Gun People

I have to give a Tip of the Stetson to my buddy Art Roth at Second Amendment Task Force T-Shirts for sending this one out; an anti-gun liberal moron illustrates the beliefs of an anti-gun liberal moron.

Gun People By Larry Gross

This took place maybe five years ago. I consider myself a writer, but my business background still occasionally brings in consulting work. I was doing this for a company located in downtown Cincinnati. I’ll say downtown — maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I’m going to change a few facts around as I don’t want anybody to recognize themselves.

While talking with the owner and some of his employees, I couldn’t help but notice that the owner of the company, an older gentleman, always wore a suit. It was mid July and hot outside. He never took off his jacket. Never. When I mentioned this observation to some of the employees, one of them told me the business owner kept his jacket on because he was carrying a gun inside it.

This confirmed my belief that it’s always good to learn as much as possible when dealing with someone. The guy who owns this business also has a bad temper, so I told him in writing that his business basically sucked and would be better off to close its doors. Saying this in writing instead of telling him face to face was better than running the risk of getting my brains blown out.

Gun people: I don’t pretend to understand them. I don’t relate to people who carry guns, collect them or shoot them. To me, guns encourage violent behavior and are a danger to society.

I shot a gun once back when I was 11 or 12 years old. Living in the country, my father let me shoot his gun into a field. I remember the shot being loud and me falling down as the gun went off. It was scary.

I don’t think my grandfather owned a gun, but he did own a rifle. Back in the 1960s and living on a large farm, he would go hunting for deer or rabbit. I understand this. He was shooting for food to put on the table. He wasn’t looking for a fight with another human being.

In urban society, guns kill people. I don’t go along with this bullshit that guns don’t kill people, that people kill people. If a regular citizen wasn’t allowed to carry a gun, then the temptation wouldn’t be there to pull the trigger when tempers flare. This especially holds true in bars.

I don’t get why Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into law late last June that it’s now legal to carry a concealed weapon into a bar. Commonsense says that guns and alcohol don’t mix.

I don’t buy into the fact that gun-carrying patrons aren’t allowed to consume alcohol while carrying their concealed weapon. What’s a bartender suppose to do — check a customer’s pockets for a gun? Not all guns are concealed in pockets. You can put a gun in your sock, in your underwear or even up your ass.

When this new law starts to become old hat with bar owners and bartenders, the checking for guns will become lackluster. That’s when people will start getting shot. This law should go away. Until it does, you won’t ever find me in a bar late at night. I want to die from natural causes, not get shot by a person who’s had too many Budweisers.

In case you haven’t guessed by now, I don’t own a gun. I don’t even own a ball bat to protect myself or my belongings from intruders. However, I do own a pretty mean walking cane and I know how to use it — not only for walking but for beating up anybody after me or my stuff. I don’t need bullets and a gun for protection.

I’m for gun control. Yes, I want to take away your gun. I believe only a few people should be allowed to have them, and if wishing could make it so, here are some gun laws I’d like to see.

It goes without saying our military needs to keep their guns. It also should go without saying that we need less military.

I can go along with a person getting a hunting license and carrying a rifle. I don’t see the joy in killing animals for pleasure, but if that’s your hobby, so be it.

Police officers should, of course, be allowed to carry guns. Probably not all cops should be gun carrying cops, but that’s an argument for a different day. In general, police need to protect us from the bad people, and if any of these bad people get caught with a gun — assuming the rest of us citizens can’t own one — then that person should be put away for a very long time even if his or her original crime is jaywalking.

We need to become a more civilized society. We need to respect life and not allow ways to damage it. Some people understand this, but some will never be able to figure this out — like that business owner I did consulting work for.

A couple months after I got canned for being too honest, he got arrested in a downtown bar for pulling out a gun and almost shooting a guy. Following the case, I learned that charges were dropped except for one. He lost his gun license. He wasn’t allowed to ever carry a gun again.

End of story? Hardly. Only three weeks later, he was arrested in the same bar, this time for carrying an illegal gun. He couldn’t stop carrying a damn gun.

Gun people. I just don’t get them. SOURCE

Larry, I hope your little page picks up links from other sites, I want you to see this post.

There is actually one point in your screed I can agree with; the old guy that carried a gun into a bar and almost shot someone NEEDED to lose his gun license if your story is true and accurate. Other than that, you Larry, are a MORON of the 1st order.

No SANE gun owner wants to kill anyone. No responsible gun owner goes to a bar carrying a gun, that is one of the most STRESSED rules of concealed carry, and the fact that if you do you WILL lose your license, at least in most places.

I wish you a lot of luck with that *cane*, I’d give a 100 dollar bill just to watch the show if you were ever accosted. :twisted:

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26 Responses to Gun People

  1. Texasperated says:

    OK, here’s my suggestion for Mr. Gross. He needs to put a sticker on his front door or window announcing that there are no weapons in his home.

    You want to know why I carry a sidearm? Because they’re scary. And contrary to Mr. Gross’ opinion, I think society would be much more polite if we never knew when we were talking with someone who packs.

    The reason Colt revolvers were called “equalizers” is that a 90 lb widow could load and fire one with training as easily as a 250 lb 6’6″ bully. Now if the widow’s gun were not “scary” what good would it do her to have one?

    I begin to repeat myself: a .45 in the hand is better than a dispatcher on the phone.

    Keep your powder dry

  2. NativeSon says:

    Mr. Gross is so grossly (pun completely intended) “stoo-pid” and uneducated–I don’t even know where to start…Hope that cane works out for ya (’cause you probably are not going to live long enough to need it…).

    If we’re going to be so civil — get rid of the cane…

    M O R O N !!!

  3. Katie says:

    Mr. Gross is aptly named. His opinions are gross. These are the same arguments that were spoken widely in Great Britain. And look how that turned out. Only criminals have the guns, the law-abiding public is scared. The police are powerless. No one is safe.

    Better a .44 in the pocket than the body in a coffin.

  4. Robert says:

    Larry is the typical Dumbass SOB who will be a victim (Or already is) He’s the typical liberal elitist who wants to decide WHO should carry a firearm and who shouldn’t. He wants to CHOOSE FOR YOU, because YOU are too stupid to do it.

    Larry, may I call you Larry? or is DUMBASS more too your liking?.. I seriously hope you never have to use that cane as a weapon, but if you do I hope you are prepared to do it efficiently… I’m also going to hope the one who cause you to use that cane is only armed with a stick because if they are better armed than that, you are FKD.

    Fred, Personally I’m sick of these anti-gun fkrs, tired of playing nice. Tired of hearing how they will decide for me anything. I wouldn’t piss on Larry if he were on fire nor anyone like him. It’s about to get very uncivil in the blogsphere and folks like Larry there better hope it stays in the blogsphere. IF not he’ll be one of the first voted off the island.

    • TexasFred says:

      Rob, nice went out the window with me a while back… We have a couple of disgusting libber pukes here in Rowlett that are this damned STOOPID, Obama loving libber PUKES that take up every damned cause that comes along… I told em BOTH to piss off, that I was tired of making nice for the sake of community harmony…

      I meant every word then and mean every word now, LIBBERS, especially anti-gun libbers can kiss my Texas gun owning ass… I hope that *cane* and a 9-1-1 dispatcher can keep these morons safe until the cops get there…

      As Texasperated said, “A .45 in the hand is better than a dispatcher on the phone.” and you KNOW that I have a .45… :twisted:

  5. Bluto says:

    Oh hell, I didn’t need to read that to learn about anti-gun morons. I live in California, I’m surrounded by those types of douche-bags.

    *waves at Fred*

    Yep .45 owner here, too.

  6. Bluto says:

    Yep, my favorite too. Been carrying one for 25 years now….except it’s damn near impossible to get a carry permit here. If there’s any place that NEEDS more legal carry permits, it’s Mexifornia.

  7. LD Jackson says:

    With someone who thinks like this Larry, I wonder if I shouldn’t start going by my middle name. I wouldn’t want to be mistaken for this poor fellow, who is sure to get himself hurt with that cane. Now really, how can anyone be stupid enough to believe that garbage?

  8. Because of gun laws, guess what sold out within MINUTES of the London Riots??

    Yes, that’s right: BASEBALL BATS.

    Take away guns. Then you’ll have to take away shotguns. They you’ll have to take away swords and machetes. Then you’ll have to take away knives. Then you’ll have to take away baseball bats. They you’ll have to take away kitchen knives. Then you’ll have to take away river rocks. Then you’ll have to take away large living room lamps. Then you’ll have to take away fists and dismember assaulters with Sharia law.

    By then it simply won’t matter. You will have lost any simulation to an actual human.

    BTW, my carry gun of choice when I’m motorcycling or hiking out and about in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is one of four:

    1. Sig Sauer P220 in .45 cal
    2. 6.5″ Model 29 S&W .44 mag (tuned by Bill Davis)
    3. Elder 4″ Colt Python in .357 mag (tuned by Bill Davis), with FIVE digit serial #
    4. Charter Arms Bulldog Pug in .44 Spl with a minimum of FOUR speedloaders

    Silvertips. Or Ranger.

    I, like you, carry large holes.


  9. I like guns that start with the number FOUR.


  10. MAJ Mike says:

    Most of us firearms owners only want to be left alone. Yet the Lib-Cong want to direct every facet of our lives “…for our own good.” If someone doesn’t want to own a firearm, fine. Just don’t impose your decision on me.

    But, I state the obvious.

    I carry a .45 because a cop is too heavy.

  11. mrchuck says:

    Never really liked the 10mm as it was just a longer cartridge with more powder of the .40 S&W. For awhile, we were “directed” to carry this issued pistol while in uniform and on duty.
    Politics, that’s all it was.
    Recoil was not the problem. The NOISE it made was.

    Now to the main subject: This man will ALWAYS be an intellectual sheep.
    I was the “sheep dog” that kept the wolf away from these stupid sheep.
    BZ knows exactly this,,, as he IS STILL protecting these stupid sheep in his area.

    Sooner than later, the populace of the welfare and people on Govt. subsidies, will be in the streets looting, rioting, burning, killing anyone who is involved in cutting off their “free cheese” Govt. checks.
    So, if you are worried these “people”will invade your private domain, house, apartment, then you have only a short time to get yourself prepared.
    IT is Coming.

  12. retire05 says:

    Since Mr. Gross is representative of the lunatic left who thinks by removing guns from law abiding citizens is a cure for the murder rate (although the FBI reports that most gun murders are committed using ILLEGALLY obtained weapons) then it stands to reason that computer key boards should be removed from the lunatic left to prevent their lunacy.

    What a freaking wuse. He fired his father’s gun in a field and it knocked his pansy ass down. And he was 12. Perhaps his father should have invested in some lessons for his son to learn how to be a man. Then he goes on to prove what an idiot he is by saying he doesn’t “think” his grandfather owned a “gun” but did own a rifle. Just what the hell does he think a rifle is?

    Let’s see, I would like for him to answer this: you come home and find two slugs raping your wife, one with a gun pointed at her head. What is the response time difference between your 911 call and a .357?

  13. Gads….

    Pretty tough to add anything to what’s already been posted. Hell, some people are just stuck on stupid.

  14. On another note, welcome back Bluto!

    Now we can have a real POTUS ticket! I stand by my choice for the previous election, that being Bluto for Potus, and Texas Fred for the VP slot!

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