Riots erupt in Athens, 3 bank workers killed

Riots erupt in Athens, 3 bank workers killed

ATHENS, Greece (AP) – Deadly riots over new austerity measures engulfed the streets of Athens on Wednesday, and three people were killed as angry protesters tried to storm parliament, hurled Molotov cocktails at police and torched buildings.

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets as part of nationwide strikes to protest new taxes and government spending cuts demanded by the International Monetary Fund and other European nations before heavily indebted Greece gets a euro110 billion ($141 billion) bailout package of loans to keep it from defaulting.

Three people died after being trapped in a burning bank along the main demonstration route in central Athens – the first deaths during a protest in Greece since 1991, when four people trapped in a burning office building were killed. Another five were rescued.

“A demonstration is one thing and murder is quite another,” Prime Minister George Papandreou thundered in Parliament during a session to discuss the spending cuts he announced Sunday. Lawmakers held a minute of silence for the dead.

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Riots erupt in Athens, 3 bank workers killed

The powers that be in Washington had better pay attention to the situation in Greece. What we see now is what happens when a nations financial structure collapses.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I am NOT advocating nor supporting violence, but, it must be said, if people become desperate, if they get hungry, if they see NO end in sight where the corruption and mismanagement of their government is concerned, if jobs go away, if money becomes worthless, if the people become desperate, the people become angry and violent!

In Berlin, Chancellor Angela Merkel called the bailout critical for all of Europe.

“Nothing less than the future of Europe, and with that the future of Germany in Europe, is at stake,” Merkel told lawmakers. “We are at a fork in the road.”

It’s not just Germany and Europe. ALL markets are tied together now. What happens in China and Europe affect us here in the United States, and the evidence of that harm appears rapidly.

Stocks slide as Greeks riot in Athens

NEW YORK – Stocks fell again Wednesday on concerns that spiraling debt loads in Europe will derail an economic recovery.

Major U.S. stocks indexes pulled off their lowest levels that came shortly after the opening bell. The Dow Jones industrial average fell about 15 points in morning trading after being down more than 100.

European markets fell again, a day after world markets tumbled. There is uncertainty about whether a $144 billion aid package for Greece will help stem the growing debt crisis. German Chancellor Angela Merkel asked her country’s lawmakers to rush the approval of Germany’s $29.3 billion share of the Greek rescue program.

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Stocks slide as Greeks riot in Athens

It’s taken several months for American stocks to rally, recently soaring over the 11K mark. The last few days have been disastrous.

American bailouts (GM) supposedly being paid in full is a lie, GM used TARP funds to pay back bailout dollars in a classic case of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”. Shuck and jive, that’s all it is!

The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico hasn’t even begun to reach it’s fullest impact on the environment and on our financial markets.

ObamaCare is a horrific reality, and has not yet been fully exposed for the economy destroying debacle it is.

We’re still pouring BILLIONS of dollars into Iraq. Dollars that we don’t have.

We’re still fighting a War on Terror in Afghanistan, and several other unnamed locales. A War on Terror that our GUTLESS leaders don’t have the stones to call a War on Terror.

Americans are angry. Americans see this nation, and our fragile economy, going away because of government and financial shenanigans. Americans see this nation as being INVADED by illegals, and they see little, if anything being done to stem that flow!

A spark is all it’s going to take to ignite THIS nation. What that spark will be, I have no idea, but the time is rapidly approaching. I pray that we can survive until November, perhaps then we can begin a peaceful turnaround of American policies and practices.

If not, God help us all!

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13 Responses to Riots erupt in Athens, 3 bank workers killed

  1. Robert says:

    The spark is coming Fred, Illegal Immigration may just be it. Gas hitting 5-7 dollars a gallon, the dramatic price in all goods that brings, the anti-business anti-rich environment the Obama communists got elected on, have yet to show their true intent. Greece is but one part of the puzzle, California is America’s Greece, the only thing keeping Cali from exploding right now is there are still people working. Business are leaving everyday, and with it JOBS. Taxes are being raised to make up for the loss and Cali is on the verge.

    One more thing…November is not a magic wand. All that will happen if the R’s take over is… The R’s take over. Obama still is in the WH so UNFKIN the nation will be impossible, we may be able to keep further damage from occurring but we can’t undo the damage done.

  2. Kate says:

    Amen, Fred.

    Robert, November may not be the whole cure, but it sure would be a damn good start. IF we can keep the “R”s feet to the fire!

  3. minuteman26 says:

    What you see happening in Greece today is what Obama/Soros has planned for this country in the near future.

  4. Vigilante says:

    If we can take back the house and a majority of the senate,
    then we can start the impeachment process to throw this muslim shitbag out on his narcissist ass, and his chicago hoodlums right along with him. Then, as Robert put it, “we can’t undue the damage” but we CAN start the repair and to hell with the PC crowd.

  5. BobF says:

    If we can get enough Conservative R’s in the senate to override a presidential veto, maybe some of the harm can be undone.

    Check out this video of Dr. Manning, a pastor from Harlem, foretelling of a “white folks” coming riot.

    Dr. James Manning – Louisiana Gun

  6. Listening to Rush today, I think Greece is showing us the future here if we don’t stop this insanity. I agree with all of you. And I too wonder if November will come soon enough. The rapid devaluation of our currency has already been started when Obozo printed Trillions against our debt. Every thing they do pushes us deeper and there are still people too stupid to see it. When I voted in the primary yesterday, I went at 3:00pm (polls close at 6:00) and I was the only one there through the entire process. I think I may have saw one man leaving as I went into the room where the polling is done.

    I swear… if I hear one person bitch that there are no good candidates on the ballot… they better tell me they voted in the primary when I ASK THEM, or I will give them hell they won’t believe. That is and always has been the problem in this country… too many don’t do their duty. They bitch that there are no good people running, but didn’t vote in the primary, they complain about elected leaders, but they don’t vote in the general elections because there are NO GOOD CHOICES ANYWAY!

    Voter turnout has always been low in the primaries and that is how we have ended up where we are! People are too lazy to research candidates and then do their duty and vote in primaries and elections! People would rather stay ignorant and vote party lines than use their brain to figure out what these people are about or how they operate. I am just purely disgusted.

    Do you all think that the moonbats who elected BOZO the POTUS are paying any attention to whats going on or where we are headed? I think NOT. Everytime I see a Hopey-Changey Obozo sticker on a car, I want to ram it, yank them out and beat them within an inch of their life! OK… end of rant! I was so disappointed yesterday it wasn’t funny.

  7. BobF says:

    HAM, you’re on a roll, keep on going. You’re so right about the primaries. That’s where the candidates are selected. Too many people stay home and then they complain.

  8. Katie says:

    Coming soon to the US. Just wait until the States have to cut services or salaries or jobs. Then like Greece, the unions will take to the streets.

    I hope Greece collapses soon!

  9. Vigilante says:

    Lambaste the shit out of’em HAM! Maybe it’s just what they need to wake’em up but I doubt it, because they are the same everywhere you look. People just don’t give a shit because they’ve had it so good for so long. I think I can see the train coming at the other end of the tunnel and there’s no place where we can jump off the tracks and oh what a mess it’s gonna be.
    Kate, ” I hope Greece collapses soon”.
    Maybe that’s a good thing in disguise. Either way, it’s gonna be a wake up call for people.

  10. Always On Watch says:

    The powers that be in Washington had better pay attention to the situation in Greece. What we see now is what happens when a nations financial structure collapses.

    My thought, exactly, when I watched tonight’s evening news.

    America is not immune to nor exempt from such an outburst if our economic system collapses.

    Indeed, BHO and this Congress are pushing America in that very direction!

  11. Everything is, truly, inexorably linked.

    Where once a nation suspected it had True Sovereignty, that would nowadays be a lie.

    If the US thinks it can survive on its own, because of past decisions by poor presidents, that would be false. We have given away much of our former industrial might. WILLINGLY.

    Barack Obama is an abomination.

    Where Greece goes, so will the UK and the rest of the EU.

    Where, possibly, can you think that WE are not NEXT?


  12. Ron Russell says:

    Government union workers, who have made far too much money over the years and have great retirement packages have bankrupted that nation and now the EU and eventually the US will bail them out. As I understand it we will back about 17% of the bail out funds.

    Can you imagine how government workers in this country will react when we are forced to cut their pay and retirement packages! All hell will break loose.

  13. Hey there is a college student in AZ starting a Facebook group called Understanding the Constitution. If you do Facebook, you may want to get on board with it in order to encourage this young person. Young patriots in Colleges have a tough time of it and need our support, IMHO.

    Love you guys just for putting up with me!!!

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