Obama presses GOP to halt automatic spending cuts

Obama presses GOP to halt automatic spending cuts

Sad Obama 150WASHINGTON (AP) – Staking out his ground ahead of a fiscal deadline, President Barack Obama lashed out against Republicans, saying they are unwilling to raise taxes to reduce deficits and warning that the jobs of essential government workers, from teachers to emergency responders, are on the line.

Obama spoke as a March 1 deadline for automatic across-the-board spending cuts approached and with Republicans and Democrats in an apparent stalemate over how to avoid them.

Obama cautioned that if the $85 billion in immediate cuts – known as the sequester – occur, the full range of government would feel the effects, from furloughed FBI agents to reductions in spending for communities to pay police and fire personnel and teachers.

He said the consequences would be felt across the economy.

“People will lose their jobs,” he said. “The unemployment rate might tick up again.”

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Obama presses GOP to halt automatic spending cuts

What’s wrong ‘Bam? Are you afraid that YOU are going to lose your job? You very well could, and lose ALL of the benefits if we ever get a Senate with BALLS, ie; not Dem controlled, and you can be impeached for the lies that you foist off on America.

Your pet Wookie, Michelle, well, she may have to do without the vacations away from you and D.C. She may have to reconcile her feelings about you hanging out with Reggie Love and your *man dates*, not mandates, MAN DATES. Yes, that is a deliberate slam.

Obama has crippled this nation. Of course the Dems are going to point to the stock market and the way it has risen of late but what they fail to acknowledge is that the stock market is PAPER, just like our currency, and if it collapses, and many financial experts seems to believe it will, those wonderful numbers will mean ZIP, NADA, nothing.

Hyperinflation will lead to jobless reports similar to those of the Great Depression. The jobless will be wandering the nation looking for a place to sleep and something to eat. Do you think the Dems will tell you that? Do you think the Dems will look at Obama and even remotely blame HIM for this?

Even after more than 4 years under his administration?

Why goodness NO, the Dems will blame George W. Bush. In their minds Obama is sacrosanct and above ALL criticism while Bush is, in their Libtard minds, Satan and leaves the smell of sulphur everywhere he goes!

Remind you of a certain Dictator that said the same thing at the U.N.? Here’s a hint: Hugo Chavez.

Here is Sen. John Cornyn’s response to “Bam and him Obammie BS.

Cornyn Responds to the President’s Call to Prevent His Sequester

Feb 19 2013

John_CornynAUSTIN—U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) issued the following statement after President Obama addressed the need to avert the looming sequestration cuts, which he first proposed:

“Today President Obama said ‘these cuts are not smart, these cuts are not fair, and they will hurt our economy,’ but what he neglected to say is that these cuts were his idea.

“There is bipartisan agreement that the President’s sequester is not a smart way to cut spending, and Republicans have repeatedly offered and passed solutions to achieve the same amount of deficit reduction in a more responsible way without tax hikes.

“Any effort to avert the sequester should begin with the billions of dollars in frivolous projects, government waste, and duplicative spending that have propagated our runaway debt and deficits.” SOURCE

I had a few issues with Sen. Cornyn over the years; there were several times that I felt like he was NOT working in the best interest if Conservative issues. Since Kay Bailey Hutchison retired and Ted Cruz took a Senatorial seat it seems like Cornyn has gotten fired up!

Maybe the problem wasn’t Cornyn, maybe KBH was making life hard for him, all I know is this, John Cornyn is doing a good job now, and I am highly appreciative.

Additional Reading: Mrs Obama: Tired of ‘angry black woman’ stereotype

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8 Responses to Obama presses GOP to halt automatic spending cuts

  1. mrchuck says:

    Obutthole gets “freight trained” by Reggie Love over last “weak-end”,,, and Texas Fred says it’s a deliberate slam. You bet it is.
    This current president must have his ass handed to him.
    I say, the Republican House of Representatives can use these digressions by Obutthole to sway any deals to the Conservatives.
    John Cornyn wrote me back after I flamethrowed him.
    He is now going to stand up and be counted!

  2. Cornyn is CORRECT: these are the same cuts Obama WANTED!

    WTF now? He demands military sequestration and then, though HE’S responsible, he blames everything back on the GOP?

    Worse — the AMM actually BUYS that crap, and the American public.

    I say: bring it on. Shut down the federal government. Not much will truly change. What the hell, they don’t have an actual budget anyway.


  3. Katie says:

    The only thing “Our Glorious Leader” cares about is himself and his comforts. Life in prison for murder would be the best revenge this nation could do to him.

  4. I listened to that propaganda rant and just had to wonder.
    EMS paid for by the Feds..? Only overtime, in a declared disaster.
    Same for Firefighters.
    Same for local Law Enforcement.
    Grants are an entirely different subject.
    Teachers..? It’s a stretch, but through D.O.E. there might possibly be some remuneration. However, the last study that I read that had any validity determined that nearly all of those funds went to the Teachers Unions. Imagine that!
    Social Security, Medicare, and disability payments will still be made, in full, so that’s yet another scare tactic.

    What this is ladies and gentlemen, is not a failure to communicate. It is what has become the primary methodology of this leftest government. Crisis manipulation, and or crisis creation. Remember “Never let a crisis go to waste?”

  5. LD Jackson says:

    Obama is using a lot of hyperbole to scare the American people into backing his side of this story. The truth is, as you, and others, have pointed out, the upcoming cuts in government spending were his idea, his proposal. And here he is, trying to blame it all on the Republicans. Just like he has been blaming Bush the last four years. He really can not accept responsibility for his actions.

    And speaking of Bush, his name came up in a conversation I was having with a liberal who visited my blog this week. We have had several lengthy conversations via email and he is still firmly convinced the problems our country is facing are all the result of the policies of George W. Bush. No amount of convincing has been able to sway him.

  6. Bunkerville says:

    Meanwhile a relative of mine has a small ongoing defense contract and is not getting paid. He as well as the other contractors at the base are having the same issue. Blamed on some sort of new system. Sure. It will put the small guys out of business.

  7. the unit says:

    Here is what I see.
    Why is Obama still campaigning? Because 2014 is the goal. We worry about savior for 2016? Look… we have had triangulation policy presidents and parties for a few, several terms. A Bush, then Cllinton, then another Bush, and this one. Recognize this one is the strangulation president. Total control finally. May they run into the goal posts like in football follies on TV.

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