Conservatives Push Romney to Deliver Counterpunch

Conservatives Push Romney to Deliver Counterpunch

WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney and his team of advisers built a reputation during the Republican primaries as tough street fighters skilled in the tactics of political warfare. They quietly took pride in tearing apart Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and the rest of their rivals.

The aggressive posture ultimately became one of Mr. Romney’s selling points, particularly among conservative voters who were searching for the candidate tenacious enough to take out President Obama in the general election.

But now, even with polls suggesting he is battling Mr. Obama to a draw at this stage of the race, Mr. Romney finds himself confronting concern that he is not nimble and aggressive enough to withstand the Democratic assault against him.

The president and his re-election campaign have managed to turn the focus of the race in recent days to taxes, outsourcing jobs and Mr. Romney’s bank accounts — almost everything except the weak job-creation figures released last week.

That has stirred worries among some Republicans that Mr. Romney is allowing himself to be defined by the Obama forces and that he lacks the kind of powerful counterpunch the base of the Republican Party is craving.

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Conservatives Push Romney to Deliver Counterpunch

If you have ever read this blog in the past, or if you know me personally, you know this, I WILL FIGHT tooth and nail for what I believe to be RIGHT!

That’s the way it used to be done in the REAL world; if you had to fight, if you had to wage war, by God you fought and waged war with only one thing in mind, and that was to win by any means necessary.

Polite discourse is very acceptable in conversation and debate, but when it’s time to FIGHT you throw polite discourse and political correctness out the window!

Now deep into his second run for the White House, Mr. Romney has shown consistent discipline, sticking doggedly to his strategy of making the election about Mr. Obama’s stewardship of the economy and for the most part avoiding being baited into traps set for him by rivals.

“If you’re responding, you’re losing,” Mr. Romney told Fox News on Wednesday, his voice betraying no air of concern.

Mr. Romney is correct, to a point. He doesn’t need to actually respond to the words of Barack Hussein Obama and his political machine, not a personal response, but he would be well served to USE every utterance made by that jug-eared FOOL against him as he takes those words apart with facts, figures and TRUTH!

This is NOT a time to debate Obama; it is a time to ATTACK Obama, and everything his regime of anti-American and socialist/communist beliefs stand for! This is NOT a time for political correctness; it’s a time to do battle and a time to put Barack Hussein Obama on the defensive over his dismal performance as a leader.

Yesterday, July 11th, Mitt Romney met with the COLORED people at the NAACP meeting in Houston. Mr. Romney told the COLORED people the TRUTH and he was booed by them, Romney draws boos from NAACP when he dings Obama. He was booed because he dared to walk into the belly of the beast and speak the TRUTH about Barack Hussein Obama.

Today, July 12th, VP Joe *Big F’ing Deal* Biden spoke to the same COLORED people and told them “Obama stands by his convictions”. The crowd CHEERED as Biden made that statement and went on to sing the praises of Barack Hussein Obama and the Democratic Party. Sadly, Obama hasn’t been convicted … YET!

The VP noted that Romney’s policies would hurt black working families, and he outlined detailed differences between Obama and Romney on health care, education, energy, women’s rights and research.

I have got to take issue with *Slow Joe* on this; the policies of Barack Hussein Obama, some that he truly did inherit and has done nothing to correct, and many that he created himself, have hurt ALL working Americans, not just BLACK working families, but ALL working families.

I was under the impression that Barack Hussein Obama’s election was going to put an end to racial tensions in America. Isn’t that what we were told? Racial tensions and racism would become things of the past?

Well, we still have the NAACP, the Black Congressional Caucus and any number of other BLACK designated groups and organizations.

So much for transparency and truth from Obama and Company.

Don’t Black people realize? The Democrats are the Party of racial tension and division? The Democrats of old were the founders of the Ku Klux Klan and were the ones that wanted to keep Blacks as slaves and to work them as if they were nothing more than animals?

Aren’t groups like the NAACP always preaching *racial equality*? So why then are there so many BLACK organizations that are filled with individuals that can’t, or won’t open their eyes to the TRUTH and see what a person like Barack Hussein Obama has done to hurt ALL citizens of this nation?

Mitt Romney has the opportunity and ability to WIN the White House; all he has to do is use the words and actions of Obama, and his main support groups, the NAACP and ALL Labor Unions, against him.

The TRUTH will stand the light of day, the Obama regime will NOT!

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10 Responses to Conservatives Push Romney to Deliver Counterpunch

  1. Longstreet says:

    Amen, Fred! Note, also, that Obama DID NOT go, HIMSELF, to the NAACP Convention. If memory serves, he has not been to a single NAACP Convention since 2009. If ever a group of people have been taken for granted by Obama, it is black Americans. Yet their support for Obama remains in the 90 percentile range.

    I give Romney credit. He went — in person — to speak to a group he KNOWS will not support him, at all. Yet Romney expressed his RESPECT for them by showing up and speaking to them the same as he would have a gathering of republican supporters.

    They booed Romney and cheered Obama. That answers all the questions raised as to why the black community in America continues to lag behind all others in the country.

    How sad they cannot see what they are doing to themselves.

  2. minuteman26 says:

    Mitt neads to follow Hank Jrs lead. Why play nice with an Islamo/Communist traitor? Only people you’ll piss off are other traitors. All Obama supporters IMHO are traitors to this Republic as founded.

  3. sdkar says:

    Black people will never learn and it appears, will never change. They will blindly follow another black man who will gladly lead them into slavery. It seems they refuse to face the truth, take responsibility and do what is right, if it means having to listen to a white man. They see only skin color.

    It wasn’t but a couple of centuries ago in Africa, that more powerful blacks would capture and sell weaker blacks into slavery for their own benefit. It was blacks who sold other blacks into slavery. This is the same thing today that $harpton and jack$son are doing. They are selling their brothers and sisters into slavery for their own gain and ill gotten riches. Yet black people are so blinded by racism that all they can continue to do is hate white people and blame white people for their own caused misery.

    America has progressed much since the days of slavery. We fought a war in which thousands and thousands of white men died to end slavery and make things right. America has learned much and has grown since the days of slavery. However, black people seem to only want to continue living in the past and want to hold a permanent grudge against whitey.

    There are some good people who want to help all Americans, including blacks, but if that person is white, black people refuse to listen. They are using skin color to guide their decisions.

    Romney wants was is best for everyone. But all black people can do is hold onto their hate. They refuse to leave the past where it is. They will still follow a black man who will gladly enslave them again as opposed to listen to a white person who is trying to help them. They look only at skin color when making their decision. Then, when they are once again sold into slavery by their own kind and by their own willful blindness, ignorance and hatred of white people, they will yell racism and blame all the wrong people. They will continue to blindly follow a black man who will gladly do whatever it takes to continue control over them and blame white people, regardless of what the reason is for their perceived injustice. They will let skin color determine who they will follow and who they will blame for their misery.

    So, who exactly are the racists here?

  4. Katie says:

    It was LBJ who said that if you give Black people free money, free food and free housing they would vote Democrat forever. He was right. The majority of Blacks have no jobs, no families, nothing by their own hands, yet they get free money, homes, etc… They will vote for a Democrat as long as the money keeps coming. Give them reparations and watch them go wild.

  5. ““If you’re responding, you’re losing,” Mr. Romney told Fox News on Wednesday, his voice betraying no air of concern.”

    I remain unconvinced.

    Because if you wrap a response into a MESSAGE and then KEEP to that message, you find yourself in a superior position.

    In politics, you respond to words with words. You respond to actions with actions.

    And NOT with words.

    Romney, SACK UP on your actions.

    As I’ve said for years: there isn’t anything that can’t be solved by either expensive vodka or a throat punch.

    Time for a throat punch.


  6. capitalisa says:

    Glad you’re back, Fred. Thanks for the comment on Facebook. Poor little, Palin-loving, Daniel just couldn’t stand the heat. LOL

  7. Steve Dennis says:

    I agree Fred; Romney needs to go on the offensive if he hopes to win. The one thing we know about Obama is that he will do or say whatever he has to in order to win–we saw it with the lie about Romney being a felon yesterday–and I don’t know if Romney has the guts to go after Obama. This is something I was worried about from the beginning and I hope I am wrong.

  8. Donna says:

    I think Romney has the guts to go after Obama – I think he’s taking the high road here. Remember, too, it’s still early in the election year – Romney may very well be allowing Obama to have enough rope to hang himself with.

    The gloves may well come off later.

  9. sdkar says:

    Looks like Romney is taking obama to task. After obama attacked Romney about working at Bain Capital after 1999, Romney pushed back, told obama to “take control of his people” and is demanding obama apologize for this attack.

    Romney may not be my first choice as president. But considering the political situation, I will take whoever can unseat obama and his cronies. A candidate who is not afraid to call a spade a spade and go on the offensive…I like that.

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