GOP asks “why” and “where do we go from here?”

GOP asks “why” and “where do we go from here?”

WASHINGTON (AP) - Having lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections, Republicans plunged Wednesday into an intense period of self-examination, blame-setting and testy debate over whether their party needs serious change or just some minor tweaks.

The fallout will help determine whether the GOP might return to heights approximating the Ronald Reagan years or, as some fear, suffer even deeper losses as the nation’s Democratic-leaning Hispanics increase in number.

“The party is clearly in some sort of identity crisis,” said Rick Tyler, a past aide to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Hard-core conservatives, furious at President Barack Obama’s re-election in the face of a weak economy, called for a wholesale shift to resolutely right positions on social and fiscal matters. Some demanded that party leaders resign. SOURCE

I know the GOP didn’t ask ME directly *WHY* or *Where do we go from here* but you can bet the farm on this; the GOP is about to get an earful of TexasFred and it’s not going to be NICE, so, if you’re easily offended this might be a good time to click OFF of this page.

OK, if you’re still here, you were warned! :)

To the so-called leadership of the GOP; WHY? Because you’re a bunch of stuffed shirt wussies, you are the dumbest, most arrogant and ignorant sons a bitches I have ever seen.

‘Where do you go from here’ you ask?

You can ALL go straight to hell as far as I am concerned. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.00, just GO TO HELL! Let some people with BALLS take over, let some people that won’t *play nice* take over, let some folks that know HOW to fight, aren’t afraid to do so and folks that know what it’s like to get a bit bloodied in a fight take over.

You overly confident, self-serving, pompous bastards were told, TOLD damn it, that the entire field you offered couldn’t beat Obama, you were freaking TOLD! But did you listen? Hell no you didn’t, and I know why. Those of us that have refused to kiss your GOP asses and not Republicans in your opinion, we are Conservatives and Independents and because we refuse to acquiesce to your demands of GOP loyalty, our opinions are less than worthy of your concern.

The Grand Old Party has outlived its usefulness. You offer a weak field from which to choose and when the weakest of the weak, Mitt Romney, is the nominee you are shocked and saddened when he doesn’t generate enough excitement to win the election.

It wasn’t so much Romney, he was doing and being exactly what he is; a stuffy old GOP guy that knows how to do business, but sadly, Romney is what most of us call a RINO.

Yes indeed, a Republican In Name Only, and he was the weakest offering, almost a sacrificial offering that the GOP could have fielded.

And it’s not just me Mr. GOP leaders.

( - Rep. Jim Jordan (R.-Ohio), the chairman of the House Republican Study Committee (which is the caucus of the conservatives in the House), said on Wednesday that the Republican presidential campaign was handicapped because Mitt Romney was the most liberal Republican nominee in history.

“I do think the hurricane made a difference, the momentum was going our way, and I do think that impacted, but I also think you’ve got to look at the candidates,” said Jordan.

“Mitt Romney is a good man, with a good family. But let’s be honest: Republicans nominated the most liberal Republican nominee in history,” he said.

“The most liberal Republican nominee in history.”

You know, considering the FACT that John McCain was thought to be the most liberal Republican nominee in history, that’s going some.

After the McCain loss in 2008 I was still hoping for a comeback from the GOP in 2012 and once again I am terribly disappointed in the GOP leadership. I have stated before, the GOP is nothing more than *Democrat Lite* and today I am convinced that those words are more true than ever.

So, where do Conservatives go now that the GOP leadership has fully proven themselves to be the pompous asses they are? I have NO idea, I am told a 3rd Party is not going to work, at least that’s the belief of most people I talk to, and unlike the GOP, I listen to what my friends, family and readers say.

The only solution I see is to vacate the entire leadership level of the GOP, on ALL levels, and install proven fighters that DEMAND nothing but the best from their elected officials.

You were right when you said I am a very demanding person that expects a lot Mr. Sessions, and now you, and the rest of Congress is going to see just how demanding I can be. I give a lot Mr. Sessions, to my friends, family and readers, I give them nothing but my very best, and to expect the same in return from Washington is NOT a bad thing.

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9 Responses to GOP asks “why” and “where do we go from here?”

  1. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    I’m still ruminating, but my ruminations aren’t pretty and they aren’t happy and they won’t make anyone filled with glee.

    I’m still thinking that the two-party system is the only paradigm we can work with — at this point.

    But I’m thinking its time to hybridize the GOP, and begin to embrace “some” Libertarian platforms.

    But, after all, I make these comments with this bottom line:

    Conservatives are broken down into these three areas:

    1. Social Conservative
    2. Budgetary Conservative
    3. Defense Conservative

    My “weakest” area is as a Social Conservative. I am a much more strident Budgetary and Defensive Conservative.

    With this caveat:

    Clearly, now, the bulk of American voters are simply ignorant and/or actually lacking in brain power. Over-ridden with their now-clear DEMAND for MORE Free Cheese.


  2. Cary says:

    Ask the typical Obot supporter, and they will tell you he does a wonderful job. What about a stock market that loses value after he is reaffirmed? “Typical corporate greed trying to make a statement” they will say.

    They have no concept of cause and affect, unintended consequences, or the theory of the free market. “They charge, so it isn’t free, is it?” No, you moron, thank you for proving my point.

    BZ is right - the Free Cheese brigade saved his day. They voted for their free stuff. They refuse to understand that when there are more of them than there are of us who support them, the system will crash. Rally, really, hard.

    I am of the mind to stop paying all my bills and pile up as much cash, food and arms as possible. Then, when the crash happens, the bug-out bags will be ready to go. Maybe we can get into Texas before they close the borders.

  3. MissBeth says:

    I took my little self online last night and flat out left the Republican Party. I completely re-registered to vote as “no party preference”. I’m done and I flat out wanted to see figurative bloodshed with a scrapper who would take a bloody nose, turn around and flatten the sucker who gave him the bloody nose. It’s like being in a snowball fight, having a tremendous pile of snowballs at your side for ammunition and you simply yawn, fold your arms, and slink down for a nap. WHEN ARE THE SNOWBALLS GOING TO BE THROWN?? And while this makes no sense, try to picture this visual-tie the damn snowball to a flaming arrow and let fly! Melt their stupid snow fort into itty bitty puddles! Maybe mold the snowballs around a cowpie or two and let THAT fly on a flaming arrow!

    Dang, I need some sleep….

  4. mrchuck says:

    A new name for the party is needed for my support.
    Republican is toast as a name.
    Liberty, Patriot, Constitution Party is what I want to get involved with.
    If something isn’t started soon,,,the demorats with all their illegal mexicans, and the worthless welfare recipients, will certainly rule this USA easily!
    A take over by Socialists!!!
    I am still “locked and loaded” here and have not wasted a penny being prepared for the onslaught of rioters, or types that want to take my property away from me.
    I agree with Texas Fred 100%. He has the gift to put in words what I think,,, And I thank him for that!

  5. Bluto says:

    If the majority of voters are so utterly brain-dead to give Obama a second term, sadly I don’t think there’s anything that can be done by any party affiliation. It’s not the candidate. It’s not the platform. It’s the American Public that’s to blame. Our society is filled with morons and they’ve decided to vote themselves “free” shit. And then they celebrate as they dig the grave and jump into it with glee.

  6. Katie says:

    We did this to ourselves. After vowing not to support the RINOs we did just that. Or we nominated such extremists as Akins that had no chance of winning.

    We pledged to nominate a Conservative in the Primaries but voted for the Party nominee. Or allowed that idiot Ron Paul a chance at the debates. We allowed a man like Herman Cain to be railroaded by a known shyster.

    We are to blame for this disaster. And only we can correct the mistake.

    Stock up on food, ammo, guns….it is going to be a bumpy ride.

  7. sdkar says:

    I think the republicans lost for several reasons.

    First, this country is really being overrun with people who want free shit and want a govt that controls them from cradle to grave. This is why the borders have been allowed to remain open and why we seem to invite and allow to stay every POS scumbag that comes here to instantly collect welfare, housing, food stamps, and whatever else that our leaders give away in order to buy these votes. This is why we allow them to change the history books where our founding fathers are just greedy old white men who owned slaves. Why it is okay to say that America is NOT exceptional and it is perfectly okay to say that you have never been proud of America your entire adult life. These things have consequences…and here they are.

    Second, I am quite positive that a lot of dead people voted and votes were double-counted, triple-counted, and a whole lot of ballot box stuffing. Computerized ballot boxes were programed to give obama lots and lots of votes he didn’t get.

    Third, the republican candidate was not the right guy for the job. Romney has the hair, but let’s be honest…he is a RINO.

    And for all three reasons above, I wholely blame the republicans as they allowed all of it to happen. They did nothing to stop this nonsense. They gave us lackluster candidates like mccain and romney…both very much RINO’s. Even though they were told to put their absolute best man forward, they thought it was all a game and ignored our pleas for a real candidate. We needed another Reagan and we got Dem Lites…we got RINOs.

    At one time not that long ago, the republicans could have stopped this nonsense and fixed the system so that these things could not have been done….but they chose instead to do other things. Things they wanted to do and NOT what their constituencies asked…no BEGGED them to do.

    Why did the republicans not stop this when they had the chance? Way back when they controlled everything, what was the big ticket item they wanted to force on the people…? Immigation reform!!! Really?! Not once, but on and on they kept trying to pull the wool over our eyes. They started by calling their own constituencies racists for not allowing them to bring in illegals so they could get cheap labor for businesses and a cheap maid for their own houses.

    This was the time when the border should have been sewn shut…but no, that couldn’t be done. I am quite conservative. I believe in a conservative govt when it comes to the size of govt and when it comes to a fiscal/budget policies of our govt. But to be honest, I would be quite happy if my govt stayed far away from trying to control and regulate policies concerned with social conservatism and social engineering. With all of the other things that could be done, the republicans were using way too much energy trying to social engineeer us. Real conservatives begged the republicans to quit worrying about abortion and other social conservative issues like this. Leave that to the individual and their church. Or at the least, address it only after more important issues are well in hand first. Quit trying to keep the borders open so your big business buddies can have cheap labor. Look what your immigation policies or lack of them has done. the republicans could have done so much good back then and they instead chose to do only what they wanted to do…NOT what WE THE Conservative PEOPLE told them to do.

    We got that loser mccain, that even though I admire his patriotic duty in fighting for our country, I knew he was not going to cut it as soon as he showed his RINO side. His firing his employees that were working hard to get him elected because they used obama’s middle name. Plus, mccain/feingold and all his other RINO BS. Then there is romney….one word…romneycare. Could they not find anyone less of a RINO? It’s as if they picked to two guys that they knew had the least best chance to win.

    Look what RINO and reaching across the aisle has gotten them. We their supporters have nothing kind to say about them and the dems are certainly not paying them back for their kind efforts in trying to work together.

    Now, the republicans are so far down, they may never be able to get up. And now that obama and his ilk are in charge, and not afraid to continue abusing republicans, the system, and America itself, the liberals/progressives may very well rig the system so that they remain in power for a very very long time.

    If, and I do mean IF the republicans ever get the chance to gain some ground at all, they need to two a few things. First, get rid of every stinkin RINO…ALL OF THEM. If they refuse to sign a true party pledge and remain true to being conservative…they do not get to put an “R” in front of their name. Second, stop with social conservatism and social engineering. Remain conservative only in fiscal and government arenas. Lastly, if and when you do get some power and control back and are able to make policy, no more Mr. Nice Guy. Screw reaching across the aisle nonsense. Play to win…fight as if your life depends on it…cause it may. No more going along to get along. If you get the chance, slam the borders shut, turn off the govt cheese spicket, and run a tight ship. Screw compormise with the dems. We, your true base will support you if you look like you are ready willing and able to figh the good fight. America needs to get back to the policies that made her great, and it won’t be easy. So do all that is needed to see that you win.

    As it is now, with obamacare, thr promise to the ruskies, iran, and the tossing away of our jewish friends in Israel, who knows what else will happen over the next four years that may very well never be reversed. No matter what, America has slid down that slope quite a bit and no matter what we do, may never fully get back on top where it should be. But, if for whatever reason, republicans do get that opportunity to again make America great, they better damn well take it and fight like hell.

    As of now, I have come to accept our fate. Kind of like a doomed man on death row does as he is walking his green mile. I am done fighting and may just sit on the sidelines and see what happens now. I have more years behind me than in front, and only need to last a couple/few more decades. Hopefully they will not be too bad.

    Maybe this obama thing will not be as bad as I think it will be. Maybe it really is that bad and the only way to fix America is to hit the reset button again. As sure as every communist system fails, so too does democracy. America now has more takers than givers and they have learned to trade their votes for gifts from our treasury. We were warned of this and told that we have a republic…if we can keep it. Well, it looks like we couldn’t.

    America may have run her course. I have read that the life expectancy is about 200 or so years, so it looks like we got our use out of of America and her days are numbered. Just as Britain was once great, as Spain used to be all powerful, and so on and so forth, America is now ready to become just another mediocre country. And like sports guys that never quite made it to the big leagues, we all will sit around and talk about how great it used to be and if only this or that didn’t happen and blah blah blah. As I see it now, half of this once great country has murdered the other half and then chosen to commit suicide.

    I now have an understanding of what the Romans must have felt when the gates of Rome were thrown open and the beginning of the end of Rome came to be. I often wondered what the generations after the fall of Rome must have thought. What went through their minds when they gazed out at the great structures that used to be Rome and built by men of years long gone and heard of the great stories of how much better life was during the hey days of Rome. Stories of how much easier life was, safety from chaos, clean running water, access to good shelter and food, etc. along with all of the amenities that a civilized life offers. And now, they look around and see only life as a harsh struggle where everyone lives in huts of sticks, no longer able to build anything even remotely close to what the ruins showed. A thousand years in the dark. All of that progress lost. America will too enter history as a story of the rise and fall of a great experiment. Who knows, maybe it will happen again, only this time, with our lessons of what went wrong to learn from. Such is life. All I can say was it was good while it lasted.

    I guess to get to say, “I was there the day it all happened” . I saw the moment when American took a sharp turn and left the roadway over a cliff, with everyone inside cheering and yelling, not fully realizing the reality of what was about to happen.

    Or, maybe I’m just depressed and upset and once I come out of it, all will be okay and life will go on and nothing bad will really happen….MAYBE…we will see.

  8. TomR says:

    The country may be too loaded with welfare freebie seekers to ever get anything but a liberal into the Oval Office. Bush41 and Bush43 were liberal lite and don’t pass the smell test as conservatives. However the effort needs to be made to run a real conservative just to see what the results might be. There may still be an army of Reagan Democrats out there that haven’t voted much since 1988.

    This election the GOP/RNC ran Mitt. He survived the primary cut because the too many non liberals split the vote and attacked each other in the most stupid suicidal way. Throw in the votes siphoned off by Ron Paul, the Repubs version of Ralph Nadar, and Romney was pretty much the Repub shoo-in from the first primary debate.

    Will this change in 2016? Who knows foe sure but I doubt it. Only if the RNC/GOP hierarchy is replaced all the way down to state level will a conservative have a shot. Remember, Ronald Reagan was an enigma to the establishment. The estabs. did not want him, barely supported him. His message and likability took him around the RNC estabs. (I just wish he had not picked Mr. Voodoo Economics for VP).

    The only way we can tell if a conservative can win the presidency is if we actually run a real conservative.

  9. Capt Ron says:

    I think there were several errors on the Republicans part, and I agree the Free Cheese brigade stepped up. I also think Ryan is a good man, but a bad choice for VP. Also, IU think too many people believe their voe doesn’t count, and if they had voted we might have won. Thats how close the races east of the Rockies were. Florida is still split, Pensylvania was close, Ohio was close; Maybe even New York could have been won.
    Bottom line, The Republican Party was too soft. More ads should have been in markets such as Florida and Ohio, and not nice ads either. All the flaws and downfalls of the Obama regime should have been hammered incessantly, AND a clear plan for how to fix things being boldly proclaimed IN DETAIL.

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