Republican Romney calls Trump ‘a fraud,’ creates pathway to contested convention

Republican Romney calls Trump ‘a fraud,’ creates pathway to contested convention

Mitt RomneyFormer U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney attacked 2016 Republican front-runner Donald Trump as “a fraud” on Thursday and urged primary voters to keep the outspoken New York billionaire from getting the nomination, paving the way for possible horse trading at a party convention in July.

In an unusually harsh speech, party elder Romney warned that former reality TV star Trump would likely lose to possible Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the Nov. 8 election if he becomes the Republican nominee.

Trump’s rise has split the Republican Party between mainstream figures like Romney, and Trump supporters who complain the party does not reflect their concerns about illegal immigration, the slow economic recovery and what they see as America’s diminishing role in the world.

That split widened when Romney, the party nominee in 2012, urged Republican primary voters to vote tactically in different states to back Trump’s opponents and block his path to the nomination. SOURCE

Are you sure that Mitt Romney is the guy you want telling you how to vote, who to vote for, in order to bring about a *contested* GOP nominating convention?

And WHY does the GOP seek to have a contested convention anyway?

I’ll tell you why!

Love him or hate him, the GOP is scared out of their wits of Donald Trump because they KNOW, if Trump is elected the GOP as we now know it is over and done, gone to the land of total irrelevancy to never rear their ugly head again.

“Here’s what I know. Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud,” said Romney, 68, who did not endorse any candidate.

I wonder what kind of *proof* Romney has to back that accusation or is he simply voicing an opinion? I also wonder, if that IS just an opinion, is it his or that of the GOP/RNC and possibly the DNC because they too, they DNC, are scared witless over Trump and the possibility of him becoming President.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney made a run for the Republican nomination in the 2008 presidential election, losing to John McCain. He made another run for the presidency in 2012, but was defeated by Barack Hussein Obama. 

Romney couldn’t get the nomination running against John McCain, a weak guy that I saw, and still do actually, as the biggest establishment RINO in the RINO herd. The only thing McCain had going for him was Sarah Palin and I’m not so sure that her nonsensical manner was exactly a plus. 

I just don’t see what the GOP/RNC sees in Mitt Romney; he’s a 2 time loser and he hasn’t gained any relevancy in the last 4 years. If the GOP/RNC plans to try and slip Romney in under the radar then you might as well get ready for a presidency led by Hillary Clinton, if she’s not gone to prison, or Bernie *the socialist from Hell* Sanders if she is.

By calling for targeted voting, Romney was setting up the possibility of a contested convention when Republicans gather in Cleveland in mid-July to select their nominee for the November election to succeed Democratic President Barack Obama. That could create a pathway to deny Trump the 1,237 delegates needed for nomination.

I know, I hear it every day and I can’t disagree, Donald Trump is a *wild card*, he’s very unpredictable and he doesn’t follow the GOP Party line, I hear it all the time and that is what I like about the man.

I sincerely look for the GOP/RNC to reach into their bag of dirty tricks as they desperately try to derail the *Trump Train*.

I also know that there are many in this nation that have repeatedly told me, there is NO PLACE for a 3rd Party and having one would only fracture the GOP/RNC even more than they already are. Do you suppose it might be *miracle time*?

Maybe I’m overly optimistic but IF the GOP/RNC find a way to stop Donald Trump at the convention I would not be at all surprised to see The Donald run as a 3rd Party candidate, totally independent, but taking most of the GOP, and a great many Dems that are as afraid of Hillary or Bernie as Conservatives are, and then pulling in enough votes to actually WIN the general election.

Would that be the end of the Republican Party? I sure hope so,the best the Dems have is scaring their voters, a Donald Trump win could very well unite the nation behind him and kill BOTH of the mainstream political Parties.

I have said it many times, I fully believe that Ted Cruz is a slimy little cretin and would be almost as bad for this nation as Obama has been, but even Cruz would be a damned sight better than anything the Dems could come up with, and yes, I would vote for Cruz if he were the one facing the Dems. I wouldn’t like it, but I would do it anyway.

I hope it doesn’t come to that, a Cruz presidency; my one hope is that if Donald Trump can’t win enough delegates to just walk in and claim the nomination as his or if the GOP stabs him and all Conservatives in the back, that Trump will make the impossible dream become a reality as he goes Independent and takes the whole ball of wax!

Make America Great

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19 Responses to Republican Romney calls Trump ‘a fraud,’ creates pathway to contested convention

  1. Tex Reynolds says:

    I have good friends who have become rabid Cruzers. I see too many similarities between Obama and Cruz.

    History shows us the pendulum of politics and if I were a megalomaniac with dreams of world power, I would plan ahead to control a candidate or candidates from the opposite ends of the political spectrum for alternating election periods to keep the masses placated and voting for my agenda without realizing it. What I would fight tooth and nail is a candidate that actually was maverick with no actually party loyalty.

    The last thing that the GOP and the DLC want right now is a free thinker. The thing that America needs is a free, unencumbered Statesman who puts America and Americans first. As I see it if Trump is the nominee, this is the first time in a very long time where I will not have to be voting for the best of the worst choices. This time I can vote with smile on my face and vote to make America great again.

  2. minuteman26 says:

    Will vote for Trump as the GOP nominee or 3rd party. Would vote for Cruz if Trump completely drops out. Rubio will never get my vote. And what is Kasich still doing in the race? He has no chance.

  3. Mike Flynn says:

    I felt that Rubio and Cruz turned the debate from a serious discussion to and scene that was reminiscent of a bunch of high schoolers standing in the bathroom cutting one of the guys down. The Republican Party is killing itself.

    As far as Romney….I can feel the certainty of a brokered convention in which Mitt Romney is drafted to ‘save’ the day….the whole deal makes me sick to my stomach. I voted for Trump in the Primery. I will vote for him in the general election, but I can see him bolting and running as a third party candidate, which will certainly ensure Clinton as the next President. In fact I believe Romney in his speech really gave her, Clinton - a cutting edge against whoever runs as the republican nominee.

  4. BobF says:

    What the lap dog of the GOP did yesterday speaks volumes of what the GOP thinks of their base and voters. Trump has garnered overwhelming support from Republican voters and the GOP’s response is to give said voters the middle finger and try to derail Trump. Them, along with the DNC have their own little select club and the people are nothing but their pawns to use and throw away.

    For those people who are Conservatives or Republicans and say there is no way they will vote for Trump if he’s the candidate, I have one question for them: How are you any different than Bowe Bergdahl who deserted his nation in the face of the enemy because he didn’t like his leadership?

  5. BobF says:

    Here’s a couple links you might enjoy from Hershel Walker, Arsenio Hall, and Dennis Rodman who have a message for Romney and McCain.

  6. Bunkerville says:

    Mitt Romney is doing exactly what his father did back at the time of the Goldwater convention. George Romney and others of the establishment ilk wanted to deny Barry as the duly elected nominee. The playbook is all too familiar. I will vote for Trump. Not because I especially want to, but Florida is the big one. The ads are non stop against Trump now. All hands on deck for a brokered convention is in play.

  7. dekare says:

    Romney is the biggest cocksucking scumbag whore I have ever laid eyes on. I am seething right now. What a turncoat backstabbing piece of garbage of insane proportions. Back in 2012, when Trump endorsed Romney, and donated millions to get him elected, Romney sang him great praises and sang loves songs of Trump. He told us how great Trump was and that no one was better at business than him. Here are a couple of videos showing this.

    Typical politician…is only your best friend as long as you are giving him money or doing him favors. This is EXACTLY why we all despise the GOP. They are liberals, only better dressed, and nothing else. They want exactly what the democrats want.
    Now romney is screwing over Trump, just so he can what?…Get another shot at the whitehouse? Trump is a proven winner, and romney is a proven loser. Who do they think should run against hiLIARy? What has romney changed about himself that makes him think he can now take the whitehouse when he couldn’t before?
    Why does the GOP refuse to listen to the people they claim to represent. Imagine you are the owner of a successful business, but lately, you have noticed the employees starting to goof off a little, not doing their jobs, stealing from the company, and just plain no longer doing what you, the boss, says. So, one day you call a meeting and tell the employees that things are going to change around here, and you expect them to shape up or ship out. But, instead of them getting their act together and promising to go back to doing their jobs they were hired to do, they tell you to f#ck off, and that they don’t have to listen to you anymore and they will do what they want. And if we (their boss), don’t like it, they will get a new boss. They will promote one of their own fellow employees as boss and refuse to listen to you anymore. Would this seem normal? What would you do? I know what I would do…I would FIRE every damn one of them.
    Trump is the obvious candidate as chosen by We The People. And hey, if Trump loses in a fair fight, I will accept that and move on. BUT, if the GOP pull an underhanded dick move like they are now, and do not do as we have told them, well, they are done.
    The GOP forced Trump to sign a contract saying he would back whoever the winner of the nomination is, if he (trump) loses. They did this so that Trump would not go 3rd party, and pull a Perot or a Teddy Roosevelt (both of which gave us our first commie president, woodrow wilson, and thus, the federal income tax, and good old boy, billy clinton, and his wife….shrillary (Don’t you want to see a woman president!!) clit-ton.

    But you know what, that contract goes both ways. If they expect Trump, if he loses, to graciously back the other GOP guy, then they damn well better GRACIOUSLY back him if he wins fair and square. And dammit, Trump is winning, and doing it with all of them pissing in his face, and with none of the support you would expect from a successful GOP candidate.
    Now, I would typically despise and certainly shy from a 3rd party run, as that will certainly give hiLIARy a much greater chance at the presidency. But you know what…I am going to take the stance that the GOP is taking. I have heard some of them (Kristol, McConnell), say that they would rather have hiLIARy as president than see Trump win…and this is coming from supposed conservatives. So you know what, I agree with them. I would rather the GOP lose again, than have them win by forcing me to choke down their yet again, RINO candidate. I will not elect a person who claims to have my best interest at heart, then sticks it in me when I am not looking. They GOP works for ME…NOT the other way round. And if they refuse to do the bidding of We The People, than they do NOT deserve anything from us, and they will continue to lose until they either see things OUR WAY, or they no longer exist. If Trump is forced to run third party, I will vote for him, and I am sure I am not alone. And if they pull this crap, and offer up yet again, another RINO, and Trump does not run 3rd party, I will simply stay home. I refuse to hold my nose at the poll anymore.
    This move by romney is disgusting. If anything, this will only strengthen Trump’s support, as more and more people continue to see just how disgusting GOP candidates truly are. What is truly sad though, is that if the GOP fought even 1/10th this hard against obama, they would still have our support today, and Trump would be a non-issue. It is stunts like this, and this TOTAL failure to do as they have promised us, that has forced us to rally against the GOP.
    Anyway, typing this out and getting this off my chest has helped some. Sorry if I appeared to have rambled a little (or alot). I surely know that politics has always been an underhanded game with a lot of mudslinging and behind the scenes brawling. But I can not picture anything like this having ever happened. I mean, you expect dirty tricks between the parties, but this is the party fighting amongst itself, to the point that it will almost surely self-destruct, if it does not stop. The dems do fight each other, but they seldom let their constituency see it, or see the full upset in its entirety. That is why they can win. They don’t eat their own and let their voters see it. Something the GOP has not been able to do.
    The only good thing from this, is that Trump most assuredly, has ALL OF THEM SCARED SHITLESS. They are so desperate, that there is nothing they will not stoop to in order to continue things as it has always been. They know that Trump WILL CLEAN HOUSE. That Trump will put a stop to the money train they have all been riding in, at the expense of We The People. Trump presidency means no longer will money and favors be tossed around like it does now. Trump will almost ensure that if you want something, you better give something of value in return. That is what capitalism is all about. And Donald knows his capitalism.
    And yes, Donald is not my first choice. To be honest, I do not think that my ideal candidate even exists, expect in fairlyland, where liberals live and unicorn farts cure cancer and group hugs end world hunger. He may not be the perfect man for the job, but he may be the one we need. As they say (who is they anyway), you don’t go to war with the military you want, you go to war with the one you have. And right now, we have Trump. And for everything wrong that obama has done to fundamentally transform America, I am sure that Donald will do everything right to fix not only what obama has done, but start heading us back into the direction we should have taken 8 (or maybe 16, or is it 24) years ago.
    Our last great president was Reagan. Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. were not completely horrible, and we could have certainly done worse, but they are both New World Order (NWO) guys that would like to see a future America not too much unlike what obama and hiLIARy want. Bush Sr. had his “Read my lips, no new taxes” only to flip on that promise toot sweet, among other issues I had with him. Also, I cannot help but feel that Bush Jr. was headed in the same direction as daddy, but the muslim fiasco of 9/11 put that on hold. What most upset me about Bush Jr. was that at one point, he had the presidency, the house and the senate, and the only thing I remember him trying to do was push amnesty….several times, with his buddies Kennedy and McCain (hock spit…damn RINO) (Am I wrong?) He could have done anything he wanted. He could have built a wall, fixed the economy, done what was best for We The People, but instead, he pursued amnesty. If not for 9/11, which made GWB a hero, (And for his response and efforts in keeping us safe, I do respect him much), I think Jr. would have been a true disappointment.
    Anyway, my point is, we NEED another Reagan…badly. We are literally at the fork in the road, and it’s either take a left, and jump off the cliff into communism, are take the high road, and make America great…again. We are all on that bus, and it’s time to pick a driver. Trump may not have the perfect driving record…but at least I know he will take us it the RIGHT direction. And if the GOP pulls a fast one, and force Trump to run third party, he still gets my vote. I find myself at a point that I am no longer going to hold my nose, and do as they tell me. It is now winner take all. There is no going back to the way things have been. I have been given hope, and I see promise in the future for the first time in a long time. And either the GOP starts taking orders from us, and learn that they work for We The People, or they go away forever.

    This is my country, and I want it back…and I want it great again. I will no longer compromise my values!!!

  8. BobF says:

    If I was ever to vote for a Democrat for president, it would have been Jim Webb. Jim Webb is a decent and honorable man who was awarded the Navy Cross and was Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan but was kicked aside by Democrats. Jim Webb says he may vote for Donald Trump.

  9. Wayne says:

    Hell. I voted for Perot and I’m not ashamed to say so. How many people feel that he actually won. I fear voter fraud more than anything and the way things look right now, Hillary WILL be the next POTUS. Her indictment should be a foregone conclusion but the DOJ is dragging their feet. The server IS the crime and should be all the evidence they need for an indictment. I stand with dekare on the general election as I too will not vote for another asshole like Romney. I wish mittens would have gone after fat Candy half as hard as he did Trump yesterday.

    • dekare says:

      I am not so sure they are dragging their feet moreso they are waiting for the right timing. Right now, the libs can regroup if hiLIARy gets the axe. Now imagine their golden girl being arrested 6 months from now. I would pay big money to see what happens then. Hey, I can hope…can’t I?

  10. Mary Anne Harper says:

    I am not for Trump; he reminds me of Obama in 2008. He is only for what he wants, not what the nation needs; I think he is crazy and acts like a madman. I am so glad Romney gave the speech he did.

    • TexasFred says:

      See, I think Romney is a two-faced SOB doing the *dirty work and telling lies, stirring crap to disrupt…

      I guess we ALL have an opinion…

    • Wayne says:

      I can’t see anything similar to the HNIC as far as what the Donalds’ speeches outline. Everyone in this race has outlined what they would do to improve our lot in life. Romney is being paid to say what he said, make no mistake. Trump is the only candidate that has put the country (citizens) before all this crap about compassion for the people “in the shadows” or the children of immigrants. Muslim immigration alone will be a bigger problem than what went on during the civil rights era. I’m surprised Mary Anne, that you seem to be looking through the wrong end of the spyglass.

  11. dekare says:

    Mary Anne Harper…I agree with you entirely….Trump is only for what he wants. Do you think that all the others running are NOT in it for themselves as well. Maybe in fact, they are in it for the benefit of those that gave them lots of money instead. But make no mistake, ALL OF THEM are in it for someone other than We The People.

    Do you agree with me that Trump wants greatness, to be loved by all, to have all the accolades he thinks he deserves? We all know that Donald loves to be loved, and the center of attention. He loves those slaps on the back and everyone saying how great he is. If so, then think about it…what does he have to do to get all that. Very simply, he has to do all those things he promised us. If he does, he goes down in history next to guys like Reagan. I am sure he does not want history to judge him like it will obama. Donald wants all of us to love him and shower him with praises, and there is ONLY ONE WAY he gets that. Do what he said he would. Donald has NEVER gone back on his promises. Show me one time where he has. He is not that kind of person. When he says he is going to do something, he does it. And when others doubt him, he doubles down and proves them all wrong. Donald wins by first helping all of us win.

    And just like in capitalism, everyone is in it for their own self gain. But that does not mean that all parties do not benefit. People complain about greedy businesses with all their money, but how did those businesses get that money? Did they raise taxes and give nothin in return? Did they take it directly from your paycheck without any input from you as to how much they should take? Nope, they did it by first, giving you something of value in return for the money you gave them. And those that purchased these items must have thought it worth the price, or they would not have forked over their hard earned money.

    Trump wants something from us, and he knows he needs to first give us what we want from him. It’s win-win.

    So yes, Trump is in it for himself. But he only wins if we win as well. Can you say the same about any other candidate?

    Do you like Cruz, who unapologetically used voter’s private information to shame them into voting for him, and indicated they would be back to make sure the voters did as told or else. Is that what you want from a president? A man that strong arms his people using threats and private information? Cuz I have to say, that really rubbed me the wrong way…and I really really liked Cruz before that.

    Or hiLIARy, which I feel is going to make obama look like a rank amateur commie in comparison. She is an admitted progressive, with more narcissism and a “the world owes me something” attitude.

    Bernie Sanders, COMMUNIST…need I say more?

    Rubio, a man that will fling open the borders three seconds after being sworn in. He is all about amnesty and “his people”, namely hispanics. And look at his latest tirade/meltdown. The man cannot handle pressure.

    Finally, ALL OF THEM, except TRUMP, are in the pocket of someone. All of them have been given tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars by someone. Do you think for one second, that this money was given with no strings attached? That before We The People get anything, that candidate must first payback his investors. Trump is the only one that answers to WE THE PEOPLE only. He is in OUR POCKETS.

    So, yes, I agree with you that Trump is in it for himself. But that is not necessarily so bad.

      • Mary Anne Harper says:

        I LOVED YOUR RESPONSE,DEKARE, and now hearing about the book Trump wrote and being told he is again acting as he did then -maybe he will now be different and give us more of what we really want to hear. If Ben Carson is for him, I will have to think twice.HOPE HE WON’T DISAPPOINT!

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