McCain outlines vision of Iraq victory

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Republican John McCain declared for the first time Thursday he believes the Iraq war can be won by 2013, although he rejected suggestions that his talk of a timetable put him on the same side as Democrats clamoring for full-scale troop withdrawals.

The Republican presidential contender, in a mystical speech that also envisioned Osama bin Laden dead or captured, and Americans with the choice of paying a simple flat tax or following their standard 1040 form, said only a small number of troops would remain in Iraq by the end of a prospective first term because al-Qaida will have been defeated and Iraq’s government will be functioning on its own.

“By January 2013, America has welcomed home most of the servicemen and women who have sacrificed terribly so that America might be secure in her freedom. The Iraq War has been won,” McCain told an audience of several hundred here in the capital city of a general election battleground state.

Later, as the Arizona senator drove to the airport on his “Straight Talk Express” campaign bus, McCain was peppered by reporters with questions about the timetable. He and his aides insisted there was a difference between ending the war and bringing troops home and, as they criticize the Democrats, announcing a withdrawal upfront without regard for the military endgame.

“It’s not a timetable; it’s victory. It’s victory, which I have always predicted. I didn’t know when we were going to win World War II; I just knew we were going to win,” McCain said.

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McCain outlines vision of Iraq victory

If there’s anyone out there that’s still not convinced that a McCain presidency will be nothing more than the 3rd coming of George Bush, this oughta do it, all McCain needs is a catchy little slogan like ‘stay the course’…

Sen. McCain, I wasn’t going to use this reference again but since YOU brought it up, yes, we did win WWII, and we did it in 3 years and 9 months, a WORLD WAR, not a pissing contest in Iraq, a real live WORLD WAR, and we did it by fighting the fight, not by taking a holding position as we spent even more BILLIONS in rebuilding the nations that were decimated by the war while the war was still in progress…

I seriously thought you were a bit more on the ball Sir, but I guess not, maybe you really are as addled brained as 1st thought, the American people don’t understand why it’s already taken us 5 years to get to the point we are in Iraq and then you tack on another 5 years, just for good measure?? For victory?? For VICTORY??

We already achieved a victory in Iraq, our troops delivered that victory within the 1st month of the Iraqi war, no big deal, the Iraqis were a pushover for the most part, then Bush and Company, and I include you in that group Sen. McCain, you guys blew the victory and have lost the peace, our troops didn’t botch the job, you and the rest of the pandering politicos did…

I want the McCainiacs to answer this, how is it that your angry little old man, the one that you call a war hero, tell me how he can be so stupid, can you do that??

Sen. McCain, if the U.S. military can’t in your opinion, WIN a war and achieve victory in a piss-ant place like Iraq, a nation that is approximately the same size as Texas, if they aren’t allowed to achieve a stunning victory in a hell of a lot less than the 5 years they’ve had under George Bush, and the additional 5 years that you predict as necessary, why should we want YOU as the Commander in Chief??

According to your own words you will be no better at leading this nation to victory than Bush has been…

Once upon a time you may have been a brave warfighter, but today you’re no better than Bush, you’re a PC pacifist and you’re kissing ass for votes…

You call yourself Conservative and Republican?? If in reality you are either, then I am going to declare MY intentions to become something else, you are tainting the good name of Conservatives everywhere and the Republicans shot themselves in the foot a long time ago, you played a big part in that one too Mr. RINO, maybe you guys need to take a head shot next time…

McCain might be better than Clinton or Obama, but if he is, it won’t be by very much, Americans should be ashamed of themselves, I mean totally ashamed, we have become so filled with apathy and complacency that we accept McCain as being the best man for the job, when all he really is, is the lesser of the evils, and not that much lesser if the truth were told…

If this is the best the Republican have to offer, I suggest it’s time for the Conservatives to pull completely away from the Republican party and form their own party and present viable and truly Conservative candidates and not the wannabes we’re having forced upon us by the RNC and the media…

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7 Responses to McCain outlines vision of Iraq victory

  1. Findalis says:

    It took the US 8 years to subjugate Germany after WW 2. It took the US 6 years to subjugate Japan after WW 2. By looking at the news reports, 2013 is a good estimate for the subjugating of Iraq. It is harder because we screwed up at first and didn’t follow the advice of our military experts. That and not sending the best people to help reconstruct Iraq set the US timetable back 3 years.

    We need to stay the course. We will see results.

  2. TexasFred says:

    Findalis, that’s a crock, McCain isn’t talking about the subjugating of Iraq, the old bastard said VICTORY, and I will take issue with ANYONE that says we didn’t have VICTORY, I will NOT allow the sacrifice of our dead and wounded to be denigrated by some asshole like McCain and his 5 more years to achieve VICTORY…

    Don’t make excuses for him, he can either speak the words correctly or he can kiss MY America ass and suffer the consequences…

    And out of curiosity, why in the hell are WE reconstructing Iraq??

  3. Longstreet says:

    “If this is the best the Republican have to offer, I suggest it’s time for the Conservatives to pull completely away from the Republican party and form their own party and present viable and truly Conservative candidates and not the wannabes we’re having forced upon us by the RNC and the media…”
    Been advocating this for a good while now. I don’t see another acceptable alternative.

    Best regards!


  4. ablur says:

    We won the war.
    MacArthur had a clear and decisive plan for Japan that worked and was easily repeatable. Rumsfeld was too dumb or proud to take the lesson from history and use it.
    I covered our pathetic position here.
    Failure Isn’t an Option

    Now we have Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest for candidates for president and they don’t know history or strategy. They know how to pander……

  5. Toni says:

    A Conservative Party would be great. The problem comes in with the fact that we have to let Republicans continue to fail as they have been to accomplish this. However, if we let McCain fail, we’ve got Obama which is scary as hell. We end up choosing the lesser of two evils, but we continue with evil. I don’t know what I’ll do come November. I’ll just have to pray that God helps me make the right decision. When McCain was saying nothing there for a little while, I was determined to just plug my nose and vote. Every time he opens his mouth though, I don’t know if I can do it.

  6. TexasFred says:

    Toni, given the option of McCain or Obama, I’ll take McCain but he’s still just the lesser of ALL evils, and the American people deserve so much more, they used to demand more, I guess that went away too…

  7. Kate says:

    I wonder what his reception is going to be tomorrow at the NRA forum? Lucky me….I get to find out. 😕

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