Lowe’s pulling ads from Muslim show sparks protest

Lowe’s pulling ads from Muslim show sparks protest

ALLEN PARK, Mich. (AP) - Protesters descended on a Lowe’s store in one of the country’s largest Arab-American communities on Saturday, calling for a boycott after the home improvement chain pulled its ads from a reality television show about five Muslim families living in Michigan.

About 100 people gathered outside the store in Allen Park, a Detroit suburb adjacent to the city where “All-American Muslim” is filmed. Lowe’s said this week that the TLC show had become a “lightning rod” for complaints, following an email campaign by a conservative Christian group.

Protesters including Christian clergy and lawmakers called for unity and held signs that read “Boycott Bigotry” and chanted “God Bless America, shame on Lowe’s” during the rally, which was organized by a coalition of Christian, Muslim and civil rights groups.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a Detroit Democrat and the first Muslim woman elected to the Michigan Legislature, said it was “disgusting” for Lowe’s to stop supporting a show that reflects America - the conservatives, liberals and even “the Kim Kardashians” in the Muslim community, she said.

“We’re asking the company to change their mind,” said protester Ray Holman, a legislative liaison for a United Auto Workers local. He said he was dismayed that the retailer “pulled sponsorship of a positive program.”

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Lowe’s pulling ads from Muslim show sparks protest

Maybe I’m just old fashioned. Maybe it’s because I have old fashioned values. I have taken nearly a week just to weigh in on this one. I was simply not believing the way it was going down.

That said, it seems to me that Lowe’s, or any other business concern in this nation, has the right to spend its money on whatever they deem to be a good expense.

I can’t find any evidence where a precedent has been set, one that gives government the right to tell Lowe’s, or any of us for that matter, where WE can spend our money, or on WHAT we can buy with that money.
The All American Muslim? Is that not a misnomer? A will-o’-the-wisp maybe? See this; CAN MUSLIMS BE GOOD AMERICANS? and decide for yourself.

Was sponsorship pulled because of complaints from Lowe’s customers and their protest or was it pulled because the show SUCKED? Seriously, who really gives a damn about obvious propaganda from the networks? If these people were ‘good Americans’ they wouldn’t be Muslims in the 1st place.

A local rabbi extended his support to clergy at the protest and local Arab Americans, saying he and other Jews would have been at the protest had it not fallen during the Jewish Sabbath.

“I hope that they would likewise stand up and demonstrate should something outrageous like this take place against another religion,” Rabbi Jason Miller said in a statement.

I can’t imagine WHY a Rabbi would be supporting this program in ANY way. The express intent of Islam, and ALL Muslims, is the total destruction of Israel and the death of ALL Jews that don’t submit to Islam and pay the Jizya tax. Why would a Rabbi stand in support of a people that want him and his fellows dead?

Saturday’s rally was met by about 20 counter-protesters including John White, who lives in nearby Livonia and called those protesting against Lowe’s “terribly misdirected.” He acknowledged that he hadn’t watched the show, saying he’d seen previews and read about it, but believed the company made a decision based on business, not bigotry.

“Americans are not suspicious … of baseball-playing, apple-pie eating Muslims,” he said. “It’s the ones you see on the news.”

John White is a tool, a gullible representation of those that fall for the stories handed out by the left and the American media that they control! White is, apparently, uneducated to the ways of Islam and the true EVIL it represents.

In MY opinion, if you’re a ‘good American’ you’re not a Muslim or a supporter of Islam.


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10 Responses to Lowe’s pulling ads from Muslim show sparks protest

  1. BobF says:

    When Sharia law takes over, it’ll be those “Christian” ministers and Jewish Rabbis who are rounded up first. Dearborn and Hamtramic Michigan are so overrun with Muslims, that Christians are now being arrested for sharing their faith on public streets in those cities. Muslim call to prayers are now broadcast over loudspeakers in these cities.

  2. jd3 says:

    As for me….I am going to Lowes and buy something whether I need it or not!

    • TexasFred says:

      That’s the spirit!!

      According to a story I saw earlier, Lowe’s is doing even better since they dropped this POS show… Having a GREAT December!

      • BobF says:

        Soon as the wife is done cleaning her car, we’re off to Lowe’s to buy a Christmas gift for my son. Besides, Lowe’s also honors our military by giving a 10% military discount.

  3. mrchuck says:

    We have a Lowe’s here, and we all support it.
    Great store.
    Now, about muslims,,,,there are black muslims and arab muslims up in the Detroilet area.
    None of them are worth a shit!
    Just go drive in their neighborhood just once,, and you will NEVER go back.

    Both sects mission in life is to Destroy the United States.

    Never ever forget this, and you just may continue through your life peacefully.

    If you support muslims,,,then by all means move there.
    We’ll help take up a collection for you.

  4. Bob Mack says:

    It would be more appropriate for people who still possess any vestige of sanity to protest 1,500 years of documented jihad and Islamic bigotry. We’ll discover an honest Congressman, an alien from outer space and Bigfoot before we locate the ‘all-American’ Muslim…

  5. James Shott says:

    We’re having our house re-stained and some fascia boards replaced, new covering under the porch, new ceiling on the porch, and a new storm door.

    Lowe’s is where we are buying our materials.

    Maybe I’ll find some more work now.

  6. BobF says:

    Thanksgiving Day in Hamtramck, MI


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