Obama engagement policy ‘in tatters’ after North Korean rocket defiance

Obama engagement policy ‘in tatters’ after North Korean rocket defiance

Barack Obama’s policy of engagement with North Korea lies “in tatters” after it was effectively shot down by Pyongyang’s defiant but failed attempt to launch a long-range rocket.

Former US officials closely involved with North Korea policy said Washington’s attempt to win agreement from Pyongyang to abandon its development of nuclear weapons and rockets in exchange for desperately-needed food aid has failed. They now expect North Korea to try and overcome the embarrassment caused at the rocket breaking into pieces over the Yellow Sea by carrying out a third nuclear test in the near future.

If that goes ahead, it will represent a significant foreign policy failure for Obama and prove a severe political embarrassment in an election year.

In February, the Washington and Pyongyang reached an agreement under which the communist regime would halt its missile testing and uranium enrichment, and agree to the resumption of international monitoring of its nuclear sites, in return for Washington providing 240,000 tonnes of food to the North Korea which has faced widespread shortages and famine.

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Obama engagement policy ‘in tatters’ after North Korean rocket defiance

There are several things about this entire story that are just disgusting, the first being that if you want a true indication of world opinion, you have to go outside the USA to get it.

The American news media is *in the tank* for Barack Hussein Obama and the Liberal Marxist agenda that he and his regime represent. That has been a known fact for many years now. The American press gave Bill Clinton a blank check just as they have Obama, all the while pounding on anything they believed the Right and Conservatives are doing to undermine their Marxist hero.

Several years ago I had a *lady* blogger here in Texas that decided to take me *under her wing*, she was going to teach me how to be a Conservative blogger. 

This *lady* stressed, repeatedly, that I had to stop using all of those *other* news sources, especially *foreign* news sources, and that if I wanted to be a HARD CORE Conservative blogger I had to use FOX News and WND exclusively. Well, the TRUTH is where you find it. Be it FOX, some *other* source, or, *GASP*, even a foreign news source.

It’s kind of funny how she is no longer a blogger, she dropped out once George W. Bush was out office. She was OK with the idea of touting everything Bush did and singing his praises, but once the REAL battle began, she ran away like the idiot she is because she had nothing to offer if she couldn’t heap praise on HER hero.

I, on the other hand, have been nothing but an anti-Obama voice since long before that Marxist wannabe dictator took power in this nation. I have long speculated that Obama is merely *playing* at being POTUS as he dances to the tune from his puppet master.

It’s a sad day in America when we know that the President can have his nose rubbed in a puddle of piss by some up and coming dictator like Kim Jong Un.

That is a total embarrassment to me, and should be for ALL Americans.

What is even more discouraging is the idea that Barack Hussein Obama, in his quest to take down America will, quite likely, send North Korea untold BILLIONS of dollars in American food and apologize profusely because people like me have the audacity to actually criticize the North Korean leadership.

The US says it warned North Korea that the rocket launch – which Pyongyang said was intended to carry a satellite but which the Obama administration claimed was a ballistic missile test – would violate the agreement.

I’ll tell you, that *warning* really had the North Koreans shaking in THEIR boots huh…

Charles Pritchard, a special envoy for negotiations with North Korea in the Bush administration and a special assistant to Bill Clinton on national security, said Obama’s policy of engagement has now failed.

“It is essentially in tatters. They made a calculation. They reached out to North Korea and it fell apart,” he said. “I think the US will be essentially regrouping on an international basis. They’re not going to go back to a bilateral engagement with the North Koreans any time soon.”

There are some things that are just a given in life; don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you can’t spend your way out of a recession and you can’t negotiate with the North Koreans. They have nothing to lose. If you give them food they will eat it in the palace and the people still starve and if you kill them all, well, you may have well done them, and the world a HUGE favor.

Yeah, I know, that sounds pretty harsh, but if all reports and Intel are correct and true, the North Korean people are dying from starvation as I type this, and Kim Jong Un launched an $85 MILLION dollar boondoggle.

You can buy a lot of rice, cabbage and fish heads with $85 million dollars. (basic kimchee ingredients)

One of Obama’s deputy national security advisers, Ben Rhodes, denied that the administration’s dealings with North Korea have been a failure. He argued that the president has taken a tougher stand with Pyongyang than the Bush administration because Washington will not now deliver the promised food aid.

Maybe not deliver it directly, but Obama is not going to let some of his anti-American buddies miss too many meals, and seriously, have you looked at Kim Jong Un? That boy is eating well. He hasn’t missed ANY meals.

His people, on the other hand….

Mitt Romney, the likely Republican presidential candidate, said Obama was incompetent and naive in handling North Korea.

“Instead of approaching Pyongyang from a position of strength, President Obama sought to appease the regime with a food-aid deal that proved to be as naive as it was short-lived,” said Romney. “This incompetence from the Obama administration has emboldened the North Korean regime and undermined the security of the United States and our allies.”

Well thank you for that observation Capt. Obvious!

“This regime (in North Korea) cannot afford to negotiate away, to be seen to be knuckling under to pressure from others to stop what they are doing. They have nothing else going on for them. They are going to march forward and there’s very little the international community can do,” he said.

As said above, we might be doing the North Koreans a favor, they are dying, slowly, and death by starvation is a pathetic way to go. Their government, if you can call it that, has nothing to lose and negotiations will NOT work.

I am hoping that between the economy, Border Issues here in the USA, Fast & Furious and North Korea the America voters will wake up to the fact that a community organizer might be just the guy to have in your corner if you want to get a swimming pool built at the local park, not so much for running a nation like the USA and dealing with problems on a global scale.

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8 Responses to Obama engagement policy ‘in tatters’ after North Korean rocket defiance

  1. Bunkerville says:

    I have found that to get any foreign news, I have to read the foreign papers. What a sad commentary. Polls indicate that most think Clinton has been a success, not so much the rest of the world.

  2. Longstreet says:


    I have neen dredging the foreign press for a very long time. It is the only place I am able to get objective reports of the goings-on in America.

    My 1st cousin spent several months in a North Korean prisoner of war camp during the Korean War. He was a physical and mental wreck when he was released. I have no love for those SOB’s!


    • BobF says:

      My uncle spent about a year in North Korean POW camp. He never stoke about it. I found out about it and some of what happened from another uncle and the only reason he told me was because of my military background. He spent over 6 months in hospital after he was released. Like you JDL, I have no love for those SOB’s

  3. mrchuck says:

    North Korea is a wonderful place for a nuclear bomb test.
    One of ours.

  4. Patrick Sperry says:

    Seems that some people will never learn… Our politicians in particular, from both sides of the isle. Having grown up when and where did I met quite a few Koreans. They often did cross training with our Marines on Camp Pendleton. They seemed a good and brave people that also happened to possess that rare virtue of practical wisdom as applied to daily life. Things really have not changed very much over the years, and to a man, those Korean Marines all said the same thing. “Just nuke their asses.”

    Sounds like a plan to me…

  5. minuteman26 says:

    Attended a lecture at The US Army Infantry School back in the mid 70s. They told us then that WWIII would start in either the middle east or Korea. Nothing has changed except the fools at the top of our government.

  6. Lew Waters says:

    It is totally ridiculous that our most reliable source of what is going on inside of our country is media from outside of our country.

    As far as Korea is concerned, this is just but one more in a long series of cease fire violations and saber rattling from North Korea. Unless China poured their resources wholly behind them, though, I doubt they would amount to more than a local action.

    The middle east is where I feel the greatest dangers lies, where radical Jihadists could get a hold of some of Pakistan’s nukes or Iran completes their quest for nukes.

    Unlike the US and Soviet Union worrying over mutually assured destruction, Jihadists don’t care how many of them die, just as long as they take as many of us with them as they can.

  7. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    1. I’ve said for a long time that if I really want to find out what’s happening in the world and frequently in my own country, I turn to the UK Telegraph or Daily Mail.

    2. North Korea is currently being run by, literally, a child.

    3. Predominantly, the American Electorate doesn’t care about foreign policy. It doesn’t pay attention. It just wants to know how much MORE Free Cheese it can acquire and/or VOTE in.


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