How American Presidents Celebrate Thanksgiving

How American Presidents Celebrate Thanksgiving

Obama and his Wookie T'Day 2013

President Barack Obama, right, and first lady Michelle Obama
participate in a Thanksgiving
service project by handing out food
at the Capital Area Food Bank in Washington, Nov. 27, 2013.

Thanksgiving 2003 A REAL President

This is how a REAL President celebrates Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving of 2013 let us remember that once upon a time we had a President that braved the perils of an active combat zone to share and celebrate Thanksgiving with American troops that were in harms way.

George W. Bush was many things, but a coward was not one of them. He held his troops in great esteem and he made it known, not just with words, but by his actions. It was so obvious, George W. Bush loved the troops, and he wasn’t bashful about showing it.

Barack Hussein Obama has nothing but contempt and utter disdain for American troops of all branches. His actions and body language when around our troops speaks louder than any words can.

To my family and friends, our Troops around the world and to ALL 1st Responders, I wish you a Happy and SAFE Thanksgiving for 2013!

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5 Responses to How American Presidents Celebrate Thanksgiving

  1. BobF says:

    Now matter what he did, GW Bush loves the men and women in the Armed Forces and still does. When the murdering terrorist shot up Fort Hood, Bush went there right away to meet with the wounded and family members of those killed. He and Laura met arriving troops in Dallas at all hours of the night. He rides with Wounded Veterans every year and hosts them at his ranch. If you watched him when he was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, you would have seen he’s even brought Leno into the fold of meeting with Wounded Veterans as Leno flew to Dallas to meet with Bush and Veterans…probably one of the reasons NBC is getting rid of him.

  2. Real Presidents have class, and the epic fail obama has none.

  3. Robert says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Becky and the family Fred.

    I was trying to have an Obamaless turkey day but someone brought his name up at dinner and I had to rant a bit… For some reason, the holstered .40 and my hand on it kept any disagreements to a minimum…. That and FACTS.

  4. LD Jackson says:

    I could not agree with you more about Presidents Bush and Obama. Your analysis is spot on.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here at Texas Fred.

  5. BaMoiBa says:

    The difference is clear in both those photos:

    For GWB the military protects our freedom via the oath they swore.

    For the ONE, well, he’s protecting his political base at all times. Can’t you see, these are potential voters not citizens.

    God help US!

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