Officers are under more mental strain at this point in time than I can remember over the last 40 years of my adult life. The strain of the job, even under perfect conditions, is always heavy.

Our Officers don’t need to have that strain exaggerated even more by wondering what the official reaction to their every move is going to be. Officers are going to become leery of doing the job they were hired to do if they have to constantly worry about *The Chief* not having their backs because the Chief is more concerned with the opinion of the public.

Right or wrong, Officer Miller deserves to be given the benefit of the doubt. Has innocent until proven guilty gone by the wayside?

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20 Responses to Arlington chief fires officer who shot teen to death

  1. Wayne says:

    Having seen the video of that kid dancing on the hood of that car, I would suspect that he was wacked out on something. I agree with you Fred, that the whole idea of law and order is being turned upside down. Rookie or not, there is no way of knowing what threats or perceived threats Miller received when confronting this deranged pavement ape. I have to believe he acted in a way that would make sure he finished his shift alive.

  2. NativeSon says:

    I now have ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT for the administration of APD and the chief in particular! Officers run TO the danger not from it!

    On another note, Media: Quit calling the dead guy (I refuse to use his name) a college football player and instead refer to him as what he was actually doing–“Burglar,” “thief,” “one engaged in the willful destruction of property” and the list could go on…

    I saw a car lot NOT a football field, teams, referees or anything else that denotes a game!

  3. cary says:

    If I were an officer under the “leadership” of “Chief” Johnson, I would be seriously worried about my every move. Sounds like Johnson would be right at home in Ferguson, or Baltimore …

    Any job where your every decision can be Monday Quarterbacked into you being fired is a job they cannot pay enough to fill.

  4. As a former officer and Chief, the “BLUE FLU”may be a noble and justified action in this case….

  5. dekare says:

    As a former officer myself, I will say that if a police chief shows himself to be disreputable among his men, they will no longer respect him, and he will lose his authority with. For a police chief to lose the respect of his men, well that is one of the worst nightmares a chief could have. There will be a rash of “blu flu” and other many will no longer go beyond the minimum of answer their calls. No money making tickets will be written. Look at Boca Raton a few years ago, when a chief acted ill towards his men. That chief ended up getting fired when his officers made it their mission to tell the world just how badly the chief acted. You screw over a good cop, the rest remember.

    But most will return to order. However, and this I bet is certain in every officer’s career. He will go by the book from there on in. And those rules cut both ways. The letter of the law, the rule of the unions will be followed. If someone is being murdered, well, the first cop on scene that might make a difference in life or death, will instead, choose to wait for back up, as he will NOT go in alone. Back up that will be mere minutes away. Back up, not for the purpose of safety, but an eye witness on behalf of the cop.

    Breaks authorized by the rules, will be used. Refusal to do certain jobs that would possibly violate some rule or law. The men will throw the book back in the chief’s face.

    I have seen this and have partaken in it, as I am only human.

    Cops are yelled at to stop crime and protect civilians, and when they do, they are yelled at by the same civilians that they are cruel or do not do their job properly. No one…and I mean NO ONE, can guess what it is like to be a cop. To be caught in a SHTF moment and have to make a choice…NOW. It is a tough job. And it is why so many cops become jaded.

    The toughest part of the job is not the civilians, or the criminals, but the politics. We had vest that had a knife and ballistic plate in the chest area. We used to joke that we needed another one for our backs. I can only guess that my dept was not the only one to think this way. It’s a damn tough job. It’s damn tougher when your superiors don’t have your back. If you screw up big time, then you will get what you deserve. But when you do as you were trained, and took action that ensured you saw your family that same evening, and you get thrown to the wolves…well, that is something else.

    Monday morning quarterbacking is the norm in police work. All of the “you should have used a taser”, or “the cops should have shot him in the leg”. I would LOVE to hear of ANY agency that teaches shooting in leg or shooting guns out of the hand of a bad guy. Threat of death to an officer has a whole new meaning. And the WORST thing a cop can encounter is a thug who does not listen to instruction. The bad guy may know he has no weapon, but the cop does not. We are trained to believe every bad guy has a gun until we prove otherwise. If a thug refuses to let a cop ascertain the situation and make sure he is safe, well, then all bets are off if the thug does something stupid.

    Rule number one. If obama does not want cops shooting his sons, well then the black community MUST start teaching them to listen to a cop when he speaks. But NOPE. Instead we teach them to hate whitey. Hate cops. Run from the cops. Have a chip on their shoulder when anyone of authority speaks to them, and on and on. The number one killer of blacks is bad parenting. And there is nothing any police agency or law can do that will reverse years and years of bad parenting. NOTHING.

    Don’t blame the cops. Blame the thug for not using common sense. For not listening to authority, their teachers, the principal of theirs schools, the police and so on. Blame the parents for letting them run the streets wild with no supervision and no teaching from right and wrong. Blame the black culture en masse that has done this for generations now, and nothing is improving. Being harassed by the cops does NOT happen if you behave. It does NOT happen if you stay away from circumstances that lead to crime. It does NOT happen if you are friends with good people, as opposed to hoodlums and thugs. It does NOT happen if you do NOT have a chip on your shoulder and anger towards authority.

    But nope, it’s easier to blame to poor stupid cop.

  6. Remember the “training officer” was the one who also was there and shot the “taser” at Christian Taylor.
    Imagine this, a negro named Christian Taylor doing this! Christian, yeah,,,,,,

  7. These are different times, Fred. This is why, after retirement, I still worry about my troops. They were MY people and I was responsible for their well being and their education and their real-life maturity. I cared about them and what they did and how they did it. I held them to standards. I NEVER yelled at them; I never had to. They could tell from one expression.

    I fear for them today now that I’m gone. I was told to my face by persons in my Admin that I was a corrupting influence, that I promoted the Oathkeepers, that my views were outdated. My views are not politically correct and PC rules departments now. The amounts of cash awarded these days are staggering, in tort cases. Police chiefs and sheriffs ARE interested in covering their ass. They know that all it takes is one thorn in the wrong place to ruin their department.

    I used to tell my trainees: “if it politically or fiscally expedient, you will be sacrificed.” It was true in the early 80s and it’s true now. With one exception: the threshold of sacrifice is razor thin. Which is why people like Sheriff Clarke stand out, or Sheriff Arpaio. I was told I stood out in the same way. I supported and promoted my troops. That was my job. I didn’t kick my troops under the bus BUT if they fucked up, they KNEW there was an ass-chewing or paper or worse coming.

    At this rate, ladies and gentlemen, there will be fewer and fewer persons interested in joining law enforcement. Beware.


  8. BobF says:

    I watched the video of this guy damaging the vehicles and like Wayne said above, he had to be whacked out on something. He was just walking around nonchalantly kicking windshields and dancing on the hoods of cars. He just sat on the roof of one car and acted like he was waiting for someone to show up. He even kicked out the windshield of a Mustang, crawled in threw it, and sat in the car for while. When I mentioned to my wife how this guy was acting, the first thing she said was “you don’t think he was trying to set up the cops”. I’m wondering what the toxicology report will say?

    They keep mentioning how he was a college football player. Well, OJ was professional football player too. Because someone plays football doesn’t mean crap.

  9. NativeSon says:

    The main toxicology that WILL NOT be released–NI66ER BLOOD running through his veins!!!

  10. Petermc3 says:

    Firing cops is Al Sharpton insurance.

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