Rowlett Seeks Temporary Injunction against Gun Range: Part II

Rowlett Seeks Temporary Injunction against Gun Range: Part II

It’s not too often that I state an opinion on firearms, ammunition or their use that I am wrong, and I don’t say that to sound like a Mr. Know-it-all, but you see, I was raised in a home that always had loaded guns around, my father was a gun smith, I was the one that got to do about 90% of the test firing for function as I got older, and, I paid attention.

How Far Can A Bullet Travel?

Type: .22 Short ········ (.5 to 1 mile)
.22 LRHP ············ (1-1.5 miles)
.22 Mag ················ (1.5-2.5 miles)
.222 ························· (2-3 miles)
.243 ······························ (2.5-3.5 miles)
.257 ······························ (2.5-3.5 miles)
.270 ······························ (2.5-3.5 miles)
7MM ········································ (up to 5 miles)
.30-30 ····················· (2-2.5 miles)
.30-06 ······································· (3.5-4.5 miles)
.300 Sav ······························ (2.5-3.5 miles)
.300 Win Mag ········································ (up to 5 miles)
.303 ····················· (2-2.5 miles)
.308 ······························ (2.5-3.5 miles)
.338 ········································ (up to 5 miles)
.35 Rem ····················· (2-2.5 miles)
.45-70 ················ (1.5-2.5 miles) SOURCE

A 1.5-mile line drawn from the shooting stations (red post) straight through the targets shows the centerline of all downrange fire. The blue posts show the approximate location where a man was shot and another where a round landed in the bedroom of a five-year-old. The line passes through the Firewheel Bible Fellowship Church and the gray block in the bottom right corner, about 1.75 miles, is Back Elementary. Douglas Athas : Don’t Stand Downrange

Mr. Douglas Athas is, for the record, a City Council member from Garland, TX (City Council District 1) and even though the gun range is IN Garland, Mr. Athas has taken a position that casts serious, and damning suspicion on the Garland Public Gun Range.

Particularly damning is this statement made by the Garland Gun Range owner, James Day, who said the bullets are not coming from his range. He does not believe that bullets can travel that far. The neighborhood is about a mile from the range. SOURCE.

The ballistics chart above stands in testament to the fact that Mr. Day is either incredibly ignorant regarding guns and ammunition, is playing *dumb* and looking for a way out, or, in my opinion, BOTH.

Please read Mr. Athas article on his blog. I used his Google maps diagram and ballistics chart in this post. See the link to the original story I wrote and read the story from Becky Oliver and FOX4 Dallas: Rowlett Seeks Temporary Injunction against Gun Range.

I know that Rowlett City Manager Lynda Humble and Councilman Michael Gallops are to meet with a Texas Attorney General representative in Austin today and present the case for Rowlett in hopes that the Texas AG will take legal action to help bring this situation to a peaceful and rapid end.

I will post regular updates and news as it comes in!

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9 Responses to Rowlett Seeks Temporary Injunction against Gun Range: Part II

  1. Bunkerville says:

    Great info. Thanks.

  2. Hoosier Army Mom says:

    Fighting ignorance and excuse making where you see it… excellent data and great post. Thanks Fred, for all you do.

  3. Katie says:

    Excellent information. Add in wind direction and speed and you could have a recipe for disaster.

  4. mrchuck says:

    Your research and ballistics is Excellent, and proves the point that the public shooting range IS TOO CLOSE to the sub-division.

    Therefore, is is now proven that the gun range must be closed down in this location. Maybe the City can help find suitable land somewhere else, like under power lines, or near a swamp or wetlands.

    If the range owner refuses, well, he will be wide open to lawsuits from injury to property and residents in the impact zone,,,which is a populated, legal sub-division.

    Talk about “thin ice”? Well … this is it!!!!!!

  5. Texasperated says:

    Fred, as you know I am both a firearms enthusiast and an outspoken advocate of 2nd amendment rights. And you probably knew that having these posts would get me back on email (drat).

    Not weighing in on tros, injunctions, etc. But the numbers you post above are no secret. These are gun safety 101 numbers. However, i think where you have posted .222 you intended to post .223 (am I correct that you are referring to the M-16 round?).

    Keep your powder dry (and remember gun safety begins with you)

    • TexasFred says:

      Actually, NO, I didn’t post that number, Texas Parks and Wildlife posted that number and the chart is a copy and paste… Those figures come directly from their web site…

  6. TopGun says:

    Every rifle range I have ever been to has heavy plywood sheets mounted on posts about ten feet in front of the bench, blocking out the sky, and forcing you to shoot under it with only the target in view. Plywood won’t stop a bullet, but it will dang sure slow it down some, and hopefully be a large enough deterrent to stop the IDIOT customers from being IDIOTS.

    If that IDIOT is really serious about stopping his IDIOT customers from shooting at the birds on the power lines, he will install the same type of plywood blocking described above.

    If you look at the range on Google from the street view application, I would say those IDIOT customers are holding their rifles up at about a 10-15 degree angle, which would give the high caliber bullets the right projection to reach those houses 1.3 miles away.

  7. TopGun says:

    Further, I am sure the utility company has talked to the IDIOT owner about this, being they have had to repair their lines many times, as mentioned in the news report. This being the case, the owner could easily be held liable since he has taken no action to rectify the dangerous activities taking place from HIS business.

    A homeowner is responsible if he serves alcohol, and a member at his party kills or injures someone while driving home. I would think the IDIOT range owner can be held responsible under the same law.

    Attempted involuntary manslaughter sounds like a good start for charges for being this brazen an IDIOT.

  8. TopGun says:

    Lastly, I just wanted to say the range owner is an IDIOT.

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