Springfield XD-45 Tactical – Love at 1st Blast

Springfield XD-45 Tactical – Love at 1st Blast

I have been a serious hand-gunner since I was about 15 years old, that’s over 40 years ago. I have owned many different handguns over the years and a .45ACP has always been my favorite.

I have had Colt 1911 Govt Models, Colt Mark IV Series-70′s and a Jim Clark Custom, built by Jim, not Jimmy, and I have got to tell you folks, this new Springfield XD-45 Tactical beats em ALL. I can sing the praises of the XD-45 all day long but read some of the reviews by professional hand-gunners.

Springfield Armory’s design engineers were able to offer this high-capacity, big-bore loading by only slightly enlarging the pistol’s grip circumference. I was pleased to see that the comfortable feel of the XD pistol grip has not been significantly changed with the addition of a 14-shot .45 ACP to the group.

I received both the .45 ACP Service and Tactical Models for testing, and both guns had the standard black finish and the other features we have come to appreciate from the Springfield XD. The sights are the popular three-dot combat version, made of steel and dovetailed into the pistol’s slide. Barrels are all hammer forged and have an integral feedramp to ensure positive chambering.

More Here: Springfield XD .45 ACP

And then there ‘s this review:

For those of you who aren’t hip on Springfield Armory’s newest plastic pistol, the XD-45 is their latest expansion of the XD line. The XD design was born in Croatia, and Springfield quickly bought it up, changing it’s name from the HS-2000 to Xtreme Duty. In recent years, the XD has been heralded as one of the most reliable, affordable, and best shooting pistols since Gaston Glock blessed us with his marvelous invention. If you’ve been a reader of mine for any amount of time, you also no doubt have seen me champion this excellent pistol; as I’ve already said, this is my second XD, I already own an XD-40. (You can find a review of it elsewhere on the site.)

This specific XD sports a 13+1 magazine capacity, which is actually a round more than found in it’s .40 S&W and .357 SIG brethren. It’s also equipped with a 5.5-7.0 pound single action trigger, and has 3 safeties. (One striker block, e.g. “drop proof”, one beavertail 1911 safety, and a Glock-esque trigger safety.) The service model has a 7.25” overall length, 4” barrel, 1.2” wide frame, and weighs a manageable 30 ounces with a magazine.

More Here:
Tactical Application » Review: Springfield XD-45ACP

There’s a lot more to be said about this wonderful pistol, but there’s one word that sums it up quite nicely I think. SWEET!!

My son is a Sheriff’s Deputy and he was carrying an XD-40 service model, he fired over 12K rounds thru it and NEVER had so much as 1 malfunction of any kind. He now carries an XD-45 Tactical, shoots Remington 230gr Golden Sabers and has fired over 3K rounds through the new pistol and has yet to experience ANY malfunction, of any kind.

I recommended the XD to him, without having fired one myself, simply based on the reviews I had read and from glowing praises by the people I know that have them and love them.
And yeah, I have mine now, an XD-45 Tactical, and oh yeah, it was love at 1st blast. :P

The Springfield XD Series is everything you can want in a pistol, high capacity, total reliability, easy breakdown for maintenance and cleaning and it just feels great in your hand. Try one, if you’re a serious hand-gunner, you’ll buy one.

EDIT 03-09-2010: To further show you how much I like these Springfield XD-Series pistols, this weekend I bought another one, this time I got an XD-40 Sub Compact.

This is one sweet little pistol. With the short magazine I can tuck it into my waist band, drop it in my side pocket, whatever it takes, and I have 10 rounds (9+1) of .40 180gr Golden Saber on me at all times. It also came with a 12 round magazine for a 13 round capacity, but the shorter mag is perfect for almost any concealment requirement!

As I said before, if you’re a serious shooter, try an XD Series pistol, you’ll spit every time you hear the word Glock from that point on.

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20 Responses to Springfield XD-45 Tactical – Love at 1st Blast

  1. BobF says:

    Is that correct on the price; $595.00? If so, that’s a good price and I may have to seriously look into one.

    Kimber is offering a specially priced 45 with crimson trace laser sights for around $880. The laser sights alone go for over $300 and once the laser is sighted in, where the red dot is at time of trigger pull is where the round goes.

  2. TexasFred says:

    EDIT TO ADD 8-1-10: I now have a 2nd XD-40 Sub-Compact, one for me, one for the wife…

    Bob, contact U.S. Citizen at
    Well-RegulatedMilitia.com – Traction Control’s Commercial Site

    He’s also the one I bought my new XD-45 Tactical from…

    He’s a Class III FFL dealer and one really great guy.. I don’t know what he can do for you, if anything, it may be cheaper to go to a local dealer, I know where you are, and anything USC does will have to be shipped in, but give him a shout on email, it’s on the site, let him know what you want and what you can spend and ya just never know what may happen…

  3. Carl says:

    A long time ago I was given a Colt .45 ACP from a Vietnam Vet who “brought” back a case of them along with other “souvenirs” from his tours of duty. It had no serial number. My Dad confiscated it when he found out about it. It unfortunately was stolen several years later. Eventually I’d like to get another one like it as well as a Glock like my brother’s service weapon. Right now the only handgun I currently own is the S&W .38 3″ barrel revolver which I thoroughly love to shoot.

  4. Bob says:

    Though I’m a big Sig Sauer fan, Springfield Armory has always been my second favorite. I like the XD’s and believe more LE will carry them once the Glock fad is gone.

  5. Kate says:

    oooooooooo……..niiiiiiiiiiice. :)

  6. Carl says:

    I haven’t kept up with modern arms much. I’ve been schooled on the old school companies: Colt, S&W, Walther, Remington, etc. Please excuse my ignorance. Right now I can’t afford any weaponry right now and there’s no public firing range around here anyway. I think there is an indoor range in the building where I work but I believe it’s limited to sworn officers.

  7. Dakotaranger says:

    While I carry a 1911 every day, my bedside pistol is the XD45 Tactical. It is a great shooter. I”m kinda hoping that Springfield comes out with a XDM45 because what I’ve read about it, it sounds like Springfield did a great job upgrading the XD line.

  8. Top Gun says:

    I am actually slobbering on my keyboard thinking about this sweet master piece.

    Is the tactical, 5 inch barrel, easy to carry concealed with the right holster?

  9. TexasFred says:

    Top Gun, not sure what size guy you are but it’s not a small pistol, if you can conceal a 1911 you can conceal the XD-45 Tactical, but where I live it’s too damn hot to wear even a light sport coat unless you’re inside…

  10. TexasFred says:

    Dakotaranger, I gotta ask, if you’re carrying a 1911 everyday, why?? If you have to carry, or want to carry, why not the XD all the time??

    14 rounds vs 8?? And the XD will digest 185 +p JHPs and 230 JHPs very well, unless your 1911 has been reasonably well worked over, ramped, throated, a great trigger job, tightened slide and a split ring barrel bushing, it’s a bit loose and quite inaccurate…

    Unless you are referring to a NEW Springfield 1911 and not the old Colt Govt Model…

    And even then, 13+1 beats 7+1 all to hell in my opinion…

  11. Dakotaranger says:

    The reason is I’m a better long shot with a 1911, but it doesn’t have a rail and I can conceal it pretty well. I’ve had a hard time concealing the XD and since I carry a couple spare mags I’m not really loosing too much

    I have a Tactical light/laser that I have mounted on the XD and I’ll carry the XD in a Serpia holster if I’m doing yardwork

  12. Mark Krauss says:

    I used to shoot a lot, not so much any more. My favorite carry piece for security was a 1911, I had a few of them come and go. back then I had the tools and the time to tune those ‘ol slushboxes, and they needed it, making a 1911 shoot decent and function reliably took a bit of work. I’ve been eyeballing those XD’s for a while now, I like the looks of them and the reviews are all good, I don’t know if I’ll like a striker fired pistol as I’m used to a well tuned 2 or 3 lb trigger pull. but those XD’s look like a good design for a safe carrying and handling yet quick to business if need be. the glocks just looked like an accident waiting to happen to me, but I live and play in brushy country, and when carrying concealed you have to deal with clothing, add bushes, sticks and the like holstering and unholstering a glock just looked kinda dangerous for legs and feet.

  13. BobF says:

    Thanks Fred for the information and link. I’ll definitely have to check him out when it comes time to buy.

    The Colt 1911 and variants were originally designed to function with hardball. Although they can be throated and opened up for more reliability with hollow points, they will still work best with hardball. I like the 1911′s, especially the Commander models, and my next gun will be a 1911 (Kinber). For the most part, I’m starting to shy away from hollow points and stick with hardball although I’ve found my guns are very reliable with Federal Hydra-shock rounds. If a round creating a hole almost 1/2 inch in diameter can’t do the job, I’m in deep kimshe.

    The non 1911 45′s will be more reliable with hollow points because they weren’t designed for hardball…it’s not in their basic design.

  14. BobF says:

    Also, on the XD, I would go with the service model because I’m partial to the 4″, commander length, barrel.

  15. Gosh, I do a simple write up, and look what happens! LMAO! I still get chided by some about “plastic” pistols but I really do like the XD’s and Glocks.

  16. TexasFred says:

    Patrick, how DARE you mention a POS Glock in this wonderful writeup on XD’s??

    Damn man, have you NO shame?? :?

    As Patrick is well aware, I HATE GLOCKS…

    Ya couldn’t chase me hard enough, far enough or fast enough to GIVE me a Glock… I SPIT, every time I say that VILE word, Pa-tooooey!!

  17. Stormwarning says:

    Fred, as I am still unarmed but wanting, would you suggest the 1911 as a “starter” or would you go with a S&W (I saw a 5-shot revolver recently that felt nice in my hand). Just asking.

    Of course, you know what the most dangerous thing in Texas is, right?

  18. TexasFred says:

    Storm, I wouldn’t recommend a 1911 for a starter, not at all, and a 5 shot S&W?? Gotta be a Chief or a Detective Special, and likely a .38, a puny little round at best..

    Go to a local gun range that lets you rent a gun, try several, ask the range master what you just asked me, he’ll be looking at you and be much more able to make a recommendation, I have no idea as to how big you are, the size of your hands or any of that…

    It’s not a good thing to tell someone what kind of gun they need, especially if they haven’t got that much experience..

    My wife is quite comfortable with my 6″ barrel Model 28 S&W .357 Magnum, with full magnum rounds, but she is an experienced shooter, just not too practiced as of late..

    Try several guns, shoot em, see what suits YOU best, and don’t let ANY gun store guy talk you into something YOU don’t want…

  19. Stormwarning says:


    Yes, it was a .38 Special. But overall, good advice. My future son-in-law is a cop (but he likes that “word”).

  20. Bob says:

    TexasFred said, “Ya couldn’t chase me hard enough, far enough or fast enough to GIVE me a Glock… I SPIT, every time I say that VILE word, Pa-tooooey!!”

    Bob says, “Amen.”