Senator: Prostitution scandal wider than believed

Senator: Prostitution scandal wider than believed

WASHINGTON (AP) - Several small groups of Secret Service employees separately visited clubs, bars and brothels in Colombia prior to a visit by President Barack Obama last month and engaged in reckless, “morally repugnant” behavior, Sen. Susan Collins says.

She says the employees’ actions during the stunning prostitution scandal could have provided a foreign intelligence service, drug cartels or other criminals with opportunities for blackmail or coercion that could have threatened the president’s safety.

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Senator: Prostitution scandal wider than believed

You would think that a U.S. Senator would choose their words a bit better than that; “Prostitution scandal wider than believed” … just sayin’. I know the *intent* of the words, but still, there is a gaffe in that line, maybe along the lines of a Beavis and Butthead gaffe, but a gaffe none the less.

This picture is said to be one of the Colombian hookers involved in the Secret Service debacle.

Colombian Prostitute

And here we have the typical American hooker(s).

American Hookers

Now I’m not saying it’s *justification* for these Secret Service guy to mess around while on an assignment, but DAMN, Colombia has us seriously BEAT in the hooker business. 😛

All joking aside, the ramifications of this little party on the road could place the USA in a very precarious position.

As the article points out, Agents could become victims of blackmail and extortion, surely a few divorces will come from this, and who knows what else.

Think with the head on TOP guys.

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9 Responses to Senator: Prostitution scandal wider than believed

  1. BobF says:

    One of the disturbing things is these guys brought them back to their rooms. There’s a high probability that they could have had classified or confidential documents in their rooms or possession.

    Sex and beautiful women have been the achilles heal of many great men throughout history. Even in the bible, King David, the greatest of all of Israel’s kings, surcummed to the beauty of a woman who was another man’s wife.

    One thing we have to think of. Home life for these men cannot be the greatest. They’re constantly on the go and away from their families and that doesn’t make for good relations if you’re married or have a serious girlfriend. These men haven’t been able to spend the past three Christmases with their families since Obama insists on vacationing in Hawaii during that time.

  2. Bunkerville says:

    The thought of giving up my life for zero would cloud most folks judgement

    • TexasFred says:

      Ya know, it’s got to be one hell of a mindset to think you have to protect the most EVIL son of a bitch that has ever sat in the Oval Office..

      I know one thing, I would have resigned the day he took office, with their backgrounds and training, these folks would excel in the private market…

  3. denimflyz says:

    Had a good chuckle, though its serious, so I do not mean to be rude.
    I would of resigned the day the A-hole took office also. These agents have more to give to outside private service anyway and would probably be appreciated more for their knowledge, insead of baby-sitting and diapering a whiny sob like obama.
    Another chuckle: What comes with the Asian salad with the US hookers, Mr Fred?
    I say the SA gals sure look more professional, and lovely than what we got here. The American look like a couple of crack hoe’s who didn’t have their fix yet.

    • TexasFred says:

      Regarding the Asian Salad; I don’t know, not sure I want to know… 😕

      *Crack Hoes*… LMAO… Intended or not, that’s funny… 😛

  4. ng4779 says:

    64 complaints in 5 years

    Secret Service prostitution scandal: Director Mark Sullivan apologises as it’s revealed there have been 64 complaints of sexual misconduct in last five years | Mail Online

  5. TexasFred says:

    OK, Wicked Step Mother just informed me that the Secret Service now has a NEW name…

    The Secret Circus… 😛

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