Rove to Leave White House Aug. 31

WASHINGTON (AP) – Karl Rove, President Bush’s close friend and chief political strategist, announced Monday he will leave the White House at the end of August, joining a lengthening line of senior officials heading for the exits in the final 1 1/2 years of the administration.

On board with Bush since the beginning of his political career in Texas, Rove was nicknamed “the architect” and “boy genius” by the president for designing the strategy that twice won him the White House. Critics call Rove “Bush’s brain.”

“Karl Rove is moving on down the road,” Bush said, appearing grim-faced on the White House’s South Lawn with Rove at his side.

“We’ve been friends for a long time and we’re still going to be friends … I’ll be on the road behind you here in a bit,” he said ruefully.

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Rove to Leave White House Aug. 31

I am guessing that Rove is about to get ready to head up another run at the White House for someone that the Repubs believe can take it, I’m not going to even venture a guess as to WHO he will be working for but I have a good idea that I won’t be supporting him, as one of our great comment makers, Ranando, has pointed out, there is an undeclared candidate that’s scooping up Bush leftovers and used to be’s right and left, and I am NOT going to support another Bush wannabe, I am just sitting back and watching at this point in time…

But there is always good news in everything if you look around a bit though, and so far the best news I can find on all of this is the reaction of the biggest bunch of DUmmies on the ‘net, if you can stand the smell read some of the reactions from Democratic Underground, they are having a DUmpgasm, confusion reigns, they don’t know whether to laugh, cry, cower in fear or just close one eye and run like crazy for the nearest environmentally friendly tin foil lined shelter…

Rove is NOT going to just fade away, he is too much of a power in the world of politics, and he doesn’t hold a political position, he’s an adviser, and that’s a good thing if you can get the President to actually listen to you, but if Rove IS the one that Bush has been listening to, and the mess in Iraq is the result, that firms up my belief that we MUST do something different in ’08…

The 2008 election is going to be a real spectacle, I’m thinking we’re going to have Dems and Dem Lite, I can’t see Tom Tancredo or Duncan Hunter being strong enough to take the nomination, Fred Thompson is really starting to worry me with his lukewarm presentation, McCain, Guiliani and Romney are your basic political buffoons but for some reason I see Guiliani as the ‘can’t even spell Conservative’ front runner with the most Republican support, and for the life of me I can’t understand WHY…

If you want to see WHO will be the Republican nominee, watch Rove, that’s where he’ll be, he’s the best indicator of Republican strategy that there has ever been, and even though he doesn’t operate in public, just watch and see who HE backs, there’s your Republican candidate…

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7 Responses to Rove to Leave White House Aug. 31

  1. GUYK says:

    I would like to see Tancredo get someone behind him with some political know how but I am not gonna hold my breath. Paul sounds good and I can support him. But as it is right now I reckon I’ll have to vote for whetever the GOP put up just so I can cast a vote against Hillary Clinton and the GOP front runners make me want to puke.

  2. Ranando says:

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I don’t feel that the Obama or Clinton have 2008 wraped up. I think there’s someone out there for the GOP that’s waiting in the wings and I no longer think it’s Thompson. Everyday Thompson plays his little game he’s losing support and like you say, Rove will do him in.

    Just look at you Fred, your getting fed-up with his nonsense and so are many others.

    All I know for sure at this point is we need to do whatever it takes to keep Obama or Clinton out of the Whitehouse.

  3. TexasFred says:

    Ranando, even having Romney would be better than Clinton or Obama, Guiliani and McCain are nothing more than left handed libbers, they are the biggest fakes in Republican politics…

    I was very excited about Tancredo, but his numbers already say he’s a lost cause, same with Hunter and Ron Paul..

    I’ll be totally honest with you, if it came down to Guiliani and Clinton, I don’t think there’s a dimes worth of difference between em, I am a bit concerned about ’08, to say the least…

  4. Ranando says:


    The American people are getting fed-up with Iraq for one simple reason, we didn’t go there to win. It has turned in a Cluster-F—.

    You get a someone to come forward and tell the American people that terrorism won’t be around if they’re elected and nether will many Muslim countries.

    You get someone to come out and tell the American people that they’ll shut our border tighter then Billy’s hat band.

    You get someone to come out and tell the American people that they come first, our country comes first.

    You will have our next President.

  5. TexasFred says:

    Ranando: I couldn’t have said it better myself…

  6. gunz says:

    but if Rove IS the one that Bush has been listening to, and the mess in Iraq is the result, that firms up my belief that we MUST do something different in ‘08…

    That’s very true, what’s he doing? cut and running??

    After all he helped sell the WMD threat Saddam had.

    Bush couldn’t send off a simple SOS message in a bottle if he wasn’t stranded with him on a remote island somewhere that could be understood.

    Rove had as much to do with the bullshit story we heard pre Iraq invasion than anybody.

    A very smart political conartist.

    Guess that’s why he makes the big bucks.

  7. jo says:

    I WAS pro Romney…but always liked Tancredo. Personally, I think he is the best of the lot.
    Romney’s answer re his sons and Military didn’t sit well with me.
    Wish Tancredo had the $$$$ behind him.

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