Four days of migrant raids rattle Corsicana TX

Four days of migrant raids rattle Corsicana TX

Caution - Wetbacks Ahead

CORSICANA — The weight of their families rests heavily on the teenage shoulders of Rubi Ibarra and her cousin, Jorge Regalado.

Their fathers were among 27 people detained last week when immigration authorities descended on Navarro County, leaving the youths as breadwinners for their extended family.

Rubi, 15, is a U.S. citizen, and Jorge, 17, is a Mexican immigrant able to live and work legally in the country. Their new roles are just sinking in.

“Everything used to be fine before this happened,” Jorge said this week, slumping into a sofa at his home as cartoons played on the television. “Now I’m scared someone will knock on the door real hard.” SOURCE

Everything was fine for you until ICE started enforcing the law Jorge? If they knock real hard and your work visa is expired you’ll know to have your bag packed for a trip back to Mexico. If your work visa is in order and you’re here legally then you’re just a stupid, crap-stirring Mexican trying to inflame tensions and illicit a bit of sympathy.

Immigration — the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country.

Illegal Immigrant — a foreigner who enters the U.S. without an entry or immigrant visa, especially a person who crosses the border by avoiding inspection or who overstays the period of time allowed as a visitor, tourist, or businessperson.

How hard is this to understand? Maybe it needs to be printed in Spanish. Or maybe not. Obey the LAW and everyone is happy.

I am the grandson of an immigrant that before settling in Louisiana came to Texas from New Brunswick Canada. 

He became an American, raised an American, English speaking family. His sons served in the U.S. military, most of his grandsons, one of his granddaughters and now a great grandson have served this nation. We have all, in one way or another served this nation.

Come to the USA to become an American, not some hyphenated BS, just an American and nothing more and it’s all good.

Of course the Liberals on the Dallas Morning News were apoplectic that we, as a nation, were actually enforcing THE LAW. Laws are not made to be broken; if it’s a BAD law then take it up with the governing body of the nation and have it repealed.

Otherwise; enforce immigration laws equally and justly.

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10 Responses to Four days of migrant raids rattle Corsicana TX

  1. They need to come here in Southern Texas where illegal population is extremely high..but down here in the Rio Grand Valley illegals have little to no fear of being deported.. the whole 4 county area is a SANCTUARY for all of the DOPERS, MURDERS..I have lived and worked the majority of my life here..
    Many cities do not allow city officers to arrest and cause deportations of illegals. I went against the grain..I encouraged my officers to arrest and call USBP, much to segrin of the powers to be.

    If the truth be known this was one of our Muslim POTUS goals to flood our system with illegals from Mexico and arab countries ie Syrian’s who where flown and released here by the thousands to drain our off our benefits to those who have done nothing but drain our resources..

    Just my opinion…

    • Wayne says:

      All part of the grand plan cowboy. Push, push, push till the branch breaks, and all laws will be suspended for the good of the collective. Adios America.

  2. Dave says:

    My grandfather and grandmother made their way west in the mid-late nineteenth century. Corsicana. Been there every other year while I was growing up, not so much since I’ve established my own family.
    I’m posting this info for no good reason, except I have great memories of Corsicana. Using an outhouse on the farm, learning to smoke corn silk from my cousin, realizing now that it was OK for the piano player (my gramma) at one of the 38 Baptist churches there, to have a chaw now and then. Like I said, for no good reason.
    Oh, maybe “GO ICE!”

  3. BobF says:

    It pisses me off to no end when people, especially those idiots in government, refer to illegal aliens as Immigrants. That’s an insult to the millions who came here legally, especially my grandparents who immigrated LEGALLY from Poland and Italy.

    If anyone whats to know what it was like for Legal Immigrants 100 years ago, check out the link below. To know what our ancestors went though to come to America to become Americans should piss off any true American to think that those to come under cover of darkness in violation of our laws are liken to those honorable men and women who came here Legally.

  4. Capt Ron says:

    I didn’t know you are a Canuck, Fred, I thought you were a displaced Cajun.:-)

    Seriously, the illegal immigration going on, and the legislation to “protect them”, smacks loudly of Tyranny by the Minority. Same with what is going on with the black community and the “gay movement”. Our forefathers had great debates over the issues of tyranny by the majority and tyranny by the minority. This is the reason we have the electoral college for the elections.

  5. mrchuck says:

    Unless you are one of the original Indians living on this Continent, then you are part immigrant.
    The problem I see are the Africans invading Europe across the Mediterranean Sea.
    Want to stop illegals from coming into Texas?
    Then, put a “bounty” on them.
    I have lots of ammo I want to use up.

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  7. Petermc3 says:

    I grew up in a NJ town (1.2 sq miles) with a population historically of 50-55,000. Today it is close to 80,000 figuring in only those not living “in the shadows.” Actually there are no shadows since illegals do not have to hide. The city is a haven for Dominicans since even the Cubans and Puerto Ricans who were here since the 1950’s have been pushed out. Gangs, drugs and crime rule the day. The democrats have been in power forever led most recently since the early 70’s by former Obama ass kisser but now Obama arch enemy, the indicted esteemed Senator Bob Menendez. I can only imagine what is going n in Texas. This is a 50 state phenomena.

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