Critics call WTC tower name change unpatriotic

Critics call WTC tower name change unpatriotic

NEW YORK (AP) – Even without the name, the symbolism of the Freedom Tower as an American response to the Sept. 11 terror attacks was hard to miss.

The original architect designed a twisting form he wanted to imitate the Statue of Liberty, with a spire that rose to the deliberate height of 1,776 feet to recognize the year of American independence. Politicians called the tower proof of the country’s triumph over terrorism.

Former Gov. George Pataki said visitors to the iconic skyscraper “will know our determination to overcome evil” in a 2003 speech that first gave the Freedom Tower its name.

The tower – still under construction with a projected completion date of 2013 – no longer has the same architect, design or footprint on the 16-acre site. And this week, the owners of ground zero publicly parted ways with the Freedom Tower name, saying it would be more practical to market the tallest building in New York as the former north tower’s name, One World Trade Center.

Critics called the name drop an unpatriotic shedding of symbolism by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Some newspaper editorials blasted the agency for years of missed deadlines and changing plans for the site.

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Critics call WTC tower name change unpatriotic

One World Trade Center is not going to be a memorial, it’s nothing more than a commercial venture, one that is designed to make money for it’s builders and developers. Once upon a time, when passions were running high and patriotism was the order of the day, FREEDOM TOWER had a great ring to it. It made most of the American people feel proud, like they were personally doing something to defy those that brought the Twin Towers down, defy them and their terrorist masters.

In this time of uber-PCness, more accurately, the Obama administration, patriotism is pretty much a thing of the past for approximately 50% of this nation. Live and let live, forgive and forget, a few verses of Kumbaya, read a list every so often and what the hell, it’s a done deal, patriotic duty met.

But others privately repeated fears that have plagued the building as negotiations with major corporations to take up space in the tower came and went: that the 102-story Freedom Tower’s name could make it more susceptible to future attacks than a symbol of defiance against it.

Lets make this crystal clear for the politically correct and mentally challenged appeasement artists among us. The very rebuilding of that tower makes it a target, a HUGE target, regardless the name it bears.

When the president of THIS nation declares that there is no more War on Terror and directs the effort to be called the Overseas Contingency Operation, when the president of THIS nation reaches out a hand to the Iranians, to the very people that are still doing everything in their power to bring death and destruction to America, when the president of THIS nation, along with his evil minions, makes every effort to turn this nation into a socialist haven, when the president of THIS nation forces a bill through the congress that mandates mandatory service for our youth, in an organization frighteningly similar to the Hitler Youth, when the president of THIS nation declares that he wants a civilian defense force that is equal in power and capabilities of our armed forces, and to have FULL CONTROL of that civilian force, what else can you expect?

To be quite honest with you, I am totally surprised that the damned project hasn’t been renamed ‘Our Worshipful Leader Obama Towers’. And don’t be at all shocked if it’s NOT named in his honor before it’s all over…

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8 Responses to Critics call WTC tower name change unpatriotic

  1. mrchuck says:

    Oh Christ, I hadn’t even thought of that, and can’t believe that the citizenry of this Union of 50 States, would even think of such a horrible name for a building in New York fucking City.

    I hopefully believe that the legal citizenry in question of our current president will be solved way before such a building/statue is ever completed.

    Obama is out of the country presently and maybe such travels will help to educate him how fortunate the citizens of the USA are.

    Nope, can’t happen.

  2. Katie says:

    I have to disagree with you on this one Fred. One World Trade Center is the title of one of the towers that fell. Its subway station is still called that. The Plaza is still called that.

    Freedom Towers never felt right to me. Call it by the name of the fallen, with a proper memorial to the victims, will be better than anything one could dream up to name it.

    No matter what the name is, you can bet that Obama will never visit the site again.

  3. TexasFred says:

    Katie, there is NO disagreement, I have NO issue with the name, just the commercialization of the tragic events of 9-11 and those that only use this to make money, that is MY issue, they can call it anything the want, it’ll always be The World Trade Center to me…

  4. China owns it, and owns much of the US and will soon own all of Manhattan, at a much heftier price than a bunch of beads. I can see their reasoning:-)

    I wonder if the media will print the outrage of the survivor families?

  5. The BoBo says:

    Two words – f**king morons

  6. The point is that, once again, it’s a project months and millions of dollars behind. Divesting anything to do with “freedom” is purposely to assuage the nervous fears of potential tenants who may believe — to my way of thinking, OBVIOUSLY — that building will be a clear target in the future.


  7. TXSonOfLiberty says:

    I’m totally disgusted. But what do you expect from NYC! I have a new definition for WOT to OCO. Let’s let OCO stand for Obama ‘Cop Out’. Sort’a has a nice ring to it. My heart goes out to our brave men and women who are honorably serving this country. Don’t know if I could serve now, under the current “Usurper” CIC.

  8. Carl Andrews says:

    I have been to Ground Zero.

    To the PC pinheads who want a different name, grab your politically correct ideas, pour on some chocolate sauce, AND STICK THEM UP YOUR ASS!!!

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