$1.6 billion surplus projected for Texas

$1.6 billion surplus projected for Texas

AUSTIN — After a long run of tough times brought on by a sour economy, Texas lawmakers got some good news Monday as the state’s chief fiscal officer projected a $1.6 billion surplus that could provide a much-needed financial cushion for the next session of the Legislature.

The windfall available for the fiscal biennium that started Sept. 1 was generated by better-than-expected state revenue. It could enable lawmakers to partly offset a $4.8 billion shortfall in Medicaid and soften some other cuts enacted during the 2011 Legislature, analysts said.

The new projections by Comptroller Susan Combs will make things easier for budget-writers at the outset of the next legislative session in 2013, although lawmakers will still face a host of financial challenges.

Combs projected available revenue of $82.7 billion by the time the biennium ends on Aug. 31, 2013, which would give the state a $1.6 billion balance over the $81.1 billion in the two-year budget approved by this year’s Legislature.

Lawmakers entered the 2011 session facing one of the biggest shortfalls in years.

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$1.6 billion surplus projected for Texas

Texas is, without a doubt, THE best place to live in the United States.

Some detractors hate Texas just because, no reason other than *it’s Texas, and I hate it*, and I do NOT exaggerate.

There are a lot of people, thought to be ‘Conservative’ people, that tend to overlook the fact that Rick Perry is the Governor of Texas. They talk about how great the Texas economy is, they talk about the *Texas Success Story*, and in the next breath denigrate Rick Perry and talk about what a BAD leader he must be because he really is a crappy debater.

So, answer me this; do you want someone to be President of the United States because they can DEBATE well or do you want someone that’s a proven and successful leader?

I can’t understand the attitude some have regarding Rick Perry.

Has Perry made mistakes? Damned right he has, and I have taken him to task here on the blog, and in communication with him and his staff over them any time he made what I considered to be a mistake, but you see, Rick Perry KNOWS that he makes mistakes, and he admits when he does make mistakes. He doesn’t try to hide them or blame them on someone else, or a previous administration.

Through October, she (Susan Combs) said, Texas has recovered 94 percent of the jobs lost during the recession. Nationwide, just 27 percent of the jobs lost in the recession have been recovered, she said.

OK, Rick Perry didn’t do it *all by himself*, but he has been instrumental in the growth and success of Texas. American Conservatives may want to rethink their positions on Newt, Mittens and their claims of conservatism, and take a REAL look at Rick Perry.

Rick Perry isn’t perfect, there is NO perfect man or candidate, but Rick Perry is the best we have at this time. I will support Rick Perry in his run for the White House, I hope you will too!

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6 Responses to $1.6 billion surplus projected for Texas

  1. Katie says:

    For God sakes Fred, don’t let California know! They will find a way to go to court to steal the money!

  2. Bunkerville says:

    Whats with this Joe Barton guy you have? He voted no on the Pipeline yesterday. Other than that, I would say you have a grand State… I have travelled through it. Sounds like a good place to retire… which are considered the best areas to retire? This Northeast is getting to me!

    • TexasFred says:

      Joe Barton is not my Representative… That’s like asking “What’s with this Ron Paul guy?” and I get asked that ALL the time, “How can you Texas guys keep reelecting him?”

      We have a lot of Congressmen from Texas, I have all I can do to keep up with my own, Sam Johnson…

      The best place to retire? I have NO idea, I am retired and I like where I am, a small city, 55K range, but again, Texas is huge, there is a climate and a landscape for everyone…

      • Bunkerville says:

        Point taken. Which proves that one’s perception that everyone in Texas is for oil is a misnomer. Indeed, One can drive all day in Texas and never leave the State, and a beautiful one at that.

  3. BobF says:

    1.6 billion surplus in a state that’s faced devastating wildfires and drought. This without personal or corporate income taxes. Kind of tells you something of the leadership in Texas. I want a leader for this nation; not a silver tongued devil.

    Fred, you’re right about people just plain hating Texas because it’s Texas. I have a friend like that. She can’t explain why other than it’s Texas.

    • TexasFred says:

      Bob, I get it all the time, “I hate that TexasFred guy, he’s an asshole from TEXAS”, I am NOT joking…

      I just laugh at the morons, I get called a racist all the time because of my views on Mexico and ILLEGALS, I have foundation for MY views, we are being invaded, but when a person tells you that they HATE a place or person and can state NO reason, that person has a mental problem… Your friend included…

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