As Tea Party reshapes GOP, cheer and worry

As Tea Party reshapes GOP, cheer and worry

WASHINGTON — The Tea Party is here to stay. The 2-year-old phenomenon’s muscular role in the debt-ceiling crisis made that clear, despite earlier predictions it would fade away when the national furor over health care cooled down.

Now the GOP establishment wonders if the grass-roots movement will power Republicans to new victories in 2012, or dash them on the rocks of unbending ideology.

One thing is obvious: The Tea Party already is reshaping the Republican Party. Once-moderate lawmakers are shifting sharply right, fearing primary challenges more than Democratic opponents. And most GOP presidential contenders have positioned themselves to the right of party leaders, and even some House tea partyers, on the debt-ceiling issue.

The movement’s influence on the GOP remains double-edged. Tea Partyers’ adamant opposition to tax hikes helped Republican Party regulars force President Barack Obama to surrender his push for new taxes on the rich. But House tea partyers also embarrassed Speaker John Boehner by forcing him to hastily revise his debt-ceiling bill.

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As Tea Party reshapes GOP, cheer and worry

Maybe the TEA Party has members across the nation that have some *stones* and a backbone. Perhaps they could send a few of them to Rowlett and show these Paultards and all around moonbats what a TEA Party really is and what it’s supposed to do. Just sayin’.

I’d like to offer ALL TEA Party folks a bit of advice, read this line, several times, “And most GOP presidential contenders have positioned themselves to the right of party leaders, and even some House tea partyers, on the debt-ceiling issue.” and then set your common sense button to HIGH and realize this one truth to be an indisputable fact; ALL politicians will position themselves as far RIGHT or LEFT as they feel necessary to appeal to their base, and will tell you anything they believe will get them elected.

Think John McCain, and remember how every election that he has run was staged with McCain as a hard core Conservative and a pillar of GOP integrity. Then remember this; as soon as the votes were counted McCain went right back to being the King of the RINOs as he strained every muscle he has in an effort to reach as far across the aisle as possible as he acquiesces to the demands of his fellow Senators on the LEFT!

There’s another issue I want to address too, before I forget it, and that is the MEDIA and its insistence that the TEA Party is not the TEA Party, it’s the Tea Party or tea party.

Why hasn’t anyone in the TEA Party had the GALL to stand up and address the ignorant cretins of the MEDIA and tell them, in no uncertain terms, it’s TEA by GOD, TEA, as in Taxed Enough Already, it’s not about tea and sitting around sipping a glass or cup.

The TEA Party gets their panties in a wad over some numb-skull like Biden calling them a bunch of terrorists but they don’t have the courage to take on the MEDIA and tell them that TEA isn’t a drink, it’s a political group.

I call the TEA Party a *group* because using the words TEA Party and organization in one sentence is just wrong, on every level. They have NO organization, no real leadership and seem to be quite happy with their less than organized grass roots movement.

With the Tea Party about to play its first role in a presidential election, mainstream Republicans hope to harness its energy in campaigns nationwide, as they did in 2010. The trick is to do it while avoiding the damage of that year, when Tea Partyers cost the GOP likely Senate pickups by nominating out-of-the-mainstream conservatives in Delaware, Nevada and Colorado.

There is another thing the TEA Party needs to realize; a grass roots movement, with no real organization, while perhaps feared by the GOP, has no POWER, no money base and is, for lack of a better word, a 3rd Party contender and we ALL know where 3rd Party efforts have gone in the past.

In 2007 and 2008 I tried to help in an effort to form a viable 3rd Party and I hit a brick wall at every turn, from friends, fellow bloggers and political candidates. If the TEA Party can’t even get their REAL name and REAL message across in the media, how do they hope to be an effective force in a national election?

What are they going to do? Get Sarah Palin to make their picks for them and tell them who to vote for? Palin is, after all, still considered to be the Queen of the Tea Party, (media spelling) and hey, her 2008 picks all turned out so well…a RINO from hell, Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, that sexy little witch Christine O’Donnell, and who can forget the guy in Alaska that was taken apart in a *write-in* campaign by RINO Lisa Murkowski, Joe Miller was it?

Yeah, let Sarah Palin be the Queen of the Tea Party, uh, oops, TEA Party.

The TEA Party was a grand idea in it’s original inception, and most likely still is in some areas of the nation. As long as the TEA Party sticks to its message, its CORE VALUES, it can do some good work and make a few inroads in American politics.

How simple can it be? Uphold the U.S. Constitution, Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility and Free Markets.

So far, Obama and Company have shredded the Constitution, expanded government, can’t spell Fiscal Responsibility and have no idea what Free Markets are. If the TEA Party is to ever be considered successful, they have a lot of work to do, and much of it begins with cleaning their own doorstep, and taking up the mantra of NO MORE RINOs!

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5 Responses to As Tea Party reshapes GOP, cheer and worry

  1. Katie says:

    Fred you really have to allow yourself to let go and tell the world what you really feel about the TEA Party.

    Actually it was a great rant.

  2. GM Roper says:

    “No More R.I.N.O.s” Needs to be the clarion call for all of right thinking Americans. Lets clean our own house as we toss the Won out on his ass next year.

    Great graphic above Fred.

  3. extex_cop says:

    I too hope that the TEA Party would belly up to the bar and get ready for some serious work….and take on all comers.

    As far as Obama and the other Libbers…I think their definition of Free Market is a Market where the lowlife, welfare grabbers go to get FREE stuff.

    We need to get things right in 2012,,,and that means get a Party that is as far RIGHT as we can go.

  4. Jim at Conservatives on Fire says:

    I don’t car what they call themselves as long as they vote RIGHT!

  5. Bob Mack says:

    Any group that equally perturbs the Dems, RINOs, GOP establishment, & the MSM must be on the right track. And what about the TEA party perturbs the political elitists? The demand that their government follow the LAW, that law being the Constitution of the United States. Not much to ask, it seems to me.

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