Poll: 1-in-4 uncommitted now in White House race

Poll: 1-in-4 uncommitted now in White House race

WASHINGTON (AP) - They shrug at President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney. They’re in no hurry to decide which one to support in the White House race. And they’ll have a big say in determining who wins the White House.

One-quarter of U.S. voters are persuadable, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll, and both Obama and Romney will spend the next four months trying to convince these fickle, hard-to-reach individuals that only he has what it takes to fix an ailing nation.

It’s a delicate task. These voters also hate pandering.

“I don’t believe in nothing they say,” says Carol Barber of Iceland, Ky., among the 27 percent of the electorate that hasn’t determined whom to back or that doesn’t have a strong preference about a candidate.

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Poll: 1-in-4 uncommitted now in White House race

Pay attention America!

This graphic says more in a few words than most of us can say in a huge post!

There’s not a lot of difference between the GOP and the Democratic Party now a days, there hasn’t been for quite a long time. I have referred to the GOP as Dem-Lite for a long time now.

Today, the actions of the so-called LEADERS of BOTH parties fully illustrate that they do indeed put PARTY loyalty before this nation and the wishes of the voter.

It’s about time for WE, THE PEOPLE to burst that bubble our elected leaders live in, the one that insulates them from us. It’s time to get their attention my friends.

My Congressman, Sam Johnson (TX-03) is a prime example. He sits in the Hallowed Halls and does pretty much NOTHING! But he can be counted on for a YES or NO vote on whatever it is the GOP needs a YES or NO vote on. But we keep sending him back.

That is NOT what I call *service to the constituents*, it called being a *rubber stamp* and a member of *The Good Old Boys Club*. Yes, that *club*, and it DOES exist; private clubs with wood panelled walls, rich, old leather chairs, heavy tables and the thick haze of Cuban cigar smoke swirling about.

I have preached it long and loud, AMERICA 1st, but for so many, probably many more than we actually know, it’s not about America 1st, it’s about *The Party*.

Sadly, it’s about taking care of themselves as they serve, wait, not SERVE, as they take up space for decades, draw a huge check year after year, accrue retirement and medical benefits that the average American can’t begin to imagine, and fill their personal coffers with treasure!

I am NOT at all against an elected official making a decent living, but it’s a rare occasion when an elected official doesn’t leave their public life without having a well feathered nest.
Elected service to this nation should be a privilege, not a lucrative career.

Once that elected service is ended (term limits), that person needs to return to a job, a life as an average citizen, and go back to being *one of us*.

When we send men and women of PRINCIPLE to Washington, when we send America 1st PATRIOTS to be our lawmakers, when we send those people, and impose a strict set of TERM LIMITS upon them, and take away the LIFETIME benefits they receive because they did a DUTY to this nation, when Americans serve in Washington for LOVE of America and not for personal gain, then, and ONLY then, will this nation return to a position of greatness and regain the respect we once enjoyed!

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12 Responses to Poll: 1-in-4 uncommitted now in White House race

  1. Dick Robie says:

    All I got to say, if anyone keeps up with what the current President is doing or has done or not done for that matter-how in the hell can he get your Vote. Not only has he made things worse (with the help of Reid and Pelosi) but he has violated his Oath of Office, ignored the Constitution and broken the law. The list is long and getting longer-problem is that the most of the Sheeple dont pay attention and the result is going to be the “fall of the USA” if we dont stop it

  2. PatriotUSA says:

    Spot on as you usually do and well stated.

    Dick Robie:
    You are on target too and most people I know are well aware of what this POS potus has done and is doing. Romney be any better, sadly I think not much but I think it would less damaging to have him vs. the muslim in the White House for 4 more years.

    Party allegiances get us nothing but we have now. This must end in November, if we have the fortitude to do so.

    • TexasFred says:

      Thank you! I was inspired this AM and I have to tell you, more than inspired, I am ANGRY.. Angry at what we have that serves as *leadership*..

  3. Longstreet says:

    Honestly, the ONLY advantage I see for having Romney in the White House is — Obama will be gone! That’s it!


    • TexasFred says:

      That is one hell of a *lame* endorsement for Romney isn’t it? He’s NOT Obama…

      I have said it before and will say it until HELL freezes over; if Romney and Obama are the best this nation has to offer, we, as a nation, are SCREWED!

  4. Longstreet says:

    Looking at some of the people being vetted for a Romney running mate scares the hell outta me!


  5. Patrick Sperry says:

    I guess it’s that time again… Excellent post Fred my Friend. This is not the first time that I have read these things though. Not by a long shot.
    Some thirty years ago I read nearly word for word the very same things. It was a flyer at an operation outreach booth. That’s right, Fred just summed up the founding reasons and principles of the Libertarian Party.

    But look what happened to that great idea envisioned by Davis Nolan (RIP David) and a few other inspired people that evening in Westminster, Colorado. Nut cases like Ron Paul and other assorted goofballs have taken what was called “The heart and soul of conservatism” and “The Party of Principle” to some strange place in a world far, far away from reality.

    I’m not sure just what it will take to get the ball rolling again. But I do know that people such as Fred and those that share his ideals will be at the core.

    But yes, I will hold my nose, and vote for obama light…

    We have to start somewhere.

  6. Robert says:

    Absolutely agree Fred. The problem I see is US. Us conservatives are all or nothing for the most part. An elected conservative can make 100 votes 98 of them align with our beliefs 2 don’t and we’ll demonize them for the 2 votes.. Rarely do we single out all the good votes they made. A lot of the problem is US. We allowed the R’s to move so far left that it took Obama to show how far they moved.

    Now we have to deal with Romney. The best endorsement for him is “Not Obama” and that in and of itself SUCKS BALLS! But with at least 2 SCOTUS appointments in play and having Obama pick 4 of 9 is a nightmare scenario. One I’m not comfortable risking. We need to unite behind Romney like he was Goldwater/Reagan combined and then AFTER Obama is ousted Stay on him like a cheap suit. We can’t do as most R’s did and give Bush a pass because of the letter.

  7. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    I’m with Robert.


  8. Bunkerville says:

    What Obama is doing should put shivers down any decent person’s spine. Instead, it appears many have chosen to either drink the kool aid, or remain ignorant.Take your pick.

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