Texas presidential endorsements beginning

I have been meaning to post a story on this and was reminded by a friend, neighbor and a regular reader. Thank you TomR. I skipped the first 3 paragraphs and *cut to the chase*, Pete Sessions and his support for Jeb Bush.

Texas presidential endorsements beginning

What about the other presidential candidates?

Well, U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Dallas, seemed to be pretty much backing former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, in one report although he was noncommittal when asked by the Star-Telegram. According to Politico, Sessions got a call from Bush two months ago and “told the former Florida governor he’d be backing him.”

There are some strong ties: Former President George W. Bush lives in Session’s district and former President George. H.W. Bush named his father, William Sessions, to be FBI director.

“I would guesstimate that there are 20 members right now that are in support of Jeb,” Sessions told Politico. SOURCE

I wasn’t surprised when I read this a while back, the article above is from May of this year, I even expected Pete Sessions to support Bush, it’s what *political buddies* do.

It’s called cronyism.

I’m not saying Jeb Bush is evil or anything like that but he is certainly not MY cup of tea. I perused this site, Jeb Bush on the Issues, it is a pretty comprehensive site, I just don’t know much about its accuracy, and I saw *some* issues that I could support Bush on, but I also saw quite a few that weren’t even close to being Conservative, leaving me feeling that Jeb Bush really IS the RINO he is accused of being.

A RINO is a Republican In Name Only, a despicable critter, one that will use the GOP to attain their goals while being closer to the platform of the DNC, the Democratic Party, than they are to the *advertised* platform of the GOP/RNC, and not even remotely close to the beliefs of Conservatives.

In fact, some so-called Republicans HATE Conservatives, some of them hate the TEA Party and everything it represents too, and honestly, I can’t disagree with their dislike of the TEA Party and its disorganization.

Yet when asked by the Star-Telegram, Sessions said in a statement, “Our party is blessed with an outstanding field of candidates who believe in the conservative ideals I have worked to promote.”

Pete Sessions really needs to remember what he told some of his former supporters about Conservatives and how he reportedly calls people like Ted Cruz all kinds of names in private. At least John McCain had the guts to call names in a public format. 

Right after the last Congressional election Pete Sessions showed ALL of us here in the district what he thought about us and our opinions and wants.

Sessions backed John Boehner remaining as Speaker of The House even after he was told repeatedly by the people of TX-32 that we, a majority of the district, wanted Boehner gone. Sessions loves his seat on the powerful House Rules Committee and he (Sessions) knew that anyone not backing Boehner would be booted from any committee they were a part of.

Sessions is Chairman of the House Rules Committee and that apparently meant more to Sessions than the folks that put him in office did.

Well, when you’re serving your own interests and ignoring those of the folks that elected you it tends to make some of us doubt the sincerity our Congress Critter, and I have gathered from the people I talk to that Sessions has lost a great deal of support in the District and that his endorsement, or should I say *support* of Jeb Bush has cost him even more supporters of his own.

And if ALL of this doesn’t wake you up; it is time for the dynasties of the Bush and Clinton families to be broken. We DO have a couple of great guys running for President, but Jeb Bush isn’t one of them, no matter what a *crony* RINO of the GOP establishment says.

The People are tired of the BS, we’re tired of getting screwed over so out elected officials can enjoy a life most of us can’t even imagine. We are watching, and waiting, and that day of reckoning is fast approaching.

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10 Responses to Texas presidential endorsements beginning

  1. Ron Stabb says:

    Always follow the money…More important, where it came from.
    I just found this article:http://247wallst.com/special-report/2015/08/24/the-net-worth-of-each-presidential-candidate/
    It’s not set up too well yet, scroll through five pages.
    It’s why I like Trump(Ted Cruz is a close second). With a net worth of four billion dollars that didn’t come from politicians he doesn’t own them a dime or a favor. So ‘Cronyism’ is out of the picture with him.
    Why any man worth that kind of money would want to be president of now one of the most screwed up countries in the world is beyond me.
    He says he want’s to make this country great again so I have to take him at his word.
    He sure has stirred up the shit pot if nothing else at this point.

  2. dekare says:

    I think the reason Trump wants to be president is legacy. What do you give the man who has everything? The whitehouse. Trump loves a challenge. What do most of us strive to be…a millionare. What do millionaires strive to be…a billionaire. Well, once you have won that game (and let’s face it, Donald won hands down), what do you do next.

    Billionaires want to do the next great thing. They build countries, they build schools, they build rocket ships to travel to space and beyond, they create high ranking TV shows, and on and on. They want a challenge. Men this motivated are not happy to sit back and relax after having made a buttload of money. And for Trump, the man lives on adrenaline driven challenges. He loves himself a camera and a spotlight. What better challenge than to fix America and make it great again.

    Donald loves to take old run down buildings and neighborhoods, and make them great again. Well, what is more run down than America. Donald is a real estate mogul. And just like in real estate, when the blacks move in, the neighborhood goes to shit. Well, the black family that moved into the white house a few years ago, has run this country into the ground. Crime is rampant, jobs are few, the infrastrucure has gone to piss, property values have dropped, and all the other blight associated with blacks moving in.

    Well, that is the perfect time for someone like Donald to come in, take over and do what he does best. He owes no one nothing. In fact, a whole lot of people owe him big time, and I bet Donald calls in all his chips to ensure that this country is great again.

    The great presidents, the TRULY great ones, the ones that have monuments named after them, the ones that are mentioned by name in schools to children, the ones that end up on our money, are the ones that do something great. Something above and beyond just maintaining order and the status quo. Donald wants that. He wants his name to go down in the history books as one of the great ones. But in order to serve himself, he needs to make America great again.

    That is what the capitalist system is all about. People getting something they want, by first giving something to others that they want. This is the complete opposite of typical govt, who when they want something, they simply take it, without giving up anything of equal value in return. Trump is the embodiment of capitalism. He may have selfish reasons for wanting the presidency, and I am fine with that. But he has to make good on his word if he wants that legacy. And who better than Trump to make America great again. Let’s face it. Politics for the last few decades has done very little for We The People. We are all told to think outside the box, and look at non-traditional solutions for problems. Well, that is Trump. A non-politician politician. Maybe I am wrong, and he will screw it up. But maybe not. He certainly can not do any worse that the leaders we have had lately. I do know that if I get any of the other guys (Ted Cruz excepted) I will not expect things to improve all that much. I have simply lost faith in our govt. I have come to understand that what they say and what they do are polar opposite.

    I feel like that baseball coach, its the end of the game, and my team is down. I can put in all my “top” players, and they will play the same game they always play. The same plays that got us to this losing streak. Or, I can put in little Donny. The kid’s got heart, and a few ideas on how to play that don’t look like anything in playbooks. Let’s give him his shot. DONNY…DONNY….DONNY…DONNY.

    Okay, that was cheesy. But my sentiments the same. I like what Donald says, and so far, when it comes to all politicians, they promise to do this and that. But, the BIG difference as I see it, politicians promise to do things they never do. Trump has promised to do things, and has done them.

    So, I am going to go with the proven winner.

    • Wayne says:

      You hit the nail on the head dekare. We have ignored for too long the old saw that anyone can grow up to be president. Just look at the current occupant and how he got to be president (he wasn’t elected, he was CHOSEN ) I hope Trump starts making waves over the voting machines that decide for the elites who will do what. Why would our votes be counted in Spain?

    • TomR,armed in Texas says:

      Excellent rant dekare. You expressed what I think. Trump scares me in a way. His past and his unknowns. But, those override the knowns of the many Rinos in this contest. Perry lost me when he jumped in with both feet on Trump. Stupid move by Perry. My one main man right now is Cruz. However, I will ride the Trump train because it has the DC Establishments, both Repub and Dem, completely shaken up. When the primary comes to Texas I will then make my decision unless something changes drastically in the meantime.

      I will again vote against Pete Sessions in the primary. Regardless of who opposes him. He’s been in DC more than too long.

  3. Wayne says:

    Our whole system of government is now based in crony capitalism. It has crept in over many years and has now become so visible, even to the low information voters, are aware that the louder they squeal, the more grease they get. America for Americans is the underlying message the more conservative candidates are advocating. Bush is a perfect example of the go along to get along disease of progressive mind cancer that is trying to turn the country into a socialist utopia. I remember your disappointment with P. Sessions Fred, after he assured you he was a true conservative and then flip flopped.Great article.

  4. dekare says:

    On a side note, as I have stated before, I went to the police academy, and became friends with one of Trump’s former body guards. He used to tell me a bunch of funny stories about The Donald. Here is one I really like that may give insight to what kind of president he would make.

    This is a true story.

    One night, well after dinner time, Trump wanted a snack, and asked his personal chef to make him something to eat. They chef made him a shrimp cocktail. Well, for whatever reason, it was bad. Not sure how you screw up a shrimp cocktail, but this guy did. It was not that Donald disliked shrimp cocktail, it was that the shrimp was bad, but the chef served it to him anyway.

    So, Donald takes the shrimp cocktail into the kitchen, and starts berating the chef about how bad it was. He starting taking the shrimp, one at a time, and flicking them at the chef. As he was doing this, he was reminding the chef how he had hired him based on how good the chef told him he was, and that he was paying the chef much more than the average chef makes. As the shrimp are bouncing off the chef, Donald is saying, “I pay you $80,000 a year, and this is what you give me…bad shrimp”

    From how it was described to me, this chef stood there, staring blankly and looking dumbfounded, as shrimp were bouncing off of him. He didn’t know what to say or anything. Trump then sent him off to the kitchen to see if he could make him something edible this time.

    Can you imagine Trump walking into the EPA agency, flinging their policies at them one at a time, berating them on how he has given them a bazillion dollar budget, and this is the garbage they serve the American people. And them sends them off and tells them they do better or they are fired. The EPA, the dept of education, the energy department, the FBI, and on and on. That is the president I want. A man who puts his trust in you, and if you fail to do your job, he has NO PROBLEM in pointing it out to you. Not in some politically correct, buy I am sure you really tried, nonsense…but directly, and with a clear message that you have failed and you are expected to do better next time.

    That is the president I want. A man who has no problem flinging bad shrimp on those that fail to do their jobs as they have been hired to do, as We The People deserve better.

  5. I’m so pissed at these pussy politicians, that I will vote for Atilla The HUN if he runs.

  6. BobF says:

    When I listen to the news, and it doesn’t matter which one, it’s like it’s a done deal that Bush is getting the nomination. Except for Trump, it’s like the other candidates don’t exist and they make Trump out to be a minor detraction.

    Sessions and many other Congressmen will support Bush because the Bush family is what the Blue-Blood Republicans are all about. Supporting Bush right now tells you all you need to know about cronyism.

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