Will Dallas City Council stop private companies from asking job applicants about their criminal history?

Will Dallas City Council stop private companies from asking job applicants about their criminal history?

Tiffinni Young

Private employers in Dallas could soon be barred from asking about criminal backgrounds on job applications.

The Dallas City Council is in the early stages of the proposal, and the actual form the regulations will take is up in the air. But council members were mostly receptive to the idea of expanding the city’s “ban the box” efforts during a briefing Wednesday.

The city government already banned the criminal history check on its civilian job applications in 2007. Dallas County followed suit last November. Other cities and companies have similar policies. Dallas Morning News

Do you want to know what’s wrong with this nation?

I mean, do you REALLY want to know? Because what I am about to say is going to piss off some folks, you know the ones, those that can’t handle the truth.  

Look at the picture above of this Tiffinni Young and you need look NO further.

She is a Liberal, Black empowerment type and she knows that her ghetto and hood rat brothers and sisters can’t get decent jobs because they have a criminal record.

So, instead of addressing the individual and their record she, and many like her, want business people to just not ask a prospective employee if they have a record.

Makes perfect sense in the Obama, Black Lives Matter, anything goes world we live in.

When you have NO ability to make extensive background checks you end up with a POTUS like Barack Hussein Obama.

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2 Responses to Will Dallas City Council stop private companies from asking job applicants about their criminal history?

  1. SeafarerChief says:

    The question is: “In the Big Picture, how many towns, cities, counties and states are following the same path down the rabbit hole?”
    I’ll bet its not just Dallas County and City.
    However, the Ministry of Propaganda does not want the American public to know what is going on right under their noses.
    A revolution is building in this country and the sheeple don’t even suspect it.
    Just a thought… climbing down off my soapbox.

  2. dekare says:

    I agree SC. There is going to be a change coming soon. And if it does not happen soon enough and to the liking of We The True Majority People, then we will do so by force. As JFK said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.”

    We have had obama and all of his stupidity shoved down are throats. We have been forced to accept obamacare, TPP, the cancellation of the Keystone pipeline, the shutting down of coal plants, the failure to drill for our own resources, the division of the races, and on and on and on. Nothing obama has done has been good for America….NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

    He has sought to fundamentally change this country, and to be honest, he has done a damn fine job at that.

    Now, the most hated people in this country are not illegal immigrants who come here and commit murder, rape, robbery and more. They are not our own home grown criminals who are emboldened to the point of attacking our police officers or resisting them to the point of real and actual violence. They are not the scheming muslims who huddle in mosques and plan the killing of our citizens and the demise of our culture. They are not anyone who tries to disrupt our way of life through the use of violence. NOPE…none of these people are to be stopped. The most hated person is the white christian male. The same people that created the most amazing and free society ever. The people that have made more advancements in the last one hundred years in medicine, technology, and civilization. And did these horrible white males keep these advancements from others….NOPE. They shared them with the world for EVERYONE to benefit from. But now, they are the enemy.Now matter how hard these men have worked, how moral they have held themselves to be in the treatment of others, and the compassion they have shown, they are to be despised.

    And the single black female mother who has made lots of bad decisions, raised children who have continued this same process by spawning out children she can not feed, can not raise, can not teach them right from wrong, is labeled a hero.

    The moment I see a short haired black women in a government position, I almost always come to the correct conclusion that they are either incompetent, or have a piss poor attitude when it comes to doing her job when it is for the benefit of anyone NOT black like her. Yet, to govt’s policy of hiring and promoting is NOT the best person for the job, but by how that person is NOT a white male.

    And there is the problem. Way too many people who are NOT qualified or have the best interest of ALL Americans, are in positions of power that have degraded our culture significantly. And if anyone with a brain even so much as thinks about pointing out this most obvious of mistakes, they are labelled and destroyed.

    This is not the case of pointing out the king has no clothes…it is a case of pointing out that the king is incompetent..and so are his minions. Look at almost all of obama’s appointments. Almost everyone of them are black, muslim, minority, with all of them being strongly liberal if not downright communist. Biden is the token white guy.

    And none of them can ever be fired or removed or demoted..EVER!!! No matter how bad of a job they do, they will NEVER be so much as even disciplined. Our country is run by morons, who HATE white people, want to promote only their own, and all working to destroy our culture and capitalism and creep us into socialism.

    Trump is only one man, and I am sure he will do his best. But I do not think he will be able to easily dismantle decades of corruption and progressive liberalism. Not without first firing a third of all govt workers to start with. But hey…baby steps I guess.

    I am sick of the promotion of all things not white. It was for a legitimate purpose at one time, but has turned into a world where the promotion of one’s heritage is no longer the goal, but instead, the annihilation of whites, with an emphasis on males and anyone who does not believe as they do. And this needs to stop. I cringe now when I see yet again, the appointment or promotion of yet another unqualified black person, who was given this opportunity over more qualified white people. I am tired of the rallys and parades that promote themselves as better than white people. In fact, the goal seems to have gone way beyond the promotion of self and has veered into the world of destruction of whitey.

    And this needs to stop. If the goal is the true integration of ALL Americans. That we are to be color blind. Than the self promotion needs to stop. No more NAACP, black caucus, BET, black oscars, and so on. If it is racism to judge a person negatively based on skin color, than it is racism to do the same for positive purposes as well. If I chose to not vote for obama due to him being black and this makes be a racist, than choosing to vote for obama because he is black is also racist. The fact that people used skin color as a basis for their decision is racist. So, how many true racists exist that are NOT white. Kanye was racist for being upset that a white person won instead of a black person. Yet no one called him out for this. When jada pinkett smith bowed out of the oscars because no one with her same skin color was nominated, that was racist….and again, she was not labelled.

    The double standards and separate rules are what galls white people the most. For years, blacks were upset over segregation, and fought to stop this. And now, blacks are fighting FOR segregation. Black only bathrooms, water fountains, seats at the lunch counter, seats on the bus, were all frowned upon. But now, we see blacks want black only congressional caucuses, tv stations, oscars, groups and clubs and so one. But let one white person DO THE EXACT same thing, and all hell breaks loose. And why do blacks say mean and hateful names like cracker, honky, whitey, redneck, and so on, and no one shames them. They even get to call each other NIGGER, but let one white person admit to saying it just once, even if it was decades ago, and that person is to be destroyed and cast out. That is a double standard. That is what divides people.

    And like everything the govt does, they always take things too far. The EPA was a good thing at one time, but it is now evil. Same for the FCC, IRS, DofEd. and on and on. All of them have become too power hungry, an no longer even remember their original purpose. Same for the black pride movement. What used to be for the promotion of equality for blacks, has morphed into something that must down denigrate all things white, and replace everything white with black. Hell, whenever something appears too white, it must be taken down and remade for blacks. How about we do this same thing in the NBA and the NFL. Imagine if only 13% of the players were allowed to be black. OMG, the world would stop if we did this. But this is exactly what blacks are doing to white culture.

    Now, our history is being changed to accomodate blacks and destroy whitey. That needs to stop. I am proud of my white heritage just as much as blacks are of theirs. But I am now allowed to show this…why? What was once an issue of acceptance, has become an issue of I must PROMOTE black culture over my own, or be cast out. Well, how many blacks are promoting white culture? Not many. And if whites are not allowed to do this, than what happens next? Should white history and heritage be changed for the benefit of blacks, and be allowed to die out? Why?

    This division is the creation of black people… black people with a false sense of power and self-righteousness. Blacks are now heroes for destroying white people…and we are letting this happen. It is beyond the point of fairness or even just the small benefit of blacks over whites. The purpose now has become black domination over white. And that can not, and will not be allowed to happen.

    White people have been pretty damn good about what has been happening. No other culture in the entire world has done more for the benefit of blacks. Damn near 700,000 Americans died so that black people could be freed from slavery. What, is that cost not enough? If not, how many more whites must be sacrificed before these constantly offended black people are happy? Do they seek to completely dominate the world, and have the roles reversed so that they are now in charge, and whites in chains, or is there some middle ground? And if there is, what is that middle ground? When will blacks quit being perpetually offended by whitey? What needs to be done in their eyes that would be deemed fair for ALL OF US. I WANT TO KNOW. And I am sure I am not alone in seeking this answer.

    Because, if we do not stop this nonsense, whites will take only so much. 80% of Americans will NOT be dominated by a 13% minority. And if pushes so far, there will be a push back. And claims of racism will go no where and cared by no one. We think we are more civilized than we were a hundred and more years ago, when we dominated the world. But we are not. Whites have recognized certain faults and we have worked damn hard to make things right. But if blacks think they can continue this push back and put US in chains so they can be the masters over us, well, the math is not on their side. Furthermore, the human condition is NOT civilized. And if whitey finds himself pushed into a corner, there will be a push back like no black person has ever seen. We want to be fair. But that is the key word…FAIR. And if non-whites think they can seek a full reversal of roles, well, that would not be fair, and things might not work out so well for darky.

    I have already seen breaches in the dam of decency when it comes to black people. Very few whites are afraid of being accused of racism anymore. The word NIGGER is no longer avoided where we say the “N” word…we now say NIGGER. And most of us seem to care less and less what YOU PEOPLE think of us. That shows a slight push back. If you keep pushing, you will see just how much WE PEOPLE can push back as well. We should all be EQUAL. When blacks seek more than that, they are over reaching. And whitey is gone being kind. We will slap your hand and say enough. Don’t push us. Be happy in the gains made. Do NOT seek to be MORE equal than me and we will get along fine. obama the great divider has set a tone that MUST be reversed. I hope the next CnC sets things right.

    Sorry for being long winded on this, but this is a topic that I hold dear to my heart, and for good reason. I’m done for now.

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