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Illegal immigrants might get stimulus jobs, experts say

March 9th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Illegal immigrants might get stimulus jobs, experts say

LOS ANGELES — Tens of thousands of jobs created by the economic stimulus law could end up filled by illegal immigrants, particularly in big states such as California where undocumented workers are heavily represented in construction, experts on both sides of the issue say.

Studies by two conservative think tanks estimate immigrants in the United States illegally could take 300,000 construction jobs, or 15% of the 2 million jobs that new taxpayer-financed projects are predicted to create.

They fault Congress for failing to require that employers certify legal immigration status of workers before hiring by using a Department of Homeland Security program called E-Verify. The program allows employers to check the validity of Social Security numbers provided by new hires. It is available to employers on a voluntary basis.

“They could have deterred this, but they chose not to,” said Steven Camarota, director of research for the Center for Immigration Studies.

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Illegal immigrants might get stimulus jobs, experts say

I really don’t have too much more to say about this other than to just repeat what I have said in the past and in the comments of the post just below this one.

If they are here ILLEGALLY, give them ONE opportunity to leave, if they don’t leave immediately, SHOOT THE BASTARDS!

Walk up to them and ask em, “Do you speak English?” If the answer is No ingleseSHOOT THE BASTARDS!

Ask them for an ID, a green card and a SS Card, if no VALID U.S. identification can be presented, SHOOT THE BASTARDS!

A month or 2 of this and we’ll have a lot less ILLEGALS, many will be very dead, too damned bad, but the rest of them will be raising a dust cloud as they haul ass for the border… End of problem, and once they are ALL back over the border, then we seal the border and SHOOT ANY of them that try to come back ILLEGALLY.

Obama won’t do it, that terrorist loving POS is as useless as George W. Bush was on ILLEGALS, but that is exactly how it would happen if I were POTUS…

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11 Responses to “Illegal immigrants might get stimulus jobs, experts say”

  1. comment number 1 by: Katie

    Just great. I’ve been out of work for a few years now and the illegals will get the jobs that I’m trying for. I can bet you a small fortune that an illegal will get the jobs before any legal immigrant or citizen will.

    Just my luck!

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  3. comment number 3 by: Jack Dup

    Well said Fred, too many people pussy-footing around this issue, we have been invaded and the government won’t do jack squat to solve the problem. Good luck if you are a white male and looking for construction work.

    Lets not forget about the hords of legal immigrants the government is letting in to take our jobs as well.

  4. comment number 4 by: cary - Botan Ichihara

    I’m with Katie on this one.

    Here I am busting butt, looking for a job, and the frickin’ illegals are going to scoop me on this one, too. Well, that just frickin’ figgers.

    Next we’re going to hear how the jobs that the feds created for these frickin’ illegals aren’t generating enough taxes to pay for the programs that the feds are creating for these frickin’ illegals. Wake up, you feckless weasels! There’s not enough taxes being generated NOW by these frickin’ illegals to pay for the programs you’ve created for these frickin’ illegals!

    In case you haven’t noticed - I’m pissed.

    I’m also thinking that instead of finding a nice, 105% safe backstop for the One Million Shots I’m going to start lining up the frickin’ illegals sitting down at Home Depot… that will start getting their attention, and bust two birds with a single shot!

  5. comment number 5 by: Deron

    Well I guess it is Official. Fred for President! I’d vote for you. This country has become an illegal safe haven and they come here expecting the same rights and privelages that we get for being “Citizens.” I agree, shoot a few and see what happens. Of course you would be labeled a “Racist” and the family would sue and a tree hugging court system would make you pay them for the rest of your life. FUCK THAT! We need to put our Troops on the border and give instructions to shoot first.

  6. comment number 6 by: TexasFred

    Deron, I have already been labeled a racist by a fake conservative faggot out in California… He tried to tell the entire ‘net that I am a racist simply because I call the bastards WET BACKS and because I want to declare war on and kill as many of them as we possibly can…

    Fuck HIM and the latte machine he rode in on… We are at war, it’s that simple, and I hope La Raza takes his half a faggot faux conservative ass apart when they take over SoCal…

    And I am too damned honest to be POTUS…

  7. comment number 7 by: Vigilante

    They like playing that race card shit instead of calling it stealing, well, FUCK’EM. I say it’s better for them to call me a racist for now, instead of a “shootist” but I can’t guarantee it’s gonna remain that way for long.

  8. comment number 8 by: Ingrid

    Where was everyone at the last 10 million amnesty? What has anyone done to curb, address or fight this illegality that Reagan’s bosses pushed through. WHAT HAVE WE BEEN DOING ABOUT THIS FOR THE LAST 5, 10, OR 20 YEARS?

    I guess as long as we just keep it to the blog sites and the news sites we get on the web, the government will continue to impose their NEW RULE OF LAW.
    They know…..soon they will have us all surrounded and it will be too late.

    Picture this:
    1. No jobs
    2. Very little food
    3. No health care
    4. No homes
    5. Largely in debt
    6. 50% of taxes taken out of our minimum waged salaries
    7. Unions to delicate to all employers (no more EDD or Fed. or state human services)
    8. No more gun ownership (shortage of ammo now)
    9. No more web privacy (Texas Bill SB1256)
    10. If uprising……all cell phones will be shut down except for military/police use
    11. Our children will be taught spanish in grade schools.
    12. You will need to be bilingual to get a job.

    These are just a small handful of regressive plans being implemented by the few rich elite through Obama.

    I hope that what ever is planned to halt our constitution being erased and rewritten will be NOT DONE THROUGH THE WEB OR THE NEWS CHANNELS.


    Do we have any pride and dignity left in us or is the Federal government correct with their assumption of us??????

  9. comment number 9 by: Kate

    And I am too damned honest to be POTUS…

    Damn skippy! And that’s exactly what we need! Been needing for a while now.

    If this kind of stuff doesn’t rile up even the most complacent, then I fear nothing will.

  10. comment number 10 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    You’re right, Fred, great minds do think alike.


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