Springfield Armory XD Video and Torture test

Springfield Armory XD Video and Torture test

This video is a bit dated, gun guys will know when they see the part about XD’s coming in 9mm, .357Sig, .40S&W.

XD’s are now offered in several versions of the venerable .45ACP and also in .45GAP.

I own 3 Springfield XD Series pistols, an XD-45 Tactical and 2 XD-40 Sub-Compacts. I think highly of these pistols, so much so that I recommended the XD to my son when he became a sworn officer of the law. He now has 2 XD’s, a .45 Tactical and a .40 Sub.

Two of my neighbors are XD owners. A good friend that is a State Trooper carries an XD-40 as his primary, his department issues the well made .357Sig to their Troopers, but my buddy is that impressed with the XD.

The Sheriff my son-in-law works for owns, and carries, an XD-45 Tactical.

I know of at least one U.S. Marshal that is forced to carry a Glock on duty but his off-duty weapon is an XD-45 Tactical.

I have been a serious handgun shooter for 40 years now, I have owned many fine handguns over the years, and I have to admit, I did own a Glock, a Glock 19. I had that pistol for a brief period of time. I also have to say, it was a LEMON. More on that later.

I have owned S&W’s in semi-auto and revolver, Rugers semi-autos and revolvers, Colt 1911′s, Colt Mark IV Series 70′s, a Jim Clark custom 1911, built by Jim, not Jimmy, (gun hands WILL know the difference) and I even had 3 Llama pistols, Spanish made 1911 frame knock-offs back many years ago, in .22, .32 and .45ACP.

I had a matched set of H&R Pistols, pretty old guns, one in .22 and one in .32. The .32 was stolen a while back, by someone that was thought to be a friend.

I have shot just about every gun to come down the pike that was manufactured since the early 1900′s and have some great experiences, and a couple of near disasters.

The first disaster I ever had was firing hand-loads that were accidentally loaded so HOT that one round actually cracked the forcing cone on an S&W Model 28 .357 Magnum.

The other disaster I had was with the only Glock I ever owned.

That particular gun would *stove pipe* about every 6th or 7th round, and that was something that happened to every person that fired it, and was a problem that no gunsmith was able to resolve. It stove piped on me at THE worst possible moment and had I not had an S&W .38 Chiefs Special as a backup, I quite likely wouldn’t be writing this piece.

I got rid of that Glock as soon as I possibly could, and deserved or not, I have never been able to recommended a Glock to anyone, and I have never touched a Glock since.

Many *gun people* have tried to say that the Glock *stove piped* because I had weak hands or a weak grip, or that I held the gun *loose*. Those people are what I like to call WRONG! People that know me can attest to the size and strength I possess.

And in ALL fairness, I know several people that have TRIED to make an XD stove pipe. They have deliberately held it loose, VERY loose, shot it upside down, sideways and loose in ALL of those positions. No stove piped rounds from the Springfield.

I am not saying it was altogether the Glock’s fault (it was), but a serious malfunction, especially one that is not brought on by operator error, can, and will leave a bad taste in your mouth, and a lot of doubt will always remain in the back of your mind.

A gun is an inanimate object. It is a tool. It is incapable of causing harm on it’s own. But no gun is infallible, ALL guns, even Springfield XD’s are subject to malfunctions and breakage, but XD’s are a lot less likely to let you down when you really need it.

If you watched the video above, you saw the extreme torture test that the gun was put through, and it’s still in service as a personal protection weapon. That is high praise indeed.

This ease of operation, the natural pointability, the unbelievable balance and the ease of take down for cleaning makes the XD series the best pistol I have ever owned and one that I not only recommend to anyone looking to buy a great pistol, but is a pistol that I bet my life on.

If you’re a gun person, shoot a Springfield XD Series pistol. If you really are a gun person, you’ll end up owning at least one XD. Most folks I know that are XD owners usually end up with more than just one!

As I said earlier, I have 3 XD’s. If finances allowed, I’d have at least 2 more. They are that good.

Disclaimer: I am NOT an employee of Springfield Armory and am not paid compensation in any way for this post. I am simply a very pleased XD owner.

To see the full offering, check out the link: Springfield Armory

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11 Responses to Springfield Armory XD Video and Torture test

  1. mrchuck says:

    I understand that Springfield XD is also now offered in a super small XD model for concealed carry.
    I will then go check them out again.
    I have personally shot every product Springfield makes.
    The DOJ had picked me along with others, for trials for my specific agency.
    Since I was already the LEAA rep for several states police forces, I calmly accepted this responsibility. RHIP, RHIR. I know what it means, and others out there will also know.

    Anyway, the only thing I did not like was the pistol was made in Croatia.
    This was probably due, as I reflect back, that I had a patrol officer that was from Yugoslavia, Croatia.
    An American citizen of course, but he needed more direction than anyone in my command. He could not think or anticipate on his own.
    Oh well. But Croatia still sits uneasy with me.

    Other than that for me, the XD Springfield is superb, and really fits my grip better than any handgun out there of any type. Absolutely flawless workmanship and fits like a glove, which means it is hard to have it physically removed from your hand(yes,this happens) and also makes it super accurate with less felt re-coil.

    So, when they make a pistol as compact s the Kel-Tec P-11, I will buy one forthwith.
    That is if there is someone out there who doesn’t like his or hers, and wants to sell it to me at an attractive price.

  2. Bunkerville says:

    Sounds like you have given a lot of guns a “loving home”. :)

  3. sdkar says:

    Sorry to hear about the Glock. I have owned several, both as a police officer and as a civilian and I have had a stove pipe or two, but that is with thousands of rounds through it. I can only say that you must have no deoubtedly got a true lemon. Just the smallest of some defect that was undetectable that made it a bad experience. However, I do feel that the Glock is a little too utalitarian for my liking, but own one out of habit I guess. I have done some homework and love the XDM and came within seconds of buying one but got the Glock as a civilian out of loyalty and having one by my side for so many years.

    I have quite a few bucket list of guns I would like to own and an XDM is one of them for sure. I could find very little negative on this gun and to me, it is a glock with a touch of class and a little badass too boot. What the Glock has on street cred, the XDM has in fit and feel.

    Thanks for the video, I am sure it got me a little closer to buying one soon. The day after teh next presidential election may be the biggest day of gun and ammo sales ever.

    Anyway, I too love teh XDM…very nice indeed.

  4. minuteman26 says:

    Own an XD45 Tactical and a Kel Tec P11. They both serve a specific purpose. Like them both. As mrchuck says when Springfield makes a pistol the size of the P11, will be one of the first in line.

  5. BobF says:

    After the holidays, my next purchase is going to be a XD 45 compact with the 4″ barrel.

    • BobF says:

      Next to a 1911, you can’t find a better looking semiautomatic handgun.

      Springfield XD45 45ACP 4″ Black Compact Fixed Sights for Sale at Buds Gun Shop $459.00

  6. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Sad thing is: WHY made in Croatia?

    Why is it we can’t keep or develop our own tooling and machining talent?


  7. Patrick Sperry says:

    XD’s are great pistols. It is as simple as that. Now, a question. What product from Springfield does anyone not like..? I have yet to find one that isn’t up to snuff.

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