Texas sues feds over voter ID law

Texas sues feds over voter ID law

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott filed suit against the U.S. Department of Justice on Monday in an effort to speed enforcement of the state’s new voter ID law.

Justice officials, who must determine whether the law unfairly puts minority voters at a disadvantage, have been reviewing the law for the past six months and twice have asked state officials to supply additional information on the racial breakdown of Texas voters with state-issued identification.

Fearing further delays, particularly after Justice officials rejected a similar law in South Carolina last month, Abbott asked a federal court to intervene and approve the Texas statute so it could take effect immediately.

The Legislature, which passed the voter ID law last year, specified that it should take effect in this year’s primaries. But the federal government must approve the law before it is enforced in a process known as pre-clearance.

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Texas sues feds over voter ID law

I have covered this Voter I.D. thing before. I have made my position VERY clear; I have no problem with a Voter I.D. law, in fact, I would encourage such, all over this nation!

A while back I had a Big *L* Libertarian reader that was, for the most part, a fairly easy to get along with kind of guy, right up until the time I made my views on Voter I.D. known.

Then his Big *L* Libertarian came out.

Apparently, at least to him, because I am an ardent supporter of the Voter I.D. Law, I was a Commie, or something.

It seems that I didn’t support LIBERTY. All because I fully support a law that requires ALL voters in this nation, (me included) to have in their possession, an identification, a STATE ISSUED identification, one that effectively proves who they are to the folks that run the elections.

I make NO claims of being able to understand the mind of a hard-core, Big *L* Libertarian, I can find very little in their platform that I can support and believe them to be a very dangerous lot because of their beliefs in unlimited LIBERTY.

I know why Dems don’t want a Voter I.D. law; there are huge numbers of DEAD Dems that would immediately not be allowed to vote any longer. With the Libertarians, it’s a whole different ball of wax.

As I understand it, Libertarians believe that ALL people in the USA should be allowed to cast a vote in any and all elections, regardless of their citizenship, they are entitled to cast that vote in the name of LIBERTY, simply because they are here.

No laws, no restrictions, do anything you want to do to yourself as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others … that all sounds well and good, right up until the time a drunk, or stoned Libertarian, on his way to vote for Ron Paul, kills a family of 6 in an automobile accident.

That word, LIBERTY, the battle cry of the Libertarians, has been about as bastardized by the Libertarians as has the word RACIST by the Dems, NAACP, the  Congressional Black Caucus and any other bunch of moonbats in the Barack Hussein Obama camp.

Give em HELL Greg Abbott, set the example. Texas NEEDS a Voter I.D. law!

I only hope that many other Attorneys General will follow Abbott’s fine example.

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8 Responses to Texas sues feds over voter ID law

  1. mrchuck says:

    I do NOT want anybody voting in ANY election that is not a bonafide Citizen of the USA, and a resident of their respective voting precinct!!!

    PERIOD … No if, and or buts.

    Get the hell out of Texas if you dis-agree with this, because you are not welcome here.

    • TexasFred says:

      Fully agreed, and I don’t give a DAMN about the Libbers, Dems, Paultards, Libertarians and Obama people we piss off in saying so either… :twisted:

  2. dinosaur863 says:

    the Voter ID Bill may not stop all voter fraud, but it sure would put the brakes on a sizable portion of it. We’ll still have the drunken street person, who really is at a loss to know where ‘he/she’ is…. voting……and of course the old folks in retirement homes all over the country sign a sheet and end up voting for whoever the organizer is for - but the average walk in voter would have to be a CITIZEN, and resident of their precinct.

  3. Katie says:

    Funny how you need an ID to get Welfare, Food Stamps, to cash a check, to use a credit card or check card. You should have to show ID to vote.

  4. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    You need an ID to rent a friggin’ DVD, for crap’s sake. An ID card to vote? Hello? Earth to Common Sense, come in Common Sense. . .

    If you do in fact adhere to the true strictures of Libertarianism, roughly everything is okay. Drugs are legal, borders are porous, isolationism rules. Yes, there are a few points where I personally tend to go Libertarian, mostly with regard to personal privacy, freedom of speech and adherance to the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

    An ID card to vote? Won’t cure all ills, but it’s a damn finer step than what we have now.


  5. BobF says:

    The right to vote was secured by the shed blood of Americans on battlefields throughout the world and on American soil. For Democrats, Libertarians, or anyone else to say it’s too much of an inconvenience for people to secure ID and prove they’re entitled partake of the sacrifice of these Americans is to literally piss upon the graves of these men who gave their lives to secure our Liberties and Freedoms. No man gave their life for someone to enter their nation illegally and violate its laws.

    If Democrats claim having to have picture ID is disenfranchisement, then why do they not only demand I show ID but also fill out a form for a background check when I purchase a gun? Owning a gun is a Constitutional Right, just like voting is.

  6. Steve Dennis says:

    I’m glad to see Texas challenge the feds on this. New Hampshire is once again trying to pass a voter ID law and I hope they manage to get it done this time, last year the legislature passed a voter ID law but it was vetoed by the governor.
    The states are finally starting to push back against the fed-Arizona is opening its own investigation into Fast and Furious to see if any state laws were broken-and it is about time because we need to get the federal government under control.

  7. Shady says:

    I certainly do not oppose any type of voter ID that is fraud proof. As all of you have stated that we all want our borders secure and we all DO NOT want the out come of any election determined by a lock of PEOPLE who have gained entry into the United States illegally. Which as it stands now, I am willing to wager that a few thousand illegals are voting and will vote in the upcoming elections. They are encouraged to vote, and vote often. Being a retired Law Enforcement I can honestly say I hated elections time. We would receive so many calles concerning fraudulent voters who would present a fraudulent Drivers License as their State issued ID.

    Rest assured, if Hussein is re-elected we might as well kiss it ADIOS AMIGO, BZ put it this way, “there won’t be much left anyway'” and I agree.
    So it’s going to up to bloggers like Fred, BZ, and other well known bloggers to at bare minimum to keep the attention on the subject, and TexasFred does a great job, so much so he gets visits from on his blogg by DOJ, so we know they are paying attention.

    Great Post Fred, keep it going Amigo!

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