Funny business in Philly: GOP officials booted, Black Panthers return — and Obama at polling site?

Funny business in Philly: GOP officials booted, Black Panthers return — and Obama at polling site?

A Pennsylvania judge is issuing an order to reinstate Republican election officials across Philadelphia who allegedly were ejected or refused entry by on-site Democratic voting chief judges, GOP officials tell Fox News.

One Republican official claimed that “just under 70” Republican election officials were blocked from Philadelphia polling sites Tuesday morning by Democrats on site. One of them, the official claimed, “was shoved out of the polling place.”

“For this many inspectors to be ejected from polling places is rare, even for Philadelphia,” the official told

Further, one polling site in Philadelphia apparently had a mural of President Obama emblazoned on the wall directly behind the voting machines. The mural, at a local school being used as a polling site, contained the words “change!” and “hope,” along with a quote from the president.

Republicans were drawing attention to the image Tuesday morning, with one Mitt Romney spokesman tweeting: “Voters in Philly’s Ward 35 are being forced to cast their ballots next to this.”

Full Story Here: Fox News

Look at the picture; THIS is NOT what needs to be seen at ANY polling place!

This is nothing more than blatant ELECTIONEERING!

It appears that there are quite a few *irregularities* taking place, strangely, I am not hearing ANY tales of woe concerning GOP elections officials disenfranchising any voters nor am I hearing of any irregularities in GOP areas of the nation.

Of course places like Philly are notorious for their voting practices, New Black Panthers show up at Philadelphia polling place, but it’s not limited to just Philadelphia, Voters head to polls as Election Day dawns across Dallas-Fort Worth.

The most blatant violations appear to be, in MY opinion, taking place in Obama country!

I am fully expecting there to be a lot more irregularities in this election, and I will be very honest with you, I don’t want Barack Obama to be the POTUS, but if he were to become the winner of the election, and had won it in 100% honesty, I would have to just live with it.

If widespread corruption, multiple voting by individuals, electioneering and irregularities can be proven, this race will stand in evidence of what many have long believed to be the truth, the vote that WE, The People cast doesn’t matter on a national scale, the Electoral College vote is all that matters.

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2 Responses to Funny business in Philly: GOP officials booted, Black Panthers return — and Obama at polling site?

  1. Katie says:

    What do you expect in a Black school in a Black neighborhood. I have a bad feeling that Obama will squeeze a wing but praying for Romney to pull it through.

  2. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    And OMG, even with all that crap —

    Can you imagine the hue and cry issuing forth is Obaka actually LOSES the election by a squint — ??

    At this point everyone is roughly calling everything a dead heat.

    My concern: Obama took PA. I thought if PA went to Romney, he could take it early.

    There is no taking, there is no early.

    This is going to come down right to the frigging wire.


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