Things you’ll hear and see from a Ron Paul supporter

Things you’ll hear and see from a Ron Paul supporter

1. They’ll tell you you’re ‘afraid’ of Ron Paul simply because you disagree with him.

2. If you run a blog, web page or any other online content critical of Ron Paul, they’ll accuse you of being funded by the CIA or some corporation.

3. They’ll accuse you of being a neo-con. (What IS a neo-con any way?)

4. They’ll accuse you of hating liberty, freedom and the constitution, simply because you disagree with Ron Paul’s interpretation of it. (Happens ALL the time)

5. They’ll mimic your anti-Paul content with a pro-Paul, passive aggressive, tone.

6. Even though you make it clear to them that you don’t want to hear what they have to say, they’ll interpret that as a statement saying you want to hear what they have to say.

7. They act like the fate of freedom, liberty and civilization itself, rests in Paul’s placement in an online poll, straw poll, text in poll or the like. They will literally spend hours, days, weeks, months, years, recruiting people to go vote in said poll.

8. They will report any of your anti-Paul content online, to the owner of said site. For example, if you have a Facebook page with anti-Paul content, they’ll report it as abusive to Facebook.

‎9. Much like #8. They’ll rant about their love of freedom, liberty and speech, but if you speak against Ron Paul, they’ll do everything in their power to take your anti-Paul speech and expression down.

10. They’ll harass any page/site/blog/community online that is minding its own business, all the while touting how Ron Paul says we need a foreign policy where our nation doesn’t intervene and we mind our own business.

11. They’ll go to online content of their own free will, which is anti-Paul, then they’ll claim the owner of said content is harassing them. Even though the owner and followers of said content are minding their own business and not encouraging or actually bothering Paulbots.

12. They will literally spend hours/days/weeks/months conniving ways to convince one person who comments in a negative way about Ron Paul, on some blog or news article, that they are wrong about Ron Paul.

13. They literally have no concept of thinking outside themselves. They have no ability to comprehend that others simply don’t think like they think.

14. If Paul finishes, say, 4th in a poll, or actual election at say 9%, and he finishes ahead of someone like Santorum, they’ll act like this is a sign he actually won!

15. Much like #14. They will act like a straw poll, text poll, online poll win is a real sign of victory.

16. After not winning a single primary, they will then work for a write in campaign! Because we all know that if you don’t win a single primary, you will certainly get a majority of people to write your name on the ballot in a general election. (Wait - That actually worked for Lisa Murkowski 😕 )

17. They’ll view their banning from an online forum, blog, website, whatever as being on the same level as our founding fathers who literally died as they fought for freedom.

18. They’ll play the insulting advocate. This is where they look like they’re insulting Ron Paul, but really it’s a passive aggressive, coy, sly statement that advocates for him.

19. They’ll claim you’re scared of Ron Paul, because you’re afraid of the truth.

20. They’ll call you a sheeple, if you don’t follow Ron Paul. Yet they have no problem getting together in large crowds and chanting Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul together, over and over.

21. They’ll act like they supported someone else, then give their “I came to Ron Paul testimony.”

22. They’ll say they never heard of Ron Paul, until they saw you say/post something bad about him. But now that they read about him, due to your hate, now they are going to vote for him.

23. They’ll rant against the Huffington Post when there are anti-Paul articles, and they’ll call it a false source of information. But they’ll reference the Huffington Post if it backs up claims they love.

24. They’ll appeal to the fact that he delivered 4000 babies. As if this actually means anything.

25. They conflate Paul’s repeated appeals to the constitution and founding fathers, as actual evidence that he is constitutional and just like our founding fathers. They’ll act like our founding fathers would ONLY support Ron Paul.

26. They’ll come to a site critical of Ron Paul and act like they are an undecided type voter looking for facts. (FACT)

27. After looking at said facts about Paul, they’ll try turning it on its head and say that the facts actually put Ron Paul in a positive light.

28. They’ll claim people follow the other candidates because the media puts thoughts in their mind and controls them. (Think *chem-trails*.)

29. Paulbots love to wear masks. You may see their avatar showing a Guy Fawkes mask or some kind of a chemical hazardous materials mask. Some of them even wear the mask in real life.

30. Shawshank redemption words. They love to use difficult sounding words that sound like they may have been used in the movie Shawshank Redemption. Chances are if you hear them using words that sound big, they saw them in a movie. They might say you’re a Luddite or myopic.

31. They will depict Abraham Lincoln as the precursor to Stalin and Hitler for opposing the Federal governments so-called “states rights” to secede.

32. If you delete them from your OWN personal page, or pages you admin after they constantly barrage you with posts - they then accuse you of infringing on their Freedom of Speech. (Happens ALL the time)

33. They quote Thomas Jefferson like he’s a singing angel, when he had slaves working on his property, even though he believed in equality for all Americans and people residing. He never did free one despite his promises made decades earlier.

34. Would you like fries with that?

Is there anything you can add to this list?

Ron Paul and his followers, The Paultards, are the most useless thing to ever invade the GOP.

They are NOT Republicans, they are hard-core moonbat Libertarians and they know that Ron Paul can’t get elected anywhere as a Libertarian, so, they have invaded the GOP and The TEA Party and have convinced some weak-minded fools that they ARE the way to go.

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11 Responses to Things you’ll hear and see from a Ron Paul supporter

  1. mrchuck says:

    Years back,,,I remember Ross Perot running for office and screwing things up by diluting the Republican vote count.
    Ron Paul is now doing the same. Hmmmm even their “initials” are the same.
    You really want to defeat Obama?
    Then you all better get behind one candidate and stick to him.
    Because Obama will have every black person voting for him because he is black, and that means more to them than any political views.
    Also the mexicans will vote for him for the “free cheese”.
    Voter fraud will be at it’s highest this election, because if the Democrats lose, they will then lose the US Senate, and therefore lose all of their political power and their social commie plans to rule America as a country like Russia, Venezuela.
    So be careful who you vote for this time,,,,because it might just be your LAST!!!

  2. BobF says:

    Paulbots don’t seem a lot different from liberal Democrats.

  3. Shady says:

    Anyone who has just an OUNCE of graymatter should know what Paul is, again I say, should know … those who don’t know are smoked out of their mind DUDE..

  4. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Once Ron Paul went Truther, he was dead to me. This country can support a “conspiracy” like Hells Angels or cops can, from this age-old Roman axiom:

    “Two Hells Angels can keep a secret when one is dead.”

    And so it goes.

    However, I’ve always said that Ron Paul is CORRECT when he advocates for an opening and complete audit of the Federal Reserve. Budgetarily and fiscally he’s not so far from point except on his wanting to gut Defense. MIGHTILY disagree with that.

    He’s got no chance, never had a chance.


  5. Katie says:

    The one thing that the Paulbots are doing well is to destroy any hope of son Rand running for the Presidency.

  6. Hoosier Army Mom says:

    I agree with you Fred, but, Ron Paul is NOT a Libertarian. He’s a nutjob and definitely as you said, a moonbat hybrid of a Libertarian. The Libertarians I know believe in the Constitution, Limited Government, fiscal responsibility and a strong defense without becoming the World Police. Ron Paul reminds me of that Rev. Moon guy and his Moonies. They acted the same way. I wonder how many sell all their property to contribute to his money bombs?

    You ask any Paulbot to support anything with verifiable evidence, and they will go into this uber “big me, little you” overdone speech stating most of the list you have here and tell you to go watch a YouTube. Your list is complete and accurate.

    As for me, I’m past caring WHO is on the ballot with Obama… I’ll vote the guy running against him… period… unless it’s Ron Paul. Then I plan on finding another country to move to that will leave me alone and doesn’t have a problem with owning guns.

    • TexasFred says:

      Well, believe as you wish, as far as I am concerned, Ron Paul is the epitome of Libertarianism… He is exactly what I see in every Libertarian I have ever met…

      • Hoosier Army Mom says:

        Well, since Ron Paul seems to have taken over the Libertarian Party, I would say what you see is what it has become. A party of nuts and conspiracy goobers.

        I wonder every day, if we manage to save our Republic, will the young people that infest our country these days turn around and throw it all away again in a few years??? They really do act insane just like the leftists do.

    • TexasFred says:

      Then I plan on finding another country to move to

      That’s exactly what Libbers said when Bush was running…

      that will leave me alone and doesn’t have a problem with owning guns.

      Never gonna happen… Seriously, you worry me sometimes, some of this stuff makes NO sense…

  7. Patrick Sperry says:

    And there goes Fred, insulting all the good and decent moonbats that fly around the the moonscape. Yet again!


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