Houston debuts Muslim billboards

This post was inspired by a blogger on the Houston Chronicle in house bloggers list, and just so folks know, as much as I love the great state of Texas, I have little, if ANY use for the city of Houston and its Sanctuary City status. That sets the tone for this post I believe.

Houston debuts Muslim billboards

The local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic relations debuted today billboards that promote Muslim patriotism to counter Islamophobia in the months leading up to the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

The 10 billboards, located along area interstates, read “Proud Americans, Proud Texans, Proud Muslims,” and display faces of members of the Houston Muslim community.

One billboard shows Muslims serving in a variety of professions—including a doctor and soldier—and another illustrates interfaith relationships by showing an imam with a Jewish rabbi and Christian pastor.

Houston is the first city to display such billboards, though other markets may adopt the campaign, said Ibrahim Hooper, national spokesman for CAIR.

A grant from private donors enabled the organization to afford the $54,000 cost, said Mustafaa Carroll, director of CAIR-Houston.

The billboards are meant to promote a positive image of local Muslims in response to recent incidents in the community, including two Houston-area mosques that were deliberately set on fire this spring.

The patriotic message is similar to campaigns by Houston’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to promote “Muslims for Peace” and “Muslims for Loyalty” with flyers, door-to-door visits and interfaith meetings.

The billboard campaign has drawn attention across the country and across the globe since it was announced, according Carroll, mostly from fellow Muslims praising their large-scale efforts.

A few conservative members of Houston’s Muslim community questioned the decision to display images of Muslims, since a hadith by Muhammad discourages followers from putting up depictions of people, animals or God. Carroll said the billboards needed to be appealing to the general public.

“It’s just a billboard, but hopefully it will lead to discussions and understanding,” he said.

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Houston debuts Muslim billboards | Believe It or Not

I think everyone that reads here already knows, I don’t try to push my religious beliefs off on anyone. My political ideas and America 1st patriotism is another matter entirely.

In my not so humble opinion, Islam is NOT a religion, it is a SECT of rabid believers that embrace the idea of *submit to Islam or DIE*.

That’s a pretty hard-line, one way stand on matters, don’t you think?

If you read this story from the Chron Blogs you may or may not see the comment I left, the last time I looked it was still in their moderation queue, so, I did a copy and paste, you know, just in case the TexasFred views on Islam don’t quite line up with those of the author.

Billboards huh??

How about some public service announcements, or public gatherings, well publicized gatherings, denouncing the terrorist attacks Muslims make all over the world? Attacks on non-Muslims (Christians and Jews) as well as on each other?

How about some *rage* over the EVILS that Islam espouses…

How about some serious dialog regarding *submit, pay Jizya or DIE*?

Somehow, I just don’t sense a lot of sincerity in a Islamic billboard campaign.

Muslims are the enemy of every FREE man, woman and child on the face of this earth. They are, as Muslims, taught from the Quran that WE are infidels and that WE are to submit to them or it’s OK to cut our damned heads off.

Well, that is just not a people I can befriend, not in any way, shape, form or fashion, and quite frankly, every time I read a story of Muslims attacking and killing other Muslims, I get a very happy feeling in my heart. I don’t care how many of them kill each other, as long as it’s Muslim on Muslim, it can be a free for all, with no bag limit.

I’m pretty sure that dull roar you hear in the background is the sound of my detractors lining up to be the 1st to say, ‘That TexasFred guy is a mean old man and a vile racist’.

When it comes to protection this nation, my family and everything America stands for, or, is supposed to stand for, I have NO problem with our enemies killing one another, it just saves us the trouble of having to kill them later, and make NO mistake, Muslims ARE our enemies.

About 30 years ago I was living in El Paso, we had a really nice 3 bedroom apartment in a very nice complex, it was clean and comfortable, and we had great neighbors too.

One of my neighbors was a Major in the Jordanian Army, his name was Zahhe Gommah and he was on temporary duty at Ft. Bliss, McGregor Range, training on the operation and use of the Patriot missile system. Zahhe and his wife, Haifa, were both Jordanian Christians and we had a lot of good times with those folks.

There were also 4 or 5 units that were occupied by members of the Kuwaiti military, they too were training on the Patriot system, but they were, to a man, devout Muslims.

That experience, seeing how those Kuwaiti Muslims treated an Arab Christian, how they denigrated his wife for not wearing the hijab, how they called her the most vile names imaginable, simply because she was a Christian, and not a Muslim, taught me all I cared to know about the religion of peace.

The bombing of Marine Barracks Beirut on October 23, 1983 took my knowledge of Islam to a place I didn’t want it to go.

Then, on the morning of September 11, 2001, my education was completed. It seems that some Americans have forgotten those dates in history.

Moderate, peaceful and tolerant Muslims? Not in MY opinion, not now, not ever.

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15 Responses to Houston debuts Muslim billboards

  1. Shady says:

    The only thing I need to know about the religion of peace happened on 9/11/2001.

    Any religion that preaches hate is in itself evil. Any religion that condones violence is “evil”. Anyone who does not see that the Muslim faith condones violence needs a guide. Even the the late “Ray Charles” can see this.

  2. Bob Mack says:

    Proud Americans…Proud Muslims…Burma Shave. Who’s the guy in uniform, the Ft. Hood shooter?

  3. GM Roper says:

    The C.A.I.R. association kind of puts the lie to the rest doesn’t it. I know some Muslims who are Proud Texans, Proud Americans and Proud Muslims. But they don’t want to have a damned thing to do with C.A.I.R. Period.

  4. TexasFred says:

    GM — And they are still Muslims, or, as I am becoming fond of calling them, TARGETS!

  5. LittleOleLady says:

    The time for them to battle “Islamophobia”.. was 9/12/01.. and the way to do that was turn any and all people that were talking up and supporting radical Islam.

    This is merely an attempt to lull people that are idiotic and apathetic enough to believe their propaganda into a state of complacency. Proof? They are doing it on the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01.

  6. LittleOleLady says:

    Oh my, I need to clarify .. it’s “radical Islam” .. and I wanted to add the quotation marks because though the members of the religion claim some are radicalized and claim most are peace loving, yada, yada. But they have yet to prove it to me.

    I apologize for the oversight in punctuation there. =)

  7. WhoBeen says:

    As I’ve said many times, “East is east and west is west and never the two shall meet! Muslims are east and Americans are west and they damn sure will never meet!”

    By the way, there is no such thing as a “proud Muslim Texan” or a “proud Muslim American” …every time I see one of those proud pieces of pig turd I’m reminded of the proud pig turd smile on the Muslim’s face as he looked me in the eye on that fateful day never to be forgotten as “911”. …the scum bag! Just hours after the event we just happened to pass one another and the pig turd dressed in his best towel head turban money can buy and all the rest of whatever you call camel jockey’s sunday best, gave me a s–t eating grin that I’ve never forgot… (sorry I had to delete the rest of what I said, but I think any proud Texan can read my mind)

  8. minuteman26 says:

    Well said Fred. All any muslim has to do to show that he/her is a patriotic American is denounce the Quaran.

  9. Cary says:

    Denouncing the koran/quran/khorhan/whatevertheyarecallingitthisweek would certainly prove their Americanism – and it would remove them from the ranks of the muslim.

    Removal from the ranks of muslim would automatically make them either a target for muslims (they don’t allow defections or conversions) or, if they were allowed to live, without death threats etc., you can be assured they are practicing the “lie about anything to get what you want” part of their indoctrination.

  10. TexasFred says:

    LittleOleLady — There are NO peaceful Muslims, there are only Muslims that haven’t committed acts of terrorism yet…

    WhoBen — THIS Texan knows exactly what you mean!!

    As my recently deceased friend Basti was fond of saying, “Nits make lice, kill em ALL, man woman and child, because they’re damn sure going to kill us if we don’t.”

  11. TexasFred says:

    To let folks know, my comment on the original story on the Houston Chronicle WAS published… I’m a bit surprised, but very pleased too…

  12. The “religion of peace and tolerance” is nothing more than a Death Cult.

    Its adherents are either militant killers or pants-shitting fearful dupes.

    And those who cannot draw the line between an obscenity such as Islam and Truth are likewise pants-shitting, fearful dupes.

    “Islam is as Islam does.”

    And it does naught but death.

    You can quote me on that.


  13. I predict that these Islamophilic billboards will pop up all over the United States.

    And let’s not forget that CAIR has a campaign of bus ads going as well.

    Here we are, not quite 10 years after 9/11, and the whitewash of Islam has become the overwhelming trend. Well, tell a lie loudly enough and often enough, and the people will come to believe that lie.

  14. PatriotUSA says:

    Thanks for having this up, Fred. I see you noticed that I ‘stole it’ and of course I did.

    I appreciate your site and I always try to give proper credit and leave a link back to the original site. I occasionally forgot but not very often.

    What Always On Watch stated is true:
    These stinking billboards will start showing up all over the country and i would not be too surprised to find that funding for such perverted garbage will run all the way back down to the pits of hell inside the White House, from the vile outreach that this first muslim potus, the mullah in the White House has done to the muslim community inside the USA.

    This is just another lie, a deception, pure taqiyya from Cair.

  15. “Peaceful Muslim’s?” After have heard them (muslims) screaming for my blood on at least three occasions I don’t believe that peaceful is quite how I would describe them…

    I still think we should cash in on our collective investment in MX missiles.

    That should spell out my position on the subject.

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