Peyton Manning will sign a deal with the Broncos

Peyton Manning will sign a deal with the Broncos

Peyton Manning is finalizing a contract with the Denver Broncos, a league source told NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi on Monday.

Manning called Broncos vice president of football operations John Elway on Monday to inform him of his decision.

The Broncos already have looked into a trade of quarterback Tim Tebow and currently are looking for a trade partner, a source told NFL Network’s Albert Breer.

Broncos wideout Eric Decker, who had 44 receptions for 612 yards with eight touchdowns in 2011, told NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora that he expects the offense to change with Manning now under center and that Manning would run the system from the line of scrimmage.

“More of the offense will be in Peyton’s hands,” Decker said.

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Peyton Manning will sign a deal with the Broncos

Make no mistake about it, I am a Peyton Manning fan! That said; what is his thing about teams with horses and horseshoes as logos?

Cajun pundit PooPoo Broussard noticed a resemblance between Peyton Manning’s head and a horses head.

OK, seriously, I am happy for Peyton Manning and I wish him well at Denver, but where does this leave Tim Tebow?

Peyton Manning has made his decision … and he’s taking his talents to the Mile High City. Mort reported that Manning had advised agent Tom Condon to wrap up negotiations on what is believed to be a five-year, $95 million offer. The belief is, according to multiple reports, that the Broncos will now try to trade quarterback Tim Tebow. SOURCE

I don’t know what will become of Tim Tebow, being the hard core LSU fan I am, and given the fact that Tebow was a Florida Gator, at one time, I wouldn’t have cared.

That was then.

Tim Tebow has a huge following and no matter what happens, no matter where he ends up, I wish him well in all he does and I hope he takes whatever team he lands with straight to the Super Bowl, repeatedly!

One thing is pretty much a given at this time, Tebow won’t be going to the Dallas Cowboys and playing for the most egotistical owner in the league.

Last night the local sports guys were talking about how Dallas had just spent a lot of money, but the question was this; was it money well spent?

The Dallas Cowboys have already accomplished two of their primary goals in free agency, upgrading their secondary and getting a veteran backup quarterback.

Cornerback Brandon Carr agreed Wednesday to a five-year deal with Dallas, and Kyle Orton to a three-year deal to be Tony Romo’s backup, a person with knowledge of the decisions said. Both played last season in Kansas City. SOURCE

I have no problem with Brandon Carr, but for crying out loud, Kyle Orton?

Was this just bad timing? Did Jerry Jones NOT see the Manning deal happening with Denver and the distinct possibility that Tim Tebow was about to become a very hot commodity?

I rarely write about sports, but when I do I get pretty passionate about it, and the Dallas Cowboys are a topic that elicits an angry response from me.

Once upon a time I was one of the biggest Cowboys fans around. I loved the Dallas Cowboys, win or lose, and they won a lot more than they ever lost. Tom Landry was the best coach ever, he brought a level of CLASS to the Cowboys that has been long lost.

The Jerry Jones era has been a terrible time for Dallas. Jones had a winning coach in Jimmy Johnson, the Cowboys became a championship team under his tutelage and looked great in doing so. Then the Jerry Jones EGO got in the way and Johnson was gone.

Yes, Dallas DID win the Super Bowl the next year with Barry Switzer at the helm, but it was Jimmy Johnson’s TEAM that did the playing. Since then it’s been pretty much nothing more than excuses and EGO from the Cowboys owner.

Dallas has gone through several coaches, and now has what I believe to be a pretty good coach in Jason Garrett, the problem remains; Jerry Jones is still an egotistical ASS and has to take a hands ON approach as the owner AND general manager instead of allowing the coach and a general manager other than Jones to run the team and make it a great and successful football team.

If the Jerry Jones approach was all that good, wouldn’t the Cowboys be holding a few more Lombardi trophies? More recent ones?

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7 Responses to Peyton Manning will sign a deal with the Broncos

  1. mrchuck says:

    Most people don’t know that Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones were both teammates at the University of Arkansas. 1964 team picture shows them sitting together.

    This is the reason Jones has never liked Johnson.
    Johnson was a better football player!

    No doubt in my mind, that if Johnson wasn’t fired, Dallas would still be a huge dominant team today.
    Instead, it is milk-toast at best.
    Jerry’s toy to play with,,,,nothing more than little toy soldiers in a sand box, with Jerry making the noises of combat.

  2. Robert says:

    Poo Poo=Funny stuff right there…

    Tebow will end up in either Miami or a back up somewhere. I think this move is good for Peyton, if he’d have stayed in Indy, it would have gotten him killed. That front line couldn’t protect him and if he takes a shot or two his season/career is over. There’ll be a big target on him this season if Denver becomes a threat to go post season.

    Tebow will be fine too. He’s got a lot of time to improve and he’s got a very good motivator now.

  3. Response to some of your points:

    1. I admire Peyton Manning. He got injured after giving them 14 years, he comes back and shows he can play, and they cast him aside. So much for loyalty, after he makes the Colts’ owners RICH behind HIS playing.

    2. Kudos to the Broncs for picking Manning up. I’m happy he’ll still be playing.

    3. I too like Tebow. Everybody was rentoon-rentoon-rentoon about his throwing style. But I asked myself this: just WHEN did the Broncs start winning last year? Oh yeah, that’s right, when Tebow started at QB. Imagine that.

    4. NEVER liked Jerry Jones. ALWAYS admired Jimmy Johnson, even his hair.


  4. Katie says:

    This doesn’t make sense. Payton Manning is 36 and was badly injured. He is at the end of his career. Tim Tebow is young (much younger) and has not been injured. The Broncos will get one, maybe two seasons with Manning (if they are lucky). And the Broncos will be spending millions for him.

    Whoever came up with this idea is crazy.

  5. BobF says:

    I’m hoping Tebow goes to a team I like. I don’t like Denver but rooted for them because of Tebow. It was nice to see a decent honorable man who loved the game and gave the credit to God and his teammates as a quarterback. If only Buffalo could get him.

    I hate to see Brandon Carr leave the Chiefs. I’m not much of a Chiefs fan but they were a young rebuilding team and Carr was good.

    The best think I like about the Cowboys is watching Jerry Jones face when they loose. That’s the face of multimillions going down the drain.

  6. TexasFred says:

    Some say it’s *just business*, I see some BAD business, but what do I know?

    I see Manning taking a hell of a hit and going DOWN, I see Tebow doing well elsewhere, at least I hope so!

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