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Hutchison: Perry’s tactics tough on her campaign

February 28th, 2010 . by TexasFred
Hutchison: Perry’s tactics tough on her campaign
JUSTIN, Texas — Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison offered what appeared to be her first acknowledgment that Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry has done some damage to her bid to unseat him by successfully casting her as a Washington insider.

Trailing in the polls with less than a week before the March 2 primary, Hutchison assessed the state of her campaign and Perry’s anti-Washington tactics to The Associated Press on Tuesday.

“It definitely has made it more difficult for me. I didn’t think that people would buy that because I’ve been so effective for Texas,” Hutchison told the AP on her campaign bus. “I didn’t think that anyone could turn my success in producing results for Texas into a negative, but I think that he has attempted to do that and that is what I’ve been having to fight against.”

In the interview, Hutchison talked up her own record of bringing federal dollars to Texas and said she’s working hard to turn out grass-roots supporters to boost her into an April 13 runoff with Perry.

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Hutchison: Perry’s tactics tough on her campaign

Is Kay Bailey Hutchison crying *calf rope*? Some folks here in Texas seem to think so!

For those not familiar with Texas Speak, crying calf rope means the same thing to Texans that cry uncle does everywhere else. It’s a sign of surrender from your opponent, of having given up.

KBH sounds a bit down to me in this article, she sounds like she knows she’s been had. She sounds like she has gone defensive, and defensive does not win elections or battles, in many cases, one in the same!

KBH goes on to say this:

“I have protected Texas,” she said. “I’ve voted with Texas values. … I’m not Washington – I’m Texas.”

Once upon a time there was a lady named Kay Bailey Hutchison that was considered to be The Queen of Texas. She was the belle of the ball, the toast of the state and Texans all over were in love with her. Today, not so much.

I am of the belief that the KBH of today really is a Washington insider. I am going to present MY case and you, the reader, can make up your mind and form your own opinion.

The first piece of evidence I am going to post is this: Kay Bailey Hutchison admits to mistake supporting bank bailout. KBH DID vote for the 1st bailout, the BUSH Bailout, and she has been soundly taken to task over it by Conservatives here in Texas. So, what does she do? Political spin SHE blames HER vote on Rick Perry. :?

Then there was this little gem: Hutchison irks right by including gay judge as U.S. attorney pick. Kay, can you really say that was a Conservative move? A homosexual judge? For crying out loud, that’s a play right out of the DNC playbook! A move to BIG TENT politics.

And who can forget this one? Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is CAGW’s October Porker of the Month. I know KBH may want us to forget it, but it’s just NOT going to happen. I made a vow to blast Kay *Bailout* Hutchison at every opportunity, this is one OF those opportunities! And then we have this little fact to consider, Hutchison was the 2nd place finisher as CAGW’s Porker of the Year, finishing behind Barney Frank. SOURCE

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