Rowlett Texas Prepares for the Future

Rowlett Texas Prepares for the Future

On Saturday, May 21, 2011 over 100 Rowlett citizens gave up a BIG part of their weekend to participate in a Community Charrette sponsored by the City of Rowlett and Realize Rowlett 2020.

Welcome! The City of Rowlett is kicking off an important new project – REALIZE ROWLETT 2020 – and the City needs your ideas and imagination to make it successful. Realize Rowlett 2020 will give this community a new strategy to shape its future. It will help Rowlett take advantage of opportunities available to the City now and will enhance the attractions that already make this community special and unique. Your ideas and suggestions are important to the community’s future. Beginning on this website, you can help Realize Rowlett 2020.

For those not familiar, a Charrette is a meeting at the beginning of an integrative design process that sets the stage for cooperation and collaboration among all participants, including the design team, engineers, contractors, clients, and any others involved in the project.

The pictures posted below are a great example OF that TEAM of citizens, planners, City leaders and concerned local activists that advocate the need for Rowlett to grow into something more than ‘that nice little bedroom community out east of Dallas.’

I want to extend a personal Thank You to all of the wonderful people that put this event together, and are working to assure its continued happening, but I want to extend a special THANK YOU to the local teens from the middle school and high school that attended the Charrette. These fine young men and women are the future of Rowlett, and they are our future LEADERS if their input and positive contribution was any indicator.

Here are a few pictures from the Charrette, if you are a Facebook member more information and lots of pictures of the Charrette can be found here: Realize Rowlett 2020

Mayor Todd Gottel — Manager Lynda Humble — Councilman Doug Phillips

Councilman Michael Gallops – Live Posts for Twitter and Facebook

Councilman Chris Kilgore and Yours Truly

Rowlett is set to become a great city in it’s own right! We are set to compete with other cities in the DFW area, we are going to compete for technology and industrial business as we develop *campus areas* that businesses will find attractive and competitive.

We now have a City Leadership team in place that has only one thing on their minds, the City of Rowlett. Their goal is how to make Rowlett grow, not just as a bedroom community, but as a business center, with a sustainable tax base that will allow Rowlett to realize it’s full potential as a great place to live, work, recreate, raise a family, and most of all, to call HOME!

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5 Responses to Rowlett Texas Prepares for the Future

  1. My state’s in the tank for obvious reason, so if you can keep your state’s regulations and taxes minimized, keep a favorable climate for business, you’ll do well.


  2. TexasFred says:

    BZ — Our local folks are rock solid, here in Rowlett and in the Texas House and Texas Senate…

    Our U.S. Congressmen from this area are solid Conservatives, but our U.S. Senators are 2 of the biggest RINOs in the Senate…

    One of them, Kay Bailey Hutchison, is retiring in 2012, and we will replace her with a true Conservative. The other one, John Cornyn, well, he’s got 4 more years to go, Texas re-elected him, KNOWING that he was a supporter of amnesty and open borders…

    He’s changed his tune a bit since re-election but he’s still a RINO and not someone I can trust…

    Texas will be alright in the grand scheme of things, we’re not anywhere near the level of California and a few other places, but we DO have some serious work to do…

  3. Things like this, local involvement, are what keep good communities great.

    Now, as to the photo… I just didn’t recognize Fred… I know, the XD was missing!


  4. TexasFred says:

    Patrick — It wasn’t missing, it was HID… :P

  5. Capt Ron says:

    I’m not asking where. Tip of the hat to you and the forward-looking council, Fred.

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