Clinton: ‘I take responsibility’ for security ahead of Benghazi attack

Clinton: ‘I take responsibility’ for security ahead of Benghazi attack

Lima, Peru (CNN) — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the buck stops with her when it comes to who is to blame for security ahead of a deadly assault on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya.

“I take responsibility” for what happened on September 11, Clinton said in an interview with CNN’s Elise Labott soon after arriving in Lima, Peru, for a visit. The interview, one of a series given to U.S. television networks Monday night, was the first she has given about the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

Clinton insisted President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are not involved in security decisions.

“I want to avoid some kind of political gotcha,” she added, noting that it is close to the election.

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Clinton: ‘I take responsibility’ for security ahead of Benghazi attack

Don’t take this as me going *soft* on Obama/Biden and all the BS that they spew but during the VP debate the other night Joe Biden said, “We didn’t know” regarding the security, or lack thereof at the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi. I honestly had to wonder if he was telling the truth, and I still wonder at just what time the Executive branch became aware and involved.

It was terribly convenient of Hillary to fall on her sword like that for the Obama team but in all honesty, security details are NOT in the normal purview of the White House.

Duties of the Secretary of State

• Serves as the President’s principal adviser on U.S. foreign policy;
• Conducts negotiations relating to U.S. foreign affairs;
• Grants and issues passports to American citizens and exequaturs to foreign consuls in the United States;
• Advises the President on the appointment of U.S. ambassadors, ministers, consuls, and other diplomatic representatives;
• Advises the President regarding the acceptance, recall, and dismissal of the representatives of foreign governments;
• Personally participates in or directs U.S. representatives to international conferences, organizations, and agencies;
• Negotiates, interprets, and terminates treaties and agreements;
• Ensures the protection of the U.S. Government to American citizens, property, and interests in foreign countries;
• Supervises the administration of U.S. immigration laws abroad;
• Provides information to American citizens regarding the political, economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian conditions in foreign countries;
• Informs the Congress and American citizens on the conduct of U.S. foreign relations;
• Promotes beneficial economic intercourse between the United States and other countries;
• Administers the Department of State;
• Supervises the Foreign Service of the United States.

The supervision of the Foreign Service, THAT is where the Benghazi failure occurred.

As much as I detest Barack Hussein Obama, the daily operation and security of that and all other Embassies is not HIS job, it is ultimately the job and responsibility of the Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I DO hold Obama personally responsible for this; there has been NO retaliation of any kind over the attack on our Embassy or the deaths of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, former SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith, a computer expert. For that there is NO excuse.

I am of the opinion that Clinton has taken this position for at least 2 reasons; the 1st being to take pressure off of Obama prior to his next debate with Mitt Romney, basically a political move, and 2nd, because it IS the right thing to do in ANY case because STATE is her playground, and she had *bad guys* in the yard and no means of fighting them off.

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26 Responses to Clinton: ‘I take responsibility’ for security ahead of Benghazi attack

  1. Bluto says:

    Of course it’s Hillary’s fault. Asking Obama to be aware of security briefings is like expecting the cast of “The View” to review classified intel. Geez, get your priorities straight. That man has a TV show and appearances to do.

    • TexasFred says:

      Sorry my friend, but this one was NOT the fault of Obama… It ALL falls on Hillary…

      • Bluto says:

        Hillary mostly, but don’t forget the youtube video. That thing causes everything.

        • TexasFred says:

          Read the post below this from Bushwack, he states it very well… Hillary screwed up on the security, the lies and cover-up? That’s ALL on Obama… 😈

      • Right Handed Cowboy says:

        Fred, I will agree that, Yes it is Hillary’s plunder and its on her; however I do not believe for one minute Obama knew nothing of what went down. He and his stooge Biden lied for a solid month to the American people. I believe the whole video LIE was a “WAG THE DOG” moment. Misdirection, it’s all one stinking lie and one big fat coverup so that “Annonited One” cod have plausible deniability. That’s all that SOB cares about, is keeping his ass out of the shitter.

        Again yes Clinton is the boss, she fell on her sword for the Anonited One, trust me, BILLARY will retaliate very soon and before the election.
        Hillary will have the last laugh, she will break it off in the Anonited Ones butt, sooner rather than later…..LEAKS here and there do wonders.

        • TexasFred says:

          Yeah, they ARE all guilty, but in this security break and attack thing, BEFORE it went down, I’m just saying, Obama may not have known what was what, he doesn’t want to know, he thought he had Hillary covering his SIX…

          As soon as it went down, as soon as it was known, the whole damned herd of them went into *spin mode*…

  2. Robert says:

    Here’s my take on it Fred:
    1. Hillary has shown more character and honor than any modern democrat. Everyone knew the responsibility is hers. She after over a month finally took responsibility which is far more than any democrat has done over the last 4 years. For that she gets a minor kudos. Anyone thinking that if this story got buried she would still have taken the blame is a lunatic.

    2. I can’t help thinking that if the roles were reversed Obama would have blamed this on Hillary or George Bush or Unicorn farts interfering with communications….

    3. People thinking Hillary was forced to do this on the eve of the election or she would be fired is dead wrong. Obama can’t touch Hillary or he’d lose Bill. Bill is the only thing keeping the election even close.

    4. Hillary didn’t take responsibility for the cover up. The cover up is on the lap of the Obama admin. And if the American people don’t see this for what it is need to refrain from voting.

  3. Bluto says:

    After she lied about that stupid youtube video and now it’s 30+ days later. I think I’d have a different reaction if they hadn’t tried to cover it up. She’s only doing it because she got caught.

    • TexasFred says:

      Oh I absolutely question the timing, and I wonder WHY in the hell she waited until she was in Lima Peru to make this little statement…

      Remember when Ron Brown was killed in that plane crash a few years ago? Now I am NOT wishing Hillary any ill will but she is in one hell of a precarious position in my opinion…

      • Bluto says:

        It’s all calculated dude. Whether their calculations pan out is another story. Fantasy-liberal-land always has problems when it crashes and burns when it hits reality. oooops…did I just say crash & burn….. uh oh

  4. James Shott says:

    I have a slightly different view:

    1. Yes, State is Hillary’s department and she has direct control over it’s operation.

    2. However, every middle manager, such as cabinet secretaries, follow the policies of top management — in this case, Obama.

    3. As someone else said, Hillary did not force Obama/Biden to deny reality and try to cover up the policy failure.

    Conclusion: Obama/Biden are not innocent in this fiasco.

    • TexasFred says:

      Of course they aren’t innocent, but Hillary is going to take ALL the blame for the security breech… She may indeed be the only responsible party for that but from the minute it went down, from the instant the cover-up started, they were all as guilty as sin…

      • Right Handed Cowboy says:

        Amen to that and may they all fry in hell. I still believe there is more to this Fred. There has to be. Don’t be surprised if you see BILLARY throw the Anonited one under the bus. He is quite capable of doing just that.

    • Bluto says:

      Hillary was doin’ the “youtube blah-blah-blah” too. They’re all thick as thieves. Maybe Hillary’s doing this on the eve of the debate so Obama can come off as the big man and say it’s his responsibility when Candy-ass Crowley throws him a big fat softball. I’m thinking calculation. Calculation. Calculation.

      None of this sh1t would even be goin’ down if the public wasn’t so damn gullible and the press so compliant to their lies.

      This youtube shit really pisses me off. I knew it was a lie from the minute they spouted it, and STILL the media figured they could sell it to us. They’re as culpable as the administration.

  5. the unit says:

    I read her statement. She said as well…”everyone had the same intelligence.” Isn’t that still blaming intelligence agencies? And still passing the buck.

    • TexasFred says:

      Well, the Intel guys are supposed to keep her apprised, as well as DoD and DoJ, and along that line the POTUS, but the POTUS doesn’t DO Intel briefings, I guess it’s beneath his stature..

      Passing the buck or spreading the blame?? One or the other, it’s always been that way..

      • the unit says:

        Dead is dead. Past tense. Lots of dead folks and increasing. Question is who oked the cover up. O said “The Future Must Not Belong to Those Who Would Slander the Prophet of Islam”
        Always been that way? Sort of new slant.

  6. NativeSon says:

    Yes Hillary was responsible for the initial assaults (in the immediate) HOWEVER, if what we are hearing is true, that at several mooslime located countries (including Libya) our embassies had asked for and been DENIED security upgrades, additional weaponry, personnel etc…for OVER A YEAR-don’t tell me HUSSEIN (Jarrett et. al.) weren’t aware!
    AND, the president of the company is (ultimately) responsible for anything his employees do-from middle managers to janitors…So, HUSSEIN has culpability BEFORE the cover-up and ALL from that point forward! Sometimes, being “the man” sucks ’cause you have RESPONSIBILITY (something dumbocrats don’t want, cant handle and would rather BLAME BUSH! (Just my 87 cents) it was way over .02 (with inflation and all) 🙂

    • TexasFred says:

      That is my thought too NS, the guy at the top always takes the responsibility for the actions of his staff… It’s that way in the military and in most LEO organizations too, but remember, this is Obama we’re talking about, he never accepts the blame for anything!

  7. Chief says:

    I love a big conspiracy … My opinion, and it’s just that, an opinion. but this and all the other f88ckups being perpatrated by Teh One. are all aimed at one thing. the complete overthrough of our great United States… It’s been going on since the end of WWII - and as outlined in the Congressional record of 1963.

    but,, it’s just an opinion… from a sailor and you know all about sailors !

  8. BobF says:

    Like Robert said above, Hillary has done something Obama has refused to do; take responsibility for a failing to carry out their duties. In this one act, she has displayed more leadership than any Democrat leader in decades. Don’t get me wrong, I despise the Clinton’s. Her husband’s signature is on my military retirement certificate and it’s insulting.

    I do have one question. Can the State Department deploy Marines to embassies or does it take the SecDef or President? I would think a request would have to come from the State Department? It’s apparent though that once deployed to the embassies, the Ambassador can deny them ammunition such as in Egypt. Although the State Dept is denying this, the Marines on the ground say it’s so.

    One thing though. If Hillary does make a run for the White House in 2016, this will definitely be used against her. She may not realize that but Bill definitely does.

  9. Bunkerville says:

    In the end, I am sure it was the GOP that caused this. Bush, yes, I am sure it was his fault for all of this.

  10. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    “I take responsibility” —

    But what does that really MEAN?

    Nothing, actually. There will be no real accountability, no real responsibility, there will only be dodging and obfuscation. No firings. No retirements. No resignations.

    Let’s talk facts for a moment, and massive amounts of imbecility:

    This was the THIRD time the Benghazi embassy was attacked; first in April, second in June. A massive hole was blown in the wall by a HUGE IED.

    Hello, State Department? HELLO?? THIRD fucking TIME?? And the embassy asks — logically so — for more security and is reFUSED?

    Let me tie this all together, if I might:

    Obama has stated publicly that “al Queda is on the run.” With aQ “on the run” that equates to an excellent reason for defense sequestration. We don’t need it. Simple. The threat has been greatly reduced by The One.

    Mr Obama NEEDS the threat to be “diminished” in order to justify the slashing of the military budget.

    Hence, the prancing of Rice on EVERY fracking Sunday political show directly following 9/11, trotting out the “video” line of bullshit.

    The Obama Administration got caught with its pants down because it was trying to deliver a political statement about the lack of need for a big military budget. The Obamas, nor his Minions, much care for the American military. That is patently obvious.

    Obama, also, doesn’t care if people are sacrificed for his political line. There simply have to be a few casualties sometimes. Just like Brian Terry.

    Because, in the Big Picture, Mr Obama knows so much more about your life — and how it needs to be — than you do.


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